American Idol – Shark Jumping

Tim & Beth grab their microphones and belt their hearts out as they look at when America’s most famous talent show jumped the shark.

About SharkJumping

Hosts Tim & Beth break down the best, worst and strangest TV shows to find out when they jumped the shark.


  1. I’ve only watched some of the first 4 seasons and my favorite part was always seeing Simon rip people a new one. I’ve heard bits and pieces of American Idol news throughout the years and was surprised it ended this year. From what I heard, William Hung came back for the finale and I would have watched the finale just for that.

  2. Totally lost but I just did not get the Libertarian joke. anyone?

    • I think the idea was they’re still anticipating some national catastrophe the Government won’t prevent are preparing for THE BIG ONE. It’s the whole vision of kooky relatives with bomb shelters thing, I guess.

      • Oh cus as far as I knew that was crazy people. I was always pretty sure libertarians are what 90% of the known world refer to as “liberals” and essentially people akin to french economist frederic bastiat and his views on economic liberty. I might be wrong though.

        • The only “libruls” among the libertarians are a few hippies who want to see pot legalized. 90% of the libertarians are right-wingers too crazy for the republican party proper and who’s sense of individualistic freedom quickly evaporate when it’s a woman’s right to choose or a black person gunned down in the street. THEN they love government intervention and police authority.

        • yes, libertarianism is close to classical liberalism–although most liberal parties have more social liberalism in them now.

          But it’s also the party of choice for those “crazy” overprepared people who are paranoid about bad things happening. And of people who think the government is evil and that they need to be prepared for when they take all our guns and stuff.

          While I’m sure that Beth and Tim have no love lost for actual libertarianism (Beth is definitely in favor of laws against discrimination, for one thing), I think they were using it more in the sense of “that uncle who says he’s a libertarian.” Though it’s possible they mostly encounter the paranoid type of “Internet Libertarian.”

          • Every political grouping has it’s crazies, and the Libertarians do attract the anarchistic lot. Think “The government is going to take my guns” republicans, but without much sense of nationalism or love for the military and police.

            However, a sane libertarian is probably closer to the classical liberal. They are more likely to vote Republican, but tend to not like the Religious Right. Pretty much every right-wing outspoken atheist identified as libertarian, for example.

            Libertarianism is probably best represented by the phrase “Your right to swing your nose stops at the end of my fist.” Of course, what exactly constitutes punching someone in the face is rather up for debate. However, it does mean that they think the government should stay out of peoples business, which usually means they’re pro-gay marriage (or at least ambivalent) or pro legalization of marijuana (or, again, ambivalent).

            With the mainstraight American right tending to be pro-military and pro-police, this leaves libertarians as the most appealing party to outright anarchists (and a variety of people in between).

            Whenever someone tells you a political party is dominated by crazies, that’s usually only because crazies are the loudest ones out there. I can show you crazy liberals, crazy conservatives, or crazies from any group you so care to name. Crazies tend to shout a lot, both making them easy to find and easy to mock.

            When speaking to a normal libertarian, you can mistake them for a liberal or a mainstream republican, depending on the subject matter. Because they are no more crazy than anyone else who disagrees with you.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I totally thought you guys wouldve mention the pants on the ground guy. Cool video though and I totally thought the judges leaving or another one would’ve been the shark jumping moment but didn’t know about yextgate(interesting to hear)

    I’m also gonna agree with Beth on Phillip Phillips he’s not the best buy considering the talent that have won so far he’s the best of the talent that have won from seasons 8- final season!!!!

  4. Ahh yes, the game show: what dominated television after it was discovered it was cheaper then ficticious televison but before Game of Thrones made ficticious television popular again.
    Such a simple time.

    So weird how many cool musicians came from this show: Jordan Sparks, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson (knew about that one though), all amazing. I remember hearing about Susan Boyle: so amazing!! And I rememeber the whole William Hung thing play out and saw a certain review for From Justain to Kelly: it’s really weird how much of a role this show played in society and I never saw an episode (mostly America’s got Talenet before dropping the genre entirly)

    Fantastic opening: Tim sounds to be quite the crooner: he should have sung more in the Phantom review (he did sing once in that chaotic music number and he was great). Wait, was that munch my M&M’s? Am I missing something?

    1:04 I’d watch that if they did 🙂
    1:34 what episode is that from? I’ve been looking for ages
    3:39 there you go again, trailing off into fits of adorable giggles…you guys are so cute! 🙂
    5:50 please, the stuff you’ve reviewed have never been family fun
    7:30 if Beth ever becomes a Shakespearen villian or war leader, especially if she needs to lead people into battle, that should be her war cry ro something like it 🙂 (I remember the episode about Smash: one of my favorites)
    9:19 please, they can achieve that by just being a bad book adaptation, shameful sequel or a plain old bad movie 😉
    12:29 and scary apparently already
    13:42 yeah, it would 🙂
    16:23 another random conversation: so cute!!
    19:45 behold! Todd in the Shadow’s worst nightmare!!

    Can’t believe this show is gone: not that I miss it, it’s just weird because it seems like it would always be there.
    Great episode: love the gags about the Kardashians and bieber (the biggest scores of humanity are linked to genres’s this show founded: is anyone really missing this show).
    And that ending was great…wait, did you guys say marital? If so, congrats you guys!! Super happy for you!! 🙂

    • oh that’s unfair. There were a bunch of shows before Game of Thrones that made scripted TV viable again. Game of thrones was more of the crest of that wave though.

      • Really? Because it seemed reality TV and the game show domnated the world in the late nauties. Maybe it was just my area.

        What show by the way?

  5. Great show as usual, but saying Kelly Clarkson had more than NINETY numbers ones on Billboard seemed really dubious. I looked into her discography and while she’s had more than nine songs in the Billboards top 40, to date only three of them reach number one. Even The Beatles (who hold the record for most Number singles on Billboard) only had twenty.

    • I thought that was odd too.

      As someone who is only vaguely aware of the pop star scene I’m not the expert here, but I’m pretty sure I only could name one or two Kelly Clarkson songs period. Music and pop charts are just so different in the post Y2K era. lol

      Also, Beth and Tim made a great point about the aging demographic of the show. I had no idea what the show had become beyond the first few seasons except for hearing my parents and people at work who were all much older discussing some of the particular contestants and judges. I never knew about TextGate either. Loved the joke about putting “gate” at the end of scandals.

  6. I think this was the episode Tim and Beth’s relationship jumped the shark 😛

  7. GenrlContctUnit Arbitrary

    reaction to talent shows as you grow up:

    1 to 9 “I like lights and music on TV”

    10 to 12 “those idiots are hilarious”

    13 to 17 “aww god this all such staged bullshit for the sheeple, what’s wrong with civilization!?”

    18 to death “change channel and move on”

    • I never likes talent shows.

      • I can get behind a talent show. Depends on how it’s done. I HATED fan voting. People (as evidenced by this election cycle) are waaaaay to easy to manipulate, and unpredictable, and!!! let’s be honest the average person may as well be talking out of their ass when it comes to singing talent.

        I don’t mind a show with judges who have consistent standards (say ink masters even though it’s highly scripted or even the scifi show with the make up effects.) American Idol was so watered down though.

  8. In summary it started out bad, became terrible, but didn’t jump the shark until it got even worse.

  9. …I liked Season 9 🙁


  11. Remember General Larry “Pants on the Ground” Platt?

  12. Every winner from season 8 on was the same type of singer and nobody made a career afterwards? Well you’re lucky you had 7 good years. The German version of this show had this since season 1. There is no winner who had a significant career that lasted longer than 1 or 2 albums and most of them are forgotten. Ok, to be fair, the winner of season 1 has a decent musical career but all the other winners… I don’t think most of the people even know their names. They are so interchangeable… nice look, nice but almost always RnB ‘ish voice and almost always performing the same boring, forgettable, flat pop you hear in the radio and immediately forget that you heard it, which again might had something to do with the fact that most of them were produced by head of the jury and self titled “pop titan” Dieter Bohlen (maybe know outside of Germany as one of the two guys from 80’s Modern Talking).
    Deutschland sucht den Superstar, as is the German title of the show which translates to “Germany’s looking for the super star”, but even after 13 years Germany hasn’t found it, yet.

    • I’m not an expert about tv shows like this because I don’t enjoy and don’t watch them, but from the bit I do know, I would say the reason for this is that DSDS never started out with somewhat good intentions like American Idol did, but went straight for the “Let’s have an unlikable asshole who claims to be a great musician trash people”-formula.
      Considering that it was launched after American Idol became successful as a carbon-copy, they also didn’t have the “It’s probably going to fail anyway”-mindset at the beginning, but instead tried to produce a hit with the reality-TV formula of making everything look like it’s really happening when it’s scripted down to the smallest detail.

  13. I’m with Tim. I never did get the appeal of Phillip Phillips. Also, I wouldn’t go as far as to compare Scotty to Carrie Underwood as they’re in two different leagues IMHO. I found Scotty bland and forgettable, but I guess that’s what makes him a good country singer since that pretty much sums up the majority of the country I’ve heard. I’ll never understand why that genre is so big, but at least Carrie’s stuff has a little more of a spark to it. I can’t quite explain it, but I don’t mind her stuff so much. I’m not a big enough fan of her’s to download her music and listen to it multiple times, but from what I’ve heard, her stuff is at least a little less bland and forgettable. That said, I guess I have to hand it to Scottie and Phillip since they’ve at least managed to have a career, which is more than can be said for the rest of the WGWAGs who won.

    I kept watching well after I knew the show jumped the shark, but that’s largely because my mom kept watching it and I sort of enjoyed watching reality tv with her. After Randy Jackson left, I stopped watching it altogether since he was the last remnant of the old days of the series. Coincidentally, it was the only more recent season where someone other than a WGWAG won, but that season overplayed the “Idol Girl Power” thing. I found Mariah bland to be honest. Nikki on the other hand was probably the best thing about that season since she brought personality to the judging panel (which is funny because she was the one I was most iffy about going into the season). But she left the show too, so I felt no need to continue with it. Looks like I just missed a few more WGWAGs beating out more talented people anyways, which I had seen enough of in previous seasons anyways.

  14. think we need an episode for America’s Got Talent.

    Cause i’ve noticed a similar trend in winners.

    ……….despite the fact that your talent doesn’t have to be musical in nature in it.

  15. “Why would people to do it, anyway?”

    Because American is a country of attention whores!

    AMERICAN IDOL is perhaps the worst TV show of all time. It was a pretentious version of MAJOR BOWES’ AMATEUR HOUR. I believe the only reason it was popular was because it was broadcast in the 2000s, which was a cruddy time in our nation’s history. Simon Cowell is a wretched excuse for a human being. It was THE GONG SHOW without the irony. And much of it were the rejects hamming it up after their rejections. See this clip of Mary Roach:

    She later admitted to hamming it up. This show had no reason whatsoever

  16. The Mysterious M

    I love how you talk about how some of Idol’s winners and alums managed to leave the show and make it big…but that you COMPLETELY glossed/skipped over Idol’s BIGGEST winner (arguably even bigger than Clarkson), Carrie Underwood

  17. Enjoyed this show. I’ll look up more of Shark Jumping.

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