All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor – Pop Song Review

Bass, how low can you go?

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  1. TrapperKeeperFuturaS2000

    You see, I would love more songs about boobs. I just have a normal butt and I’m not good at shaking it; I have some nice titties but there is no song that reminds everyone that those are important too. It’s a sad sad world these days.

    Also, does anyone ever tell you that you’re wonderful? Because you are.

  2. I’ve always considered Meghan Trainor to be pretty shallow if she ever wrote the song. I didn’t like the message this song sends to everyone. It’s dumb, sugar-coated, mean-spirited song. It just shows off about her butt and how much better her butt is.

    If someone writes a song about body positivity, someone please actually write something about celebrating bodies or listen to Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield or Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.

  3. I can’t stand songs like this. It’s great that big girls want to be allowed a good body-image and to feel good about themselves. That’s fine, everyone should feel good about how they look, regardless of weight and such.

    … But imagine if this song was the other way around. Imagine if it was a skinny girl hopping around singing happily about how much prettier she is than big girls and how her butt is cute and little. I mean, there would be an -uproar-.

    It’s awesome to make a song about “hey I have a bigger butt than most and that’s cool too”, but… Yeah, like Todd says, “hate the game, not the player”.

  4. Peasant the Dashing Rouge

    The palette in the music video is the most unappealing piece of shit color palette ever.

  5. TheTundraTerror

    All about that grease. ’bout that grease.

    Heart trouble.

  6. Has anyone noticed that since this song came out people are turning their base up to 11? This may be one explanation for “The Hum” I heard all winter.

  7. Perhaps you’ve erased it from your memory but there was a song about hair not too long ago…

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