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The Goofs are back and they’re back for more zaniness…to the EXTREME! Doug takes a look at An Extremely Goofy Movie.

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  1. Roxanne did show up again on a date with Max in House of Mouse.

  2. I don’t think this movie is by any means fantastic but it is good. I kind of feel the same way about this movie that Doug did for the original. Modestly good but nothing spectacular. Also, yes, they did have those kind of clubs back then and it was mainly a place for poetry readings (look at an episode of The Proud Family and you’ll see that). As for the snapping, it was mainly that it was just driving him nuts and he yelled for everyone to knock it off, he wasn’t scared by it. The animation is great, Goofy’s romance with Sylvia was wonderful (I actually prefer him with her instead of Clarabelle Cow), it’s funny (not hilarious), and is just harmless fun. The story isn’t as engaging, I feel like Max is too mean-spirited here (I don’t expect him and Goofy to always get along but here he’s happy to be getting away from his dad and makes any growth he had be thrown out the window), I MISS ROXANNE, the bullies are lame, it does have more commercial manipulation than heart in it (Especially compared to the original), and it’s just not that strong a story. It is good but nothing spectacular.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Technically, there are still beatnik poets around. Granted, I have never been to a coffee house with the stereotypical mood lighting and pseudo-stereotypical French clothing, but I have been to a few slam poetry shows at my college. We even did the snapping, because that was supposed to be how you showed respect instead of clapping. I don’t know, slam poetry isn’t really all that much my thing, but they were interesting shows to go see.

    • Slam poetry isn’t the same thing tho — the 90s had a real revival of Beatnik culture. Today that culture has been altered and borrowed from so that you can see some stuff lingering, but it just doesn’t fill the same space to go to one now as it did then.

      then again, people would probably say the same of the revival itself, if they were around for the original, or French 😛

  4. thatchickwithlonghair

    I REALLY love the first movie; even bought it on dvd….but when I saw this one on TV, it wasn’t able to hold my interest. And I agree about MaxxRoxanne! 🙁

  5. You know, as far the DTV movies go, this isn’t that bad. It’s no Lion King 2, but at the same time, it’s no Belle’s Magical World either. I like this movie okay…and I hate sports movies.

  6. Haven’t seen this one, yet. I am 99% sure that the original trailer for this film did in fact market this as “An X-Tremely Goofy Movie”, though.

  7. I remember liking this one just as much as the first one. Plus, I never knew that the X-games were a real thing. O.O

  8. I can’t think of anyone who has hated Monsters University more than Doug.

  9. Fun fact, Max’ Old Stuffed Bear made its debut in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. How many other Disney properties do you think share this continuity? I bet you dollars to donuts that they’ll find a way to shoehorn in Mickey’s House of Mouse.

    and right after posting this comment, I see the one below.

  10. Just be glad Roxanne wasn’t in this movie. She’d wear a Thrasher shirt for no reason and Max would call her his queen.

  11. Snorgatch Pandalume

    So, basically this is a Disney version of “Back to School” with Rodney Dangerfield.

  12. This fiim was followed up by, An Absurdly Goofy Movie, A Preposterously Goofy Movie, and lastly, An Inconceivably Goofy Movie.

  13. Yeah, I realize that not every high school romance lasts, obviously, but Roxanne & Max were really cute together and a big part of the first Goofy Movie revolved around Max’s romance with Roxanne, so its a huge shame that their relationship was abandoned in the sequel. I would have liked to see where their relationship went and how Roxanne developed as a character, instead of Max just being single again and having no one to interact with besides Goofy, his friends, & a pack of bullies. Heck, maybe Roxanne could have served as a go between for Goofy and Max, caring about them both and reminding them that despite their differences and characters flaws they’re still family, be the voice of reason as it were…Or heck, maybe their relationship is on the rocks and Goofy, ironically, gives Max the advice he needs to patch things up with her. It just would have been nice to see Roxanne as an official member of the Goof Troop as it were and see how she herself progressed as a character since the first movie and how she plays off the other cast members. Also would have been nice to see Peg and the rest of Pete’s noticeably absent family besides his son, they were missing from the first film without any explanation despite being part of the TV series.

    On top of Roxanne’s noticeable absence, it does feel like a lot of the character development the father and son went through last time was abandoned here, I mean yes, something has to go wrong for there to be a plot but they could have tried something different from the whole “Max is mortally embarrassed of his dad” plot all over again.

  14. I feel like that should be a trope – the “love interest” who mainly exists as a way to drive the plot and is suspiciously absent without explanation by the sequel. This, Night at the Museum, Alvin and the Chipmunks…

  15. Never seen this one. It’s just dated. I thought the original was just okay. Same thing with “Goof Troop”. It’s nothing terrible. Oh, I guess you might have to review that awful “Inspector Gadget 2” possibly the worst Disney sequel ever.

  16. There was a beatnik revival in the 90s — Mad TV did a spoof of it in their first season even.

  17. At the very least, this beats the hell out of Monsters U — the worst thing about it is that it doesn’t live up to its animation. A mediocre movie with amazing animation. But,I really like Goof Troop and the first movie. and I like this one.

    Then again, we lost Roxanne. . . Which is annoying.

  18. The movie itself was generally… good, I suppose.
    But, one thing I was supremely disappointed by was the fact that Roxanne wasn’t in that movie… She isn’t even *NAMED* !

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