Angry Joe Show: Metal Gear Solid V: TPP – Angry Review

AngryJoe, D-Dog & Quiet assemble the Diamond Dogs to Review Kojima’s latest and perhaps last Metal Gear Solid Game. How does it measure up? Find out!

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  1. I’ve been itching to buy this since it was released despite not having played any previous MGS games and still having tons of games on backlog that I’ve already bought.

    And I’ll probably buy this as soon as I’m done with FFXIII: Lightning Returns.

  2. From what I understood there won’t be any AAA games from Konami anymore. From now on they are all about YGO and Pachinko machines. They are as good as dead.

  3. I’m more of a Minecraft girl but I was of course, interested in your opinion on this game. LOL, at Angry Joe being Quiet. Like I said on another video, her outfit is just bland. I mean, at least give her a camouflage bikini.

  4. I’m only 25 missions in, but does this review have like major spoilers? I’ll probably watch it later, but if anyone’s seen it, I’d like to know.

  5. I like his reviews but seriously guys DON’T WATCH HIS REVIEWS BEFORE YOU FINISH THE GAME, he keeps spilling his spoilers everywhere and showing them without warning.

  6. Dromedary Meat Cactus

    If you haven’t played the other Metal Gear games, how can you state that this one is the best stealth game ever? Seems like you aren’t qualified to make that statement. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with not playing them, just seems illogical to claim this is the best without anything to back it up.

  7. honestly,i think a lot of MG fans would say that,without Kojima,no new MG game would be a true MG game,but since Konami is apparently dropping all games besides Soccer,i don’t think we have to concern ourselves with it

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I really don’t wanna see them do anther metal gear solid game since kojimas leaving. Screw ha jima satomi and him firing kojima. I just wanted to see your video for this review to see your opinion on quiet but unfortunately got otherjoes nuts in my face(disgusting) but got more then I bargained for and now I want this game(thanks for convincing me appreciate it):)

  9. Last game? I am still wrapping my head around as to why this Snake guy comes in liquid, solid, venomous and metal forms. Is he some shape-shifting super-Skrull?

  10. So the game is a sandbox stealthy shooter set in the wilderness, where you basically wander around and clear numerous areas of groups of enemies? Plus you can upgrade your gear, hunt animals and drive cars. That does sound awfully familiar…
    If I got bored with Far Cry 3 after clearing two outposts to the point of abandoning the game forever – does it mean I should skip MGS5? 🙂

  11. Hmm… While I have played every Metal Gear Solid game up to this point, I actually don’t see much reason to play this one. While it does seem like a great game, I really don’t like sandbox-style games (to the point where I still haven’t got past the Hinterlands in Dragon Age Inquisition) and, well… The story’s over. Metal gear solid 4 wrapped everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) up more or less perfectly and, while revengeance was a unique brand of insanity and is very much Kojima’s baby, it would never have worked as a continuation of Metal Gear Solid and it didn’t try to be, basically being just “a game set in the MGS universe”, while this feels more like MGS3 did, which was fine at the time, but the story wasn’t complete then.

    In summary, while this does look like a great game, I’m not a fan of the genre it’s switching to and I fail to see what it can add to the story.

  12. Really the fact that the game goes out of it’s way to ogle Quiet so much in spite of the fact that she’s not actively encouraging that with her characterization is the issue rather than the fact that she dares to wear a bikini top, I don’t care if she needs to breath and drink through her skin, we don’t need the camera shoved right up her arse or lingering on her whilst she’s in the shower. Just so we’re clear though I’m not against the game doing that sort of thing as long as the characterization of a given character encourages it, like take EVA from MGS3 for instance, the camera can oftentimes be just as bad with her BUT it’s made clear that she does find Snake very attractive and wants to be physically intimate with him and he reciprocates that feeling, she’s an actively sexual character. ALso whilst we’re on the topic of characterization I know I’m not the only one who found Ocelot to be rather flat, where in every other game he’s appeared in he’s been exteremly hammy, we”re talking Shatner at a pig roast levels of ham here, but in this game he’s very blase.

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