Angry Joe Show – Batman: Arkham Knight Angry Review

“Baymang” Joe and “OtherSuperJoe” FINALLY Review the conclusion to the Arkham Trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight! What took so long? and how does this final game measure up? Find out!

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  1. Adam West costume = WIN!

  2. That was excellent Joe. It was like Macho Man Randy Savage playing Adam West Batman

  3. Aside from the Cobra Tanks and the Cloudburst fights I found this game to be pretty enjoyable especially in terms of how well they referenced the best Batman stories.

  4. The Mysterious M

    Everyone was like “Oh I don’t like how much you play as the Batmobile.” Honestly, except for the missions (and side missions) where you absolutely have to…it’s not that much. I found it much much (MUCH) faster to glide above Gotham rather than drive through it.

    Also…John Noble for the win

  5. I want to play this. I will be waiting for the GOTY edition when it comes back on Steam, with the PC issues fixed. I will also need to upgrade my PC–my GPU is a GTX 550 Ti, which doesn’t even meet the minimum requirements.

  6. TragicGuineaPig

    Hey Joe: What’s the specs on your machine? I’m considering getting this, but if I do, it will have to be on PC. Right now, I have an 8-core AMD machine with 16gb Ram and an SATA SSD.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Mark Hamill is voicing the Joker again? Man, they went out of their way to hush that up! He made it clear that Arkham City was going to be his last performance. Still, ol’ Luke Skywalker always was the best portrayal, IMH.

      Also, Batman does have a superpower. It’s the superpower to be Batman. That’s really the only superpower he needs.

      Oh, and that whole thing about reminding us of bad Superman games? Seriously, who ever thought up the idea where all you do is fly through a bunch of green rings? How lame can you get? Well, I gotta go finish those Augmented Reality Training Sessions in City!

      • “Mark Hamill is voicing the Joker again? Man, they went out of their way to hush that up! He made it clear that Arkham City was going to be his last performance. ”

        Well…he is playing the Joker again “from a certain point of view”.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      16:40 – I guess, some days, Batman CAN get rid of a bomb.

    • Might want to wait on that one, the PC version was absolutely fucked on launch (people were refunding it en masse), and they even pulled it from Steam.
      It was capped at 30FPS, it had terrible performance, SLI made it run SLOWER, there were missing visual effects, there was weird physics nonsense, there was serious hitching as the level loaded, getting in the batmobile tanked the framerate under 5Hz, it was just a goddamn disaster.

      • Oh, trust me, I intend to wait. I just wanted some specs so I could compare our machines and decide if it would be worth it eventually, once they get it patched and working for sure.

  7. Yeah, I kinda figured the game wouldn’t live up to the hype, what with all the pre-order incentives WB was attaching to it. Plus, why couldn’t they do someone like Hush for the Arkham Knight? Isn’t that kind of what Hush is all about: getting inside Batman’s head and whatnot?

  8. Whisky Tango Foxtrot

    How many extra points would you have given this game if there was a mode that would play the ’66 Batman theme during the fight scenes and flash up a sound effect onomatopoeia whenever you hit someone? Seriously missed opportunity in all these games.

  9. The fatman on the batman. But where is Kevin Smith?

  10. There are no collectibles that you can’t get at the end of the game. Nothings missable.

  11. To be fair to the Battank, he uses it in the comics and it’s officially stated to use rubber bullets.

  12. Honestly, a Superman game will suck. All Superman games suck. You can’t make a good Superman game because there’s no way to code him to not be a god without sucking because he’s too weak. Either he’s too strong and they have to do something else with him, like Superman Returns, or he’s too weak, like Superman on the NES, or they don’t make it a real action game, like Superman 64.

    • There’s 70 years of comics giving Superman things to do, I’m sure they can find things for him to do in a game. Not every game has to be just fighting and action. There’s a ton of great, epic boss fights you could put in. Superman game to fill out the action quotient , as well as bringing in other Kryptonians or Brainiacs robots to give Superman thugs to fight that don’t require making him weak, but you could also fill out the game with other stuff, missions involving flying , stopping crashing planes and trains etc like we’ve seen in the movies, using his powers to save people from burning buildings, stopping crimes etc. You could have Clark Kent sequences where he’s forced not be seen using powers, you could have flashback sequences to him as a kid in Smallville first discovering his powers etc. There’s tons they could do.

  13. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Hopefully rocksteady can make a good superman game out of all the tons of garbage superman games out there. You didn’t even talk about harley Quinn in the game but she was barely in it so ok. I liked this review way less than callunas but more then Chris stuckmanns(love how the game takes its jabs at superman that’s pretty nice). Other joe holding you like a baby(best scene of this show ever!!!!)

  14. It’s odd. Just as you were talking about the PC version at the beginning of the video, Youtube started messing up. I thought that it was part of the video until the little Youtube error message came up. LIke usual, it’s LOL for the skits.

  15. Heh, they pulled a Head Scorpy and turned Joker into Batman’s “harvy”

  16. KamenRiderHellhound


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