An American Tail: Fievel Goes West – Nostalgia Critic

Everybody loves An American Tail, but it’s sequel had a lot of people scratching their heads. Can the Nostalgia Critic figure out why?

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  1. So…just quietly releasing a new Nostalgia Critic and still not addressing how horrible that second response was? I guess it’s probably better than whatever response video you were planning but yeesh. How long can one person keep their head in the sand?

  2. So, the emperor continues to fiddle as Rome burns.

  3. Doug, why?

  4. There have been already three weeks.

    Sooner or later you have to say something.

  5. This is getting kinda sad now

  6. Wait a minute.

    Didn’t you leave CA ?

    What’s the point of saying you workED at CA on your facebook if you still post video for CA ?????

  7. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Doug doesn’t run the website, Mike Michaud does.

  8. and now there screenshots going on on internet showing doug quit channel awsome his work status said worked with channel awsome hpes not tue loved n.c shame he doesnt have the rights for it wouldnt mind a new channel with dough as nc

  9. – Critic the site is on fire!

    – No mother, its just the northern lights!

  10. Cinnamon Scudworth

    “Ha ha! I’ll never apologize! What can all you peasants do about me? My YT subscription numbers are still above a million! I’m too big to fail! I’m invincible! I’m gonna live forever! People remembah my name! No matter how loud you yell, I will always have fans! I’m above punishment! I can do anything! Suck it, losers! Anyway, how about that Fievel, huh?”

  11. “The review must go on (for today)! The review must go on (for today)!” I kid. Anyways, I haven’t seen either of these movies. Looks like I missed out on some uh… interesting times. 😨 However, if this is the last review, it was a pretty funny one! 😅

  12. Great review as always, Doug. I’ve never seen this one but it looks promising enough. Might watch it for myself one day.

  13. I’m sure Doug recorded this episode before leaving the channel.
    Welp, I just hope this platform closes down and every victim just get at least an excuse.

    PS: You guys really covered up Jew Wario’s rape incidents? How low can you sink?

    • Did Doug officially announce he left? I know it’s on his FB but not sure if that’s not just something he’s had up for some time, usually they’d show time periods of when someone was employed there.

  14. Nice review Mr Nero.

  15. Rumor has it there’s only going to be one more NC after this, and Doug has changed his status as working with Channel Awesome to past tense on Facebook.

    Serves you damn right, Doug. I know a lot of people here are mad at Michaud, but I’m personally mad at YOU.

    YOU were in the chat with Michaud, Rob, and Holly when the discussion about JewWario’s sexual deviance and abuses came to light. You, a man who claims to stand against such disgusting acts by doing your charity shout outs, who preaches the better nature of man during the holidays, and who sought to make things better in the world through laughter and entertainment.

    And yet YOU helped to cover up a rapist, for the sake of saving face, for the sake of saving your brand, for the sake of MONEY.

    You, Doug Walker, have built up a standing against Hollywood corruption and greed, and yet YOU are part of that very same problem.

    You’re disgusting. I can’t believe I enjoyed your content and supported you.

    • I’m not mad at Doug, just dissapointed, I don’t think he’s “disgusting” at all, I feel bad for him considering he was between a rock and a hard place with Michaud owning the rights to NC and everything.

      Also we don’t know that Doug knew about JW.

      • You’re willing to believe that Michaud, Rob, AND Holly all knew about JewWario, but not Doug? Sounds convenient.

        Rape apologists get no sympathy from me, period.

        • Jalen Washington

          Hey bud, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but JewWario’s dead.
          You can pretend to be upset that you’ve just now figured out that a person you don’t even know raped some people (who, again, is dead now) all you want, but don’t get pissy with someone just because they don’t feel like slandering someone barely related to the issue in the first place.

          • Hey pally, I hope someone you love (or, forbid, you yourself) never gets raped and another excuses your attacker just like you did.

            Or, perhaps, to quote Channel “Awesome” itself- I’m sorry you feel that way.

        • go burn in hell you worthless cocksucker, i’ll bet you were more then happy to vote for Trump, hypocrite.

          • So you’re more than willing to give Doug a virtual bj, but me saying he’s not innocent in all this made you REEEEEE like a piglet. Good to know lol

          • Bahahaha do you know how liberal these guys are? Do you know how liberal all those guys in Hollywood that got busted are? Sorry, to shatter this illusion of yours, but not all terrible people support Trump. In fact most of the people busted openly spoke out against him or supported Hilary. Don’t bring politics into this, especially if you don’t know your facts.

      • I agree with you darkrage6.

    • I feel like sometimes people think up what seems to be a good idea…and sometimes those people are just not leaders or management types. For what seemed to them to be a company it was clearly mishandled and the sexual misconduct allegations were grossly mishandled. Instead of acting like owners or managers of a company and properly seeking out legal assistance for many of the issues (injuries on set, compensation, sexual assault, etc) they still had the mindset of “ohhhh we’re a bunch of friends hanging out, just deal with it!” and no…you can’t, not on that level, with that many people…especially the fact they didn’t try to address it at least to the victim and try to fix it somehow. I always loved watching the Nostalgia Critic and now it just doesn’t seem the same….interesting too that they released this on Vimeo and not YT…guess they realized they’d get like bombed and comments left and right.

  16. Hopefully Doug really does say something in the future b/c just ignoring this is just depressing. For crying out loud, you better fixing this behind the scenes Doug. I know you’re still making videos to try to make a revenue and hopefully keep your actors paid.

    Otherwise, this movie I haven’t seen in ages and always had fond memories of for decades. Maybe there are some rough spots, but I still like it.

  17. Just waiting to see if Doug starts running away like mad.

  18. No matter how much anybody wants to believe, there is no actual evidence of either Doug or Rob separating from CA aside of one line on Facebook. Until someone within the Chicago group or Brad break their silence then everything is rumor. Third hand remarks are not credible, nor is Guru Larry who is just having as much fun as he can in a crap situation.

    Until it is stated otherwise there is no proof that Doug is going to do anything other than what he has been doing. Only he can prove otherwise.

    • The problem is that there’s no proof for either argument, as this may or may not be a pre-recorded review.

      If only one of the Walkers or Michaud just simply say “Doug is staying or Doug is not staying” it would really clear the cobwebs.

  19. HEH they deleted my comment… it wasn’t even that bad…



  21. Yikes a review!

    Supposedly, this is a pre-recorded review, and I hope that is the case, because otherwise this is Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns. (Although that didn’t actually happen, but it’s still a good analogy.)

  22. The fact that this video came out “business as usual” is also “unechthsthable”. Maybe it was preset, maybe it wasn’t, but it was definitely “unechthsthable” to see this and not see any video from yourself, Rob, Mike, and even Brad to an extent.

    • There’s nothing he could really say. Most of the stuff isn’t about him, especially not the worst of it, and no matter how well he put it, it would only serve to protect his image and possibly risk his livelihood in the process, it’s not worth it.
      Also, we are not the ones that should want or need an apology, we are not the victims in any of this. It’s fine to have an opinion about what he should do, but saying anything in public will imo just seem like damage control, just like when the Hollywood actors “apologized”, it means nothing if he doesn’t talk to the people who left first.

  23. You missed the secret penis that was drawn in over tanyas mouth just after she sings near John Cleese character. Its a lot funnier now that you can’t unsee it and that you see it when it was on netflix.

  24. Jesus, almost all the comment are about this, now. I guess it’s too much to ask to just enjoy the videos in peace.

  25. Jimmy Stewart’s last words can also work for this site.

  26. Just shut up about the whole ordeal. Have you even read the document? Most of the complains were so petty they undermine the important stuff, and can be sumarized as: “This thing in our contract we signed for and agreed on? It’s unfair and we don’t like it”

    Yes, there are SOME valid points, but not 60-something pages of them, they can hardly fill 2 pages.

    • Uh, yes we read the document, that’s why a lot of us are here.

      And I have to correct you, but all the points are valid. Because unless you yourself have been berated by your boss, then you have no right to say the former producers are being petty. Especially since their boss would not even apologise.

      Although that could be you Mike Michaud under disguise, so I could be wasting my time here.

      • It’s also worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time these greivances have been aired – it’s just the first time they’ve been aired *publicly*. Before, they were told changes would be made and things would improve. That did not happen. Putting it all out there to the public was a way to hold the higher-ups’ feet to the fire. And still they refused to change things or even apologize.

    • No, because, you see, that would require them to regularly use contracts, which was one of the many many issues; no one was contracted until halfway through and only for the movies. (Or when being held ransom for their severance pay after being fired for needing to have surgery)

  27. Given that Doug changed his FB employement status, does this mean Rob has as well?

  28. HereIsMy2CentsNoSpamPls

    I mean, I look forward to these Nostalgia Critic reviews, and most of his other stuff too. I’ve only recently started branching out into Tamara’s videos, and now I hear Doug is leaving? I understand wanting to get to the bottom of things, and wanting apologies… but does he really deserve this?? I’m not ready to see the end of the Nostalgia Critic, not to mention how many people (Doug, Malcolm and Tamara) I don’t want to see lose their jobs.

  29. Can we all just agree that the weird woman is Elmyra from Tiny Toons as an Adult?

  30. Am I really the only one who doesn’t give a flying feather about the ‘controversies’?

    So there was some crappy shit going on. Well, welcome to business. Every company has crappy shit going on. But we have no idea what is really substantiated or not. If the grievances are serious enough, courts should be involved. Otherwise, its mostly he said/she said with no solid evidence. and I’m too strung out to give a damn either way. i came here to be entertained, and as long as NC does that, I’m good.

    That being said, I liked “Fieval Goes West” when I saw it It’s a good, zippy, entertaining film IMHO. Not great,but fun in its own right, and I admire them for at least trying something different instead of retreading the first film. And I’m sorry, I think Jimmy Stewart would be proud that he did something fun and inspiring for little kids as his last role.

    • “So there was some crappy shit going on. Well, welcome to business.”

      You know, there should be more Americans with the same mind-set as you, because then us Brits would still have total control over you, and no matter how much we tax you, you won’t complain.

      But no you had to throw those boxes of tea in the docks. For shame.

      • Big damn difference moron.

        Logan Paul’s done way worse shit and he still has legions of defenders, this shouldn’t shock you in the least.

        • (Shakes head slowly.)

          There’s always one……

          Or in this comment section’s case, three.

          • Don’t worry about darkrage6, he thinks Doug not giving coworkers food or water during movie production and covering for JewWario being a rapist is a-okay.

            And yet Logan Paul is the worst one in this. Riiiiiight.

      • How’s Brexit working out for you?

      • You know, we probably wouldn’t have made such a big deal about the tea except for the fact that we were being taxed for British tea, and British tea is weak. Coffee is where it’s at! Colombian Gold! Juan Valdez makes tea his bitch!

      • There is NO EVIDENCE here besides hearsay and rumors. If there is more, let me know, because I’m not seeing any.

        I’ve seen is people mostly jumping on a bandwagon to bash one side based SOLELY on the other side wagging its fingers and loudly playing a victim with, again, NO SOLID EVIDENCE.

        They are grousing about bad treatment, which, if true, should be condemned. But I’ve also seen people saying they never ran into these problems with CA either. So who should I believe is the more typical case? Just because one side is louder right now does not mean they are the right ones.

        If these grievances are real and rise to serious enough matter in that they broke the law, as is the case with the alleged sexual misconduct, then take CA to court. Don’t tell me the aggrieved parties couldn’t raise legal funds through GOFUNDME or some such at this point. If these are real problems, they can and should have been addressed legally. Otherwise, it really is just employee grousing.

        This reminds me a lot of the ridiculous political rumor mongering I’ve seen in the last decade–people making wild accusation with no evidence, and scads of people jumping on the bandwagon because it was popular to do so at the time. Time Square Mosque, Benghazi cover up, Pizza Shop Pedophile rings, Secret Child Labor Colonies on Mars, Parkland crisis actors-all ridiculous things people fervently defend not because there’s EVIDENCE for any of that, but because people began shouting about it and it became popular in certain circles to go along with it.

        Again, give me EVIDENCE that all those things happened besides people throwing accusations and I’ll change my mind.

        • There has already been plenty of evidence, you just ignored it. There was evidence in the change the channel doc. There was evidence in CA’s response. The testimonies of countless contributors was itself evidence.

          You called it hearsay, because you’re an idiot you doesn’t even know what hearsay is, but witness testimony is quite literally evidence, admissible in fucking MURDER trials. So it sure as hell is admissible in the entirely non criminal non trial “I’m trying to figure out if CA did something bad” thing we got going on here.

          But apparently the accounts of dozens and dozens of former contributors doesn’t count, because, uh, reasons.

          The reason being you’re an imbecile.

          Which is why it makes sense you’d defend CA, because they are also imbeciles. Let’s look at the first two fucking examples in the CA RESPONSE ITSELF.

          First, they mix up their Jane Does. They badly censor Justin’s name. They claim they can’t say that Justin aka Jewwario is a sexual predator/rapist for legal reasons, but so badly censor his name and REVEAL THE EXACT DATE HE WAS LET GO, thus basically shouting to the world “YES JUSTIN IS A PREDATOR!”

          Great job. Such competence. Such professionalism. Surely this makes me believe that are the stories about CA are lies, right?

          Then CA goes to Sean’s story, where they list “ACCUSATION” and “FACT” and their fact… doesn’t even contradict the accusation. Actually it just confirms what Sean said, to the point where the literally use the screenshot from the Change the Channel doc in their “fact” heading. So, they admit the accusation was fact.

          But try to imply it was false, while admitting it was fact.

          And your comparison of this to things like the Parkland conspiracies theories, well, fuck you, you vile piece of shit.

          • hear·say



            information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.

            synonyms: rumor, gossip, tittle-tattle, idle talk; More


            the report of another person’s words by a witness, usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law.

            Look, you blithering, towering dumbass, if these accusations are more than hearsay, THAN THEY CAN BRING IT TO COURT. So why don’t they? It speaks volumes to me that these problems have been apparently going on for years, but no one has ever taken any legal action I’m aware of. It’s what normally happens in these cases. So why isn’t it happening here? The accusers are apparently pissed off and vindictive enough to drag this all out in public, so why not do the same in court, where it actually matters?

            I am NOT interested at all in joining a public witch hunt based on UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS because it happens to be the public celebrity bashing fad of the moment. When and if this goes to court, when lawyers and judges get involved–professionals who actually know what they’re talking about–can look at this and say, ‘yeah, there might be something here,’ then I’ll start giving all this credence.

            Until then, it’s only people throwing accusations and nothing else.

          • Guys just ignore dhusk, he’s not worth your time, he’s that type of person who won’t accept what’s in front of him.

            Like I said, there’s always one….

          • Sorry, “guys” but my wanting sufficient evidence before judging people is not the problem here.

            Your willingness to condemn people without sufficient evidence is.

          • Even if the allegations are all 100% false the way CA have handled it deserves to be mocked and laughed at for the pure incompetency.

          • Funny, I thought it was the fact that you keep your fingers in your ears, and pretend that there is no evidence, because you can’t stand the fact that people actually have a problem with the controversies.

            Must be nice living in your fantasy land.

          • Also according to dhusk it’s wrong to say “guys”.

            My apologies Chums.

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