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Because anime and Christianity has had SUCH a good history together.

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  1. Considering that most japanese are either Shinto or Budhists them using christianity in they fiction way to do makes sense. To us in west christianity is mundane so we pretty much see other religions same way as they see christianity, exotic and different.

  2. Oh man, I was embarrassingly into AS in high school. I was well into my angsty, arm warmer-wearing emo phase back then, and I thought this anime was so edgy and subversive. I tried re-watching the original subbed version a few years back to see if I could still appreciate it, and I couldn’t make it past the three minute mark.

  3. I’ll just hold on to my Bible Black to protect me.

  4. Not finished watching the review yet, but have to say it: I like Angel Sanctuary

  5. And to be fair, that was just promotional material for the Manga who was more advanced in the story and the anime only covered the 4 first volume of the Manga while cutting substantial part of the plot for time sake. Most of the thing left unanswered like the nature of the spirit who made the deal with the young boy and the reason he wanted to posses the body is all explained alter in the plot of the books

  6. It doesn’t make things much better, but Japanese high schools last 3 years. So they usually start when they are fifteen/sixteen years old. If Sara is in her last year of junior high, then she’s probably about 14 or 15. Again, doesn’t make things much better, but just a bit. Elementary school is 1-6, Junior high is 7-9, and high school is 10-12. High school is non-compulsory. And that concludes your needless expository dialogue of the day.

  7. Aside from taboo and social stigma, the only real, practical downside to incest is genetics. A child of two parents with similar genetics has a much higher chance of manifesting genetic defects. That’s about it. It’s only gross because “everybody says so.”

    • I don’t think that really excuses anything, but then again considering the social constructs of japan where you have most of your friends in elementary school and don’t really get a lot of socializing outside of school, there’s a reason why incest and childhood friends are such a fucking absurdly high existence in anime. It’s just…these are the only women you met and developed a relationship with that aren’t your mom or your mom’s friends. Kinda problematic and a precursor to the whole dwindling birth rate Japan’s having right now.

    • Incest is “gross” more because in patriarchal societies, it often starts far too young (pedophilia), is emotionally abusive and generally controlling because you live together, and is very confusing for any family members trying to interact with more than their own “clan.” In reality it’s rarely a loving, equal, consensual partnership. It’s like a rape fantasy–one might like the idea of losing control in a fantasy, but in reality it’s UGLY AS FUCK.

  8. As someone who read the entire manga, which actually goes through hell and heaven with eight kinds of melodrama showing off how heaven is a fucking LITERAL NAZI ALLEGORICAL STATE in constant war with Hell ruled by a psycho trying to contain an eldritch horror due to God being missing (because there’s not enough cliches here) I can safely say…the first act on Earth’s dialogue is in fact almost as absurd as this dub portrays it. Although the weird out of date slang is dub only. Also yes this OVA only covers the first act and they build character after this explaining and making the characters deeper than one dimension and Setsuna goes chasing Sara’s soul, and Sara needs to be saved aside from the incest because the eldritch horror wants to use her as a mother so he can destroy the world….anyways the ending is Setsuna and Sara come back to life and live happily ever after without fucking Angel drama because an actual series of events happened to develop their romance and no that doesn’t make it less gross but whatever.

    • So, it’s basically Preacher without all the castration?

      • Pretty much yep. And now imagine trying to do a OVA based on Preacher where you only do the first volume and skip half the content (focusing extra hard on skipping anything that gives you real character depth or motivation) and you have this mess.

      • Except Preacher is sarcastic.. this one on the other hand is serious and that is why it did not work..

        • Whaaaah?!?

          First of all how does your comment actually relate to my comment.

          Second, what does tone have to do with themes? Because both Preacher and Angel Sanctury exploration of Maltheism (what if God is a asshole/monster) as one of their most central themes while one examines this through tones of Tragedy and the other through dark gonzo humor (that often sways into sarcasm).

  9. Some Spoilers…

    The OVA might be amazing trash, but the Manga and art books are just amazing.What they don’t go into the OVA is that Both Sara and Setsuna are the reincarnated forms of Angels. Setsuna is Alexiel and Sara is Gabriel. Alexiel and Gabriel use to be lovers. And they were both female, or at least took female form. So Setsuna and Sera can’t help their feelings. Its a really fucked up situation. Setsuna and Sera are a year apart, but if I remember correctly they were suppose to be twins originally.

  10. This is first anime abbandon review that I think is straight up unfair. Maybe it’s just because I know this one compared to many other ones here. Maybe it’s because I didn’t watched it with the horrible translation and dub.
    Kinda missed few things and disregarded others. Incest here is kinda not important because neither of the two are humans per say and neither were originaly siblings. Incest is the startup point – the reason why they can’t be happy because of karma or something. This is hardcore reincarnation stuff in the most eastern style hammered into christian mythos that makes amazing mess that in the end works together pretty well.

    • They are humans, just they spirits are angels (what isn’t that far from real theology anyway). Still if they would not force that pointless incest or quite opposite, make it relevant, people would be pissed less. That reincarnation thing also isn’t issue by itself, it is a mess simply because it was executed poorly.

  11. I love Kaori Yuki’s works and her use of forbidden themes….but god was Angel Sanctuary a clusterfuck, even the visuals become a confusing mess, even prior to it’s adaption.
    It’s one of her longest series, but it’s also one of the most strenuous to follow. (I think I got halfway through and he was still looking for his sister and Rosiel was a clump of robot cords and flesh????????????)
    The anime was as good as it could be? But it’s more like one of those series that’s better off not being adapted.

  12. If you think the anime is crazy then read the manga!

    I can’t wait for the day Bennett reviews Digimon the Movie.

    Also, Christianity isn’t a “mythology” as that implies it’s not real. Regardless of your feelings of it that POV is a non-starter. The correct term since so many people still believe in it, is “Theology”

    • Ah, Digimon the Movie, or THAT TIME WILLIS ALMOST NUKED JAPAN

    • Every religion is a mythology until you believe it is real. Yes, typically we don’t call them that way directly as crybabies would whine about it, but that isn’t a solid rule in any way.

      • By insulting people for saying they’re whining for defending their beliefs you’re starting things with a non-starter and nothing can be done. Would you talk to anyone who called you a whiner for saying you’re entitled to your opinion when they said your opinion is wrong?

        Christianity is a theology not a mythology.

  13. Hi I’m a living historical encyclopedia.

  14. Yes I can tell you nearly anything, just like a freaking encyclopedia and not just human historical stuff.

  15. Essentially the christianity mythology to the Japanese is like Greek mythology to the US. A source of stories and fantasy.

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