American War of Independence in 9 Minutes

Explore the story of how America won its Independence in this condensed history!

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  1. Holy crap, where have you been? I really miss seeing your stuff.

  2. These are so good, I love them.

  3. 7:13 – British cavalry uniforms from “The Patriot”? Really? The British Dragoons wore green jackets and white pants (hence the nickname “green dragoons”) not those “Santa’s Elves” red-green-black things that were solely designed for Emmerich’s NOT-historical film.

  4. That’s SO complicated! >_<
    I hate history & politics.
    I am SO happy not to have to learn this anymore, because I'm outta school since 2001. 😀

  5. Huh, so they also REFUSED representing themselves in the British parliament, (for obvious pragmatic reasons granted) and England actually needed the money from those taxes to pay debts incurred from helping said colonies take more territory, interesting little details that a lot of American recounts of those events leave out…

    It’s almost as if it wasn’t as simple as England being a dick to the colonies for no reason.

    • I think most Americans probably understand that it’s not as simple as what they’re taught. Most countries learn a somewhat embellished version of their history.

      An interesting thing a lot of people don’t know about the Tea Act is that tea actually became cheaper, this is due to the East India company being allowed to export directly to the colonies instead of having to use middlemen via Britain. This lead to a problem with some quite powerful colonial merchants who were importing lower quality Dutch tea, which they would now find difficult selling for a profit, so they started causing a lot of the backlash against the British through propaganda. Imagine if the only tax you had to pay was cheaper, better quality tea than you’re already buying.

      The British did do plenty of bad things to the colonists, but it was most likely a lot more even (blame wise) than most would think. The Boston Massacre for example was clearly incited by a group of colonists attacking the soldiers who, after half an hour of being attacked, fired at them. This was then used by the likes of Samuel Adams to try to stir up anti-British sentiment with the Colonists

  6. I love these videos. I love how you can literally concentrate an entire period of complex history, show the good and the bad, and teach people new things abotu this.

    I’d love to see you tackle the rise and fall of New Hollywood. I know it’s not exactly your forte to cover entertainment history, but New Hollywood is considered to be the end-all-be-all in the increasing liberalization of Hollywood that had been going on since the 1940s. It’s a complex period in of itself and I’d like to see you challenge yourself.

  7. Norman Conquest of 1066, please.


    this is great. iM not sure how long you have been on channel awesome, but i was surprised to find this here. what a great direction for this channel to take. i hope you all go more in this direction. more of these educational videos. Americans have a very short attention span. id love to see more of these and is you want a suggestion. how about the political shift of the US southern states away from the democratic party after civil rights. their isn’t a lot out there. nothing in a brief video like you do. and people get really confused on the history of political party systems. people often claim things such as conservatives freed the slaves, liberals made the jim crow laws in the south. if your interested email me and Ill send you some links. thanks for the great videos.

  9. I see Paul get mention but there still no love for biffle. the guy that actually had the longer ride.

  10. Bloody colonists. Always rebelling.

  11. Actually the Battle or Siege of Yorktown in 1781 started on Spetember 28 and ended on the October 19th, not the 9th, when General Lord Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington and Marshal or General Comte De Rochambeau.

  12. Still pretty good history telling RudTheSpud man despite your thick heavy Scottish or Irish accent, do or tell the story of the US American Civil War.

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