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The hit that launched a thousand squeakquels. Is this CGI abomination as bad as everyone says?

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  1. Every time I see a trailer for one of these stupid sequels coming out, I just keep asking my mom “how the fuck did I fall for this when I was 10”. Then I’m reminded that…. I was 10. Not exactly the greatest “decision making age” XD in fact, those fangirl caricatures were me and my friends when the first movie was in theates .-.

  2. Bravo—I remembered so much about that original song from the Chipmunks Move (animated) I became nostalgic for what really was a good adventure. Now I wanna see it again. (Versus eating poop.)

    And I guffawed at the part where the Chartman is swatted in the face their dancing…just like I laughed at that same part in the movie. ^__^ Mission accomplished.

  3. KingGramJohnson

    I love The Chipmunk Adventure. I watched it a lot as a kid. But honestly, I do love Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. I thought it was fun. As good as the one from the 80s? No, but still fun.

  4. I really hate saying this, because this review was absolutely hilarious and the parody song at the end was hands down awesome, but The Girls of Rock and Roll wasn’t an original song. It was a cover from the movie The Malibu Bikini Shop.

    • Zoyciteyouma

      I was going to say that! The original is pretty good but has never been released, as is my understanding. Either he should have shown different footage, because there WERE original songs in the 80s movie, or should have praised the movie for covering a song that wasn’t famous in addition to the Chipmunk’s usual MO of covering popular songs.

  5. We need more Tamara singing in these reviews 😛

  6. I used to to like these films (I only had the vaguest memories of the cartoon intro and an ad for the Halloween special) before seeing Film Brain and Todd in the Shadows review the sequel (I will not say the name!). Now, these films aren’t the worst thing for kids but….no, just no…

    Can I just say it seems the movie is going out of it’s way to make David Crposs; character evil? He’s not that bad at the beginning and makes sound buisness desicions but isn’t a compleate jerk.
    He sure beats Dave…

    Whatever did happen to the girlfriend? Did Dave drive her away too by proposing at a theme park in between movies? Mabye that’s why their all of the sudden famous again; so he can get back his self esteem/woo her/make her jealous. Or I’m putting to much thought into this. and the writers were just dopes who couldn’t work around an actress knowing a sinking ship when she saw one. Yeah thats it

    I really can’t stand these type of anti marketing kid films; the hypocriscy is staggering. If you want make a movie just to grossly over market it and don’t give as long as it sells toys then fine, go ahead, whatever makes you sleep at night, but don’t, for the love of all that is decent, draw attention to yourselfs by preaching about the evils of a system you’re clearly propheting from. That’s dumb;
    And so is the rock star formula; the 80’s were known for their rock stars so how come the cartoons keep getting used this way?? Stupid, real stupid

    04:23 DO THAT AGAIN PLEASE!!!! (the NC has his own pitch just for him)
    20;29 this sums up everything wrong with gross out humour

    Loved it when the mad side of Alvin as looked into: hysterical

    Only the NC would defend his honour via Chipmunks songs 🙂 Never change

  7. Just putting this out there: Paul Rudd as Dave Seville. Shame that didn’t happen.

  8. Gosh I loved this review!
    GREAT SONG! Tamra sings amazing!
    Couldn´t stop laughing at the music video!
    But my favorite joke was Alvin´s complain at the eating shit thing hahaha!

  9. thatchickwithlonghair



    That was a staple of my childhood. I remember watching it when I was four, going to preschool. I watched it over and over. It was one of my favorite movies as a child. And I still kind of like it. Thought some parts were too hilarious; especially the goofy villains and that little dog. The old lady baby-sitter and her horrible driving. XD And it was TASTEFUL comedy someone at any age could find funny. Not this atrocious toilet humor. And yeah, the songs were great too.

    Omg Doug, that angry Alvin audio record clip had me LOLING.


    Pat yourselves on the back! All of you!

  10. Josie and the Pussycats is the only movie I can think of that matches it’s cartoon counterpart the closest. It’s also a guilty pleasure of mine.

  11. It’s funny because this movie came out when I was in middle school, I was obsessed with this movie and with the chipmunks. I never saw the animated one but I loved the songs by looking it up on Youtube so the end was kind of special for me. ^.^ This movie isn’t as good as I remember but I can’t believe this franchise is still going. Also, I must admit I did “Aw” at Theodore at one point.

  12. You did it! You actually did it! You did ‘The Girls of rock and roll’ theme from the cartoon movie. ;A; You don’t know how happy I am Nostalgia Critic. I’ve always wanted someone to make a parody of that scene. It’s so damn epic.

  13. I think this is the first time a review has actually made me sad. It brought back those not fun memories of being a girl in the ’80s when the boys got all the good roles. Why did you have to equate the gaggle of girls to the crap movie? Why did you have to equate the Chippettes to the crap movie? I mean, they weren’t great, they were distaff spin-offs, but they weren’t inherently crap.

    I loved the Chipmunks movie. It had a lot of problems, but it was a grand adventure and the girls were equally adventurous and equally in danger. And they arguably won the race. And the song in the Parthenon was the high point of the movie, with the Chipmunks and Chipettes equal and trying to one up each other. But in your version it’s a pile of crap vs. the ’80s nostalgic classic. That’s not an equal fight, though it just emphasizes how it’s a girls vs. boys fight and the girls are a pile of crap that can’t stand on their own merits since they can’t even fight using stuff from “their” own movies, they have to rely on the nostalgic classic and are too dim to realize their own hypocrisy.

    Yes, I’m probably putting too much analytic thought into this. I just normally think that the Nostalgia Critic Crew does a good job of being evenhanded, and I wanted to explain why this review felt all wrong. I just watched the review and it was that good ole 80s cartoon sexism of my childhood. I’m sure the sexism wasn’t purposeful, but it’s very much there and wasn’t a nostalgic item I wanted to be reminded of.

  14. Drakken Crissinger

    Could you guys do a WTR for I guess what was a pretty contriversial and very short lived (and by that I mean only one episode was aired and the other seven episodes weren’t aired) British sitcom called Heil Honey I’m Home?

  15. Ok this movie was “so-so” for me. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good. But when the first sequel came out I already had enough. I mean I haven’t even seen any of the sequels

  16. Wow, great job on finding not Lindsay and not Elisa for this review. I was able to tell that they aren’t them, but they’re such reasonable look-alikes. I hope to see more of them in the future.

  17. Mallrats was awesome, and so was Jason Lee’s character in it, Fuck of Doug…

  18. I am surprised that it took you this long to tear new hole to that abomination when ERod has already done that for three of these.

  19. That was great. I like how you even kept in the animation error that the movie had where Simon and Theodore ended up switching places before dancing with the girls. IMO, that was the best part of the Chipmunk Adventure movie. The plot was kind of…well…convoluted, but, as you guys said, it was fun because they were traveling the world.

    For me, I don’t know if it’s rose-colored glasses or what, but I definitely prefer the 60s and 80s Chipmunks to the later stuff.

  20. But girls can’t be color blind!

  21. These movies weren’t great, or even good, but at I at least liked how in the live action movies Alvin, Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes are the size of actual chipmunks. Their being mutant rodents the size of human children never made sense to me.

  22. I think the live action films are cute but I don’t watch them too much. The Peanuts movie got a lot of stuff right than this film did.

  23. These movies aren’t great, or even good, but I at least like how in the live action movie universe Alvin, Simon, Theodore and the Chipettes are the sizes of actual chipmunks. Their being mutant rodents that are the sizes of human children never made sense to me.

  24. the girl on the right looks like the nostalgia chick

  25. The only positive memory I have of seeing this in theatres was that I saw it at Movie Tavern, which was unlike any movie theatre I’d ever been to. If only I had picked a different film!

    Hey, here’s an idea: no matter how much your kids may beg and plead and cry, do NOT pay good money to see this pandering nonsense in theatres or pick up a copy at the video store. It’s the only way those executives will learn!

  26. TheHappySpaceman

    Nice review, though I distinctly remember you only giving The Chipmunk Adventure (the one from the ’80s) a mixed to negative review. Have your views changed since then?

    I mean, if they have, I don’t blame you–it’s a good enough movie that I own it on DVD–but still.

  27. i watched this movie when it first came out. I never was the same

  28. but david cross was awesome in pitch perfect 2 🙂

  29. …Fart jokes aren’t cute, that analysis of audiences doesn’t make any sense.

  30. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    I assume he can’t be “the fat one” anymore because it’s not PC

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