An American Tail: Fievel Goes West – Nostalgia Critic

Everybody loves An American Tail, but it’s sequel had a lot of people scratching their heads. Can the Nostalgia Critic figure out why?

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  1. Am I really the only one who doesn’t give a flying feather about the ‘controversies’?

    So there was some crappy shit going on. Well, welcome to business. Every company has crappy shit going on. But we have no idea what is really substantiated or not. If the grievances are serious enough, courts should be involved. Otherwise, its mostly he said/she said with no solid evidence. and I’m too strung out to give a damn either way. i came here to be entertained, and as long as NC does that, I’m good.

    That being said, I liked “Fieval Goes West” when I saw it It’s a good, zippy, entertaining film IMHO. Not great,but fun in its own right, and I admire them for at least trying something different instead of retreading the first film. And I’m sorry, I think Jimmy Stewart would be proud that he did something fun and inspiring for little kids as his last role.

    • “So there was some crappy shit going on. Well, welcome to business.”

      You know, there should be more Americans with the same mind-set as you, because then us Brits would still have total control over you, and no matter how much we tax you, you won’t complain.

      But no you had to throw those boxes of tea in the docks. For shame.

      • Big damn difference moron.

        Logan Paul’s done way worse shit and he still has legions of defenders, this shouldn’t shock you in the least.

        • (Shakes head slowly.)

          There’s always one……

          Or in this comment section’s case, three.

          • Don’t worry about darkrage6, he thinks Doug not giving coworkers food or water during movie production and covering for JewWario being a rapist is a-okay.

            And yet Logan Paul is the worst one in this. Riiiiiight.

      • How’s Brexit working out for you?

      • You know, we probably wouldn’t have made such a big deal about the tea except for the fact that we were being taxed for British tea, and British tea is weak. Coffee is where it’s at! Colombian Gold! Juan Valdez makes tea his bitch!

      • There is NO EVIDENCE here besides hearsay and rumors. If there is more, let me know, because I’m not seeing any.

        I’ve seen is people mostly jumping on a bandwagon to bash one side based SOLELY on the other side wagging its fingers and loudly playing a victim with, again, NO SOLID EVIDENCE.

        They are grousing about bad treatment, which, if true, should be condemned. But I’ve also seen people saying they never ran into these problems with CA either. So who should I believe is the more typical case? Just because one side is louder right now does not mean they are the right ones.

        If these grievances are real and rise to serious enough matter in that they broke the law, as is the case with the alleged sexual misconduct, then take CA to court. Don’t tell me the aggrieved parties couldn’t raise legal funds through GOFUNDME or some such at this point. If these are real problems, they can and should have been addressed legally. Otherwise, it really is just employee grousing.

        This reminds me a lot of the ridiculous political rumor mongering I’ve seen in the last decade–people making wild accusation with no evidence, and scads of people jumping on the bandwagon because it was popular to do so at the time. Time Square Mosque, Benghazi cover up, Pizza Shop Pedophile rings, Secret Child Labor Colonies on Mars, Parkland crisis actors-all ridiculous things people fervently defend not because there’s EVIDENCE for any of that, but because people began shouting about it and it became popular in certain circles to go along with it.

        Again, give me EVIDENCE that all those things happened besides people throwing accusations and I’ll change my mind.

        • There has already been plenty of evidence, you just ignored it. There was evidence in the change the channel doc. There was evidence in CA’s response. The testimonies of countless contributors was itself evidence.

          You called it hearsay, because you’re an idiot you doesn’t even know what hearsay is, but witness testimony is quite literally evidence, admissible in fucking MURDER trials. So it sure as hell is admissible in the entirely non criminal non trial “I’m trying to figure out if CA did something bad” thing we got going on here.

          But apparently the accounts of dozens and dozens of former contributors doesn’t count, because, uh, reasons.

          The reason being you’re an imbecile.

          Which is why it makes sense you’d defend CA, because they are also imbeciles. Let’s look at the first two fucking examples in the CA RESPONSE ITSELF.

          First, they mix up their Jane Does. They badly censor Justin’s name. They claim they can’t say that Justin aka Jewwario is a sexual predator/rapist for legal reasons, but so badly censor his name and REVEAL THE EXACT DATE HE WAS LET GO, thus basically shouting to the world “YES JUSTIN IS A PREDATOR!”

          Great job. Such competence. Such professionalism. Surely this makes me believe that are the stories about CA are lies, right?

          Then CA goes to Sean’s story, where they list “ACCUSATION” and “FACT” and their fact… doesn’t even contradict the accusation. Actually it just confirms what Sean said, to the point where the literally use the screenshot from the Change the Channel doc in their “fact” heading. So, they admit the accusation was fact.

          But try to imply it was false, while admitting it was fact.

          And your comparison of this to things like the Parkland conspiracies theories, well, fuck you, you vile piece of shit.

          • hear·say



            information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.

            synonyms: rumor, gossip, tittle-tattle, idle talk; More


            the report of another person’s words by a witness, usually disallowed as evidence in a court of law.

            Look, you blithering, towering dumbass, if these accusations are more than hearsay, THAN THEY CAN BRING IT TO COURT. So why don’t they? It speaks volumes to me that these problems have been apparently going on for years, but no one has ever taken any legal action I’m aware of. It’s what normally happens in these cases. So why isn’t it happening here? The accusers are apparently pissed off and vindictive enough to drag this all out in public, so why not do the same in court, where it actually matters?

            I am NOT interested at all in joining a public witch hunt based on UNSUBSTANTIATED RUMORS because it happens to be the public celebrity bashing fad of the moment. When and if this goes to court, when lawyers and judges get involved–professionals who actually know what they’re talking about–can look at this and say, ‘yeah, there might be something here,’ then I’ll start giving all this credence.

            Until then, it’s only people throwing accusations and nothing else.

          • Guys just ignore dhusk, he’s not worth your time, he’s that type of person who won’t accept what’s in front of him.

            Like I said, there’s always one….

          • Sorry, “guys” but my wanting sufficient evidence before judging people is not the problem here.

            Your willingness to condemn people without sufficient evidence is.

          • Even if the allegations are all 100% false the way CA have handled it deserves to be mocked and laughed at for the pure incompetency.

          • Funny, I thought it was the fact that you keep your fingers in your ears, and pretend that there is no evidence, because you can’t stand the fact that people actually have a problem with the controversies.

            Must be nice living in your fantasy land.

          • Also according to dhusk it’s wrong to say “guys”.

            My apologies Chums.

    • TheKnifewieldingTonberry

      Spotted the Brony.

  2. At this point they won’t even try to save the sinking ship, they’re just punching more holes in it.


  3. DamienReaper1998

    Man still I love that film. I’m here to watch reviews and I know of the drama, I’m a fan of NC & past producers, I’m old school you know they should handle their issues with each other privately so outside people don’t get hurt. So “Fans” don’t get involved and act stupid, As which I’ve seen on twitter, youtube and social media. End of the day everyone gave me joy since 2008, I don’t know them personally or was there, So many now may lose their jobs, The drama just keeps going down the rabbit hole. To the point youtubers are doing videos on the subject feeding off the drama to get views. I don’t know who is right or wrong in the case of CA or The past Producers. What’s happened since is becoming worst. I’m sorry that it all happened the way it did & pray that everyone finds happiness. From Doug, Rob and the CA crew to the past producers. I’m a fan I’ll always watch.

    • It’s the former producers that are in the right here, because Channel Awesome has given them bad treatment over the years, and they refused to apologise twice, instead blaming the former producers for not liking their treatment.

      • DamienReaper1998

        No I blame the fans for getting involved. Into business that’s not their own. And I’m not saying they are lying I’m saying getting the public involved was the worst idea, People are crazy. I’ve seen with my own eyes the Internet bullying and threats due to the claims of former producers. That’s All that chaos for “I’m sorry”? sounds good in a perfect world. Each one from CA and the former producers are Legends and they all should have know how the public would react, Being right or wrong about the original issue almost is engulfed by the negative reaction by the public. Getting harassed by 1,000s of people over an issue that should have been done privately between 20-30 people, Instead of tweeting these issues which i saw 1st hand. I mean you watch the news people are crazy why give them tnt. You know?

  4. Allow me to comment on the review itself instead of the controversy…

    I never heard about John Cleese turning down Cogsworth to do this movie. I do know he turned down Zazu in The Lion King to voice Jean-Bob in The Swan Princess

  5. HermioneHotpants

    Although I’m very sorry for any sexual harassment and assault that may have taken place, it’s still really funny to see this whole site go up in flames.

    It’s bizarre how just 1 man can destroy a company that has been around for over 10 years in a matter of a few weeks 😀

    Can’t wait for the dumpsterfire to continue.

    If you guys like some Channel Awesome trash talking, watch ChaosD1 on Twitch. He’s one of the co-authors of the Not-So-Awesome document.

  6. Uhm… is this the video Malcolm and Tamara said they would release? Just another Nostalgia Critic video, pretending like everything’s fine and dandy? Or, are we still waiting for an actual video responding to all the backlash? No offense, but how difficult can it be? It’s been 2 weeks now. You’ve had plenty of time to work on a response video. And unlike your Nostalgia Critic videos, they don’t require as much effort. You just need to sit in front of the camera and talk.

    But let me guess, Mike Michaud is holding you on a leash? Or, is the rumor true that Doug Walker has left? Would be nice if we got to know ANYTHING that’s going on. Several here says Doug left, and that there will only be one more NC video after this one. But, objectively speaking, we just have no idea right now what’s going on.

    Channel Awesome is over. You may still have over 1 million subscribers – but you’ve lost all your producers outside of Chicago, and you have forever tainted your name beyond repair after the second response. At least ADDRESS something, god damnit.

  7. ilovethings andstuff

    i loved the first movie, but i remember liking Fievel Goes West as a kid as well

  8. ilovethings andstuff

    she loves the pussy.. the pussy cat loves the boobage.. lol

  9. First, I know this was recorded two weeks ago. Second, I’m kinda scared at what we’ll discover in two weeks. Or even next week. The editing work couldn’t be finished yet.

  10. Doug, I don’t think people’s ire and insults should be levied against you but, dude, you SERIOUSLY should have addressed the shitstorm that came your way as of recently, especially given that atrociously badly put response, most likely written by human turd pile Mike.

    Please, man, just make some kind of humble GENUINE apology, or at least a decent response. Preferably before your next review.

  11. Seriously Doug, you can’t even offer a simple apology. Is your ego really too big to even admit you did anything wrong. Dickhead.

  12. Did you really not get the satire at the heart of this movie? I mean, REALLY?!! That far over your head?

    Immigrants were told that moving to America would solve all their problems… didn’t really turn out that way.
    People in the big, crowded, dirty cities where factory work at nearly slave labor was the only real jobs were told that moving out to the big expanses in the west would solve all of their problems– go be a farmer.
    Only then they fell victim to robber barons and other crooks that turned them into basic wage slaves. Yeah, they could grow stuff… but a handful of companies owned all the transportation networks, they could mine for gold… but a handful of companies owned the town and could just jack-up the prices to get all of that gold away from them.

    So it is a similar situation as the first movie, just instead of communists being the enemy, it is well.. American “fat cat” banker class.

    • Communists weren’t the enemy in the first movie. Those were Cossacks. For the most part very ANTI-communist; in fact the ones we see might actually be part of the Black Hundreds, a wave of anti-communist, anti-democratic/liberal, anti-Jewish violence in the wake of the failed 1905 Revolution.

      • What you wrote is correct, but imho it is too deep for a Don Bluth cartoon. I do not think the creators really cared about history details, they just needed picturesque images of evil.?

  13. Forums are now officially dead.. wonder how long it will take Mike to remove commenting on videos?

    • Honestly, comments are already disabled for almost everyone, it’s impossible to log in so the only people who can comment are those who were logged in when the forums came down and haven’t cleared their browsing history since.

      Based on the fact that this video’s “About Doug Walker” section has the same weird-faced-polygon icons the rest of us do, I’m guessing removing comments but maintaining the normal video postings would require some serious restructuring, and that’s time that they could spend compiling inconclusive chat screenshots that don’t demonstrate what they claim they demonstrated, but do accidentally reveal the identity of abusers and victims that the victims wish had remained anonymous.

      And between those options, we already know which Mike will pick.

  14. Welshguy – So, you think we’re all a bunch of fish guts you can toss into the ocean to attract sharks and birds and whatnot, eh?

  15. Is it just me, or has Doug gotten a little more sporadic with his reviews?

    • Gee…I wonder why?

      • It’s incomplete. It has the opening credits of a “Full” episode (meaning forty or so minutes) but it’s only sixteen minutes and there are large chunks of the movie he doesn’t address, like Tanya’s big song number “Dreams to Dream.” It’s an unfinished review. Someone’s uploading an unfinished review.

  16. Y’know, there was a ‘Fievel Goes West’ animated series. Not just Fievel, specifically ‘Fievel Goes West.’ That would make a pretty good ‘Was That Real’ episode.

  17. silvertriforce25

    Even with the recent controversy, if it’s true you’re leaving channel awesome thus potentially losing rights to the nostalgia critic persona I’m going to miss your videos, they were good for wasting 10-30 min when I was bored

  18. Change the Channel.

  19. Wow, I watched this cartoon many years ago and never came across since. Nice to learn at least its name after all these years. And that the mice were supposed to be Russian. Actually, I liked the cartoon then, but yeah, the review is well deserved.

  20. No comment about the Dreams to Dream number? I like that song…

  21. Another great video. Thanks for all the top notch, quality entertainment that you provide at Channel Awesome!

  22. That review of An American Tail Fievel goes West felt choppy. Watch it and you’ll understand, it’s like skits that weren’t filmed yet are missing. There’s no mention at all of the “Dreams to Dream” sequence for example and that’s a big scene in the movie. I think someone is uploading incomplete episodes that weren’t finished.

    • Honestly even if still not concrete I consider this the strongest evidence yet to Wexit. Though while it could be true that it is incomplete, the reason could be just that with the (horrific) attempt at damage control they have lost a lot of working time but still needed to get the episode out. If we don’t hear anything over the next few days it will be interesting to see what we get next Tuesday.

    • TheKnifewieldingTonberry

      Welp I guess this site IS going to shit, and there is no moderator to mod anymore (if there ever was).
      Hell, this is the first time I have actually USED this account ever to comment, after I think almost 10 years of creating it.

  23. Crossover Princess

    (Sigh) Looks like they will be getting rid of comments soon afterall, no one has an avatar anymore.

  24. If Doug leaves CA, but Mike forces Rob to be the new NC, will he be called Liquid Critic from now on?

  25. ……….We’re not gonna see anymore Commercial episodes are we?

  26. Come on Doug you have to at least make one video to address the controversy you can’t just act like it doesn’t exist.

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