Angel vs Daredevil: (or how to grow your main cast)

Today Justin talks about the best way to add to your show’s core team of characters.

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  1. I disagree.
    The weakest thing about “Daredevil” season 1 is how much time Matt spends mulling over whether to kill Fisk. He has that same conversation with the old priest like a dozen times. Shit or get off the pot, Matthew.

    I would also argue Page being different from Cordelia does not make her inferior. Cordy would feel out of place on Daredevil. And Page would still work in the context of Angel, though the show would have been flatter and less comedic for the swap.

  2. I disagree. Cordelia is Karen Page. 😉

  3. As a fan of Angel who owns the entire series on DVD, I do in fact like Karen more than Cordelia.
    Also, Karen very much is her own character, she has useful skills, and is a good foil for both Matt and Foggy.
    This would imply you simply have an irrational dislike for Karen Page.

    • That’s how things turn out. From a first episode perspective Karen is a weak addition to the team and Cordelia is a strong one. Cordelia becomes a terribly written character who detracts greatly from Angel later, while Karen becomes (is shown to be) a great part of the show. While I agree TimidJester has an irrational hatred for Karen he’s not wrong is saying her introduction to being a member of the main cast is poorly done(or at least incomplete).

  4. I disagree, whatever you think of her first appearance she was a strong character in season 1. Unlike some in her position like Iris west from CWs Flash Karen exists as a fully formed character even without Matt around. She has her own moral convictions and past draw on and she cared about becoming a journalist for her own sake. Iris is basically Barry’s pr girl whenever we see her at work or the girlfriend when she’s not at work; take away Barry and 80% of what she is is gone which can’t be said of Karen.

    I do think some the better parts of her character were undercut in season 2 onwards. Like how after she learned about Daredevil her reaction mirrored Foggy’s and now as a journalist her objectivity is compromised(I really don’t want her to become the pr girl). With that said though calling her the worst part of Daredevil seems excessive .

  5. Wait, when Cordelia says they need an exterminator, is that because of their low rats?

    I do like Karen better, but only because Cordelia reminds me wayyy too much of somebody who gave me an irrational dislike of total bitkas. (Granted, that applies more to her appearances in the first couple of seasons of Buffy, but the stigma stuck.)

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