Alita: Battle Angel – Angry Trailer Reaction

AngryJoe & OtherJoe are confused yet intrigued by Alita The Battle Angel – MY GOD! Her EYES are staring into our SOULSSS!!!!

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  1. Yeah. Her eyes are scaring me a bit. I may want to see this depending on what else comes out during the month that this is set to come out.

  2. they had a OVA of the this don’t know if you can still get it or not unfortunately it’s only an hour long and they didn’t make any more but is was still good. Also they have a guy using a rocket powered sledgehammer in it

  3. “Should we hire Asian actors for Asian roles?”

    “Nah just make white people’s eyes all animu.”

    • You mean thet they should hire Asian cyborg to play a role of a “Asian” (because anime mean automatically that) cyborg instead? It has even less sense then complains about race of Kusanagi who even in the manga wasn’t really an Asian, but usual fanboys are too dub to know the lore.

  4. Look I like anime but anime eyes don’t really work outside animation. Those look really creepy and are weird choice for this one.

  5. Alright, I’m gonna have to put on my “I read the manga” hat and provide a little educational context to the greatness that is Battle Angel Alita. You seemed to be really stuck on her appearance, suffice to say that aside from the color of her arms she looks like a 3D CGI version of the character from the manga in the artist’s style. The reason she looks so different from all the regular humans is that she’s basically a human brain in a fully prosthetic body, while most of the other cyborgs in the franchise have more of their original organic bodies, at least their faces. Of course as the manga goes on we see some pretty intense body modification, like the ultra aerodynamic racing body, weaponized limbs like the guy in the trailer, and even a dude with a split personality who has TWO bodies, one is his original organic one with a psychic ability to see the memory of metal, and the other is a 50 foot tall Centaur bent on waging war with the floating city of Tipharis…Of course it looks like the movie is only going to adapt the first few manga chapters that have a relatively grounded story involving a cyborg bounty hunter, a kid who robs people for their spines so he can save up and buy his way to Tipharis, and ends with him dying attempting to force his way there. The manga is one of the best sci-fi stories in existence and I REALLY hope this adaptation is popular enough to franchise because it can feed more sequels than the fast and the furious with how much WORLD there is in there.

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