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This week: the worst possible escape route in history, the real reason your mail is late and when talking about Georgia O’Keeffe turns into a pink … slip.

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  1. Well, it’s like safe space for 8th-graders. You can be against it of course, but if you are also for safe spaces… then you’re a bit of a hypocrite.

    • Zoey Posthuman

      You’re an idiot. Safe spaces exist because PTSD and mental illnesses are extremely common due to how dangerous and abusive our society is, and the simple fact is that a very, very large number of people just cannot exist 24/7 in general society because the damage done to them by their families, “friends”, peers or society at large. This is because of idiotic politics.

      • No, that’s not what safe spaces are.

        Well, I guess they could be, but that’s not usually what it means. It usually refers to places that are safe from bigotry.

        • lacking_psilosynine

          yeah, usually “safe spaces” are safe for one or many marginalized groups and designed to be free of whatever bigotry the group in question experiences.

          for example, a safe space for neurodivergent people would hopefully be free of ableist language. like words originally designed to decide whether or not a human being’s iq was low enough to classify them as defective enough to be institutionalized for life and treated as subhuman. words like “idiot”. ain’t etymology fun? (places safe for me as someone with ptsd are usually crap about developmental disability, and then my traumatized and autistic self is not a happy camper. which is why i get peeved over even fairly mild slurs.)

  2. Conservative logic: I hiding anything and everything related to sex, teenagers won’t develop sexual urges.

  3. 0.3% is not very high, that’s about 3 litres of beer (if you are a middle aged, overweight woman), well maybe not American beer, but still. Obviously you shouldn’t be driving, but it is fairly normal after a night of partying.

  4. Why are teachers discussing porn with 8th graders in the first place? Georgia O’Keefe is a no-name artist not Van Gogh or Picasso and teachers should save the “shock art” for College Level discussions!

    • Oh get over yourself, there’s nothing remotely pornographic about her artwork – or artistic interpretations of the human form in general for that matter – and proper art classes are not confined to discussing the same four artists ad nauseam.

      People like you who are frightened by their own body are why this kind of idiotic crap happens in the first place.

    • Wow really? You have an exceptionally low standard for what qualifies as porn, you might as well call the Pokemon Cloyster pornographic.

    • TheIdiotAlchemist

      Seriously, bud? Georgia O’Keeffe is pretty well known. One of my elementary school art teachers had one of her paintings on the door to her classroom. She painted LANDSCAPES AND FLOWERS. Really, really yonic looking flowers, yeah, but flowers. You might as well call the Washington Monument pornographic shock art for being a giant penis out there for everyone to see.

  5. Ericthebearjew1

    if they really thought the sex doll was an angel, they wouldn’t have allowed to have a picture be taken of it.

  6. It’s the one called “The Venti Floor Therapy Session”, (currently the second most recent) and is not on the podbean website, but the one.

  7. “The Gods Must be Crazy” is actually loosely based on a true story. It’s called a “Cargo Cult”. Look up “John Fromme”. That actually happened.

  8. People really need to get over their Sexphobia.
    Talking about all the inns and outs of sex only improves safe sex practices.

    Pretending that sex isn’t a thing only leads to ignorance and bad sexual practices.

    It also makes teenagers more likely to have sex, because instead of being normal, it becomes that forbidden thing that “the man is telling me not to do, so I’ll do it!”

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