Angry Joe Show: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F – Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Delrith Review Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, the Newest Film to release for the DBZ Franchise that brings Freiza back to life! How does it stack up?

Spoilers Discussion:

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  1. Loved the movie, got to see it twice… but…

    I’m still very disappointed that they didn’t give Freeza some cheesy, glorious, 80’s style training montage. =(

    If Goku can have the fist of the dragon, I want Freeza to have the eye of the tiger!

  2. I don’t think that this movie is ANYWHERE in Washington State. Then again, I am only a casual DBZ fan which means I saw about 10 episodes when I was younger. 😀 Despite that, I would like to see this movie just for the epic fight scenes.

  3. As far as Beris and Whes, I’m pretty sure that at the end of Battle of the Gods Beris told Goku that Whes is actually the god of destruction of another universe who came to our universe to train Beris.

  4. The space cop guy is the main character of Toriyama’s new manga, which was revealed to be a Dragonball PRequel in the final chapter

  5. I didn’t like it that much. The problem is despite Freiza becoming stronger to fight Goku, the rest of his army are one the same level as they were back during the Namek Saga. However all the Z-fighters have become so much stronger, with most of the stronger fighters being at SS level or above. So to see them having problems with Freiza’s men, even if they weren’t trying to kill them, it seems so dumb. Piccolo could handle them by himself probably, so when Gohan steps in for him to defeat the elite mook, it felt like an insult. Plus they shut out 18 again, despite her being one of the strongest fighters on the planet as well. Not to mention Goten and Trunks can fuse to become SS3, making them their best chance at beating Freiza.

    The fight between Freiza and Goku was awesome and Vegeta managed to get some revenge in there, but overall I didn’t like this movie.

    • I wasn’t a big fan of the movie either, especially how it misrepresented Freeza. Never thought I’d see the day where the main antagonist of a DBZ movie was depicted as being something of a joke rather than a serious “oh my god we’re all gonna die” level threat. Freeze was stronger than ever, yes, but they never gave us the impression he stood a chance of winning, or even that he had the upperhand over Goku & Vegeta. I don’t see the point of bringing back the most iconic villain in DBZ history & making him a graver threat than ever before if they were gonna completely belittle him as a character & suck any dread or tension out of the film, I mean, the movie’s supposed to be about his return & the ultimate final bout between him & Goku, rematch of the century…And the film couldn’t even do that right >_<

      I also agree over how 18 SHOULD have been at the battle alongside or in place of Krillin, & that Piccolo should have been able to handle that horned guy by himself as a super namek, especially considering how Gohan apparently hasn't kept up his training at all & should probably be much weaker than Piccolo at this point.

    • Yeah, sadly, this movie suffered from massive GT Syndrome. i.e. “Goku’s the only one who matters, and everyone else is a chump.” I was instantly reminded of the worst thing I ever saw in GT, where Super Android 17 beats the stuffing out of EVERYONE, including Mystic Gohan and Vegeta, and is getting ready to finish them all off when *non-SSJ Kid Goku* bamfs in and punches him ONCE, and he flies half way across the planet from the impact. That was just a gigantic middle finger to every other protagonist in the series.

      It was really one line that ultimately ruined the movie for me, especially because I’m pretty sure it was a joke at Frieza’s expense that just fell utterly flat. Right after Frieza mentions that he’s going to train for four months to get himself up to Goku’s new level, he gloats “I bet my power level will be ONE POINT THREE MILLION!!”

      1.3 Million is CHUMP CHANGE compared to even SSJ Goten, so the fact that all the Z warriors were in terrified awe of Frieza’s updated power, while he’s in his BASE form, just doesn’t make any sense. OK, maybe he was radically underestimating his capability of self-improvement, but what point did that “1.3 million” line even serve, if that’s the case?

      I really wanted to like this movie, since I enjoyed Battle of Gods quite a lot. But I left the theater feeling disappointed, as the more I’ve thought about the filmt since then, the less I’ve liked it in retrospect.

      Here’s hoping they do better next time. Which I assume will happen, because negative opinions on this movie seem to be fairly few and far between.

  6. I liked it, I just have one complaint.

    Toriyama. Please just freakin decide once and for all whether you want Gohan to be awesome, or Nerfed beyond all belief. I get that the fan reaction to him taking over the series after cell was negative. I get that you had to come up with the Buu saga to reinstate goku as the main character. I get that you had to nerf gohan to let it happen, but still you can’t have it both ways.


    In the fight with the goons, Gohan was pretty much running things. Saved Krillan and Piccolo’s bacon, and basically whupped everyone. Then one punch from freiza is enough to stop his heart and need a chi infusion from piccolo? No. Just… No. I really hope in Super, Gohan regains some of his former awesomeness. He doesn’t need to be the main character, just let him be as awesome as he once was. This movie tried to have it both ways, and it freakin bothered me.

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