Angry Joe Show: Mortal Kombat X – Angry Review

AngryJoe and OtherJoe do battle in the Latest Mortal Kombat game! How does this one measure up to the excellent 2011 reboot? Find out!

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  1. Yeah even though I do really like this game I have to admit I hate what they did to Quan Chi, he’s one of my all time favorite characters, and for good reason he’s the ultimate schemer he manipulated nearly all the major players in the original franchise for his own gains, just a list of the people he played Raiden, Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Shinnok, he was such a cool, powerful and manipulative villain who always seemed 10 steps ahead of everyone, in this yeah you see him toying with a few people like Kotal Kahn and Shao Kahn, but we learn it wasn’t for his own gain like in the original series it was all because he was Shinnok’s loyal servant, and him getting his ass kicked by everyone so easily sucked, honestly I like the idea of Scorpion eventually killing Quan Chi since he manipulated and ruined his life the worst of all his victims, but give the guy his dues before hand because in this it was just too rushed and unceremonious, like Linkara says if you’re gonna kill off such a beloved fan favorite character you better make sure they go out swinging to the last breath as a major league badass

  2. In regards to the lacking roster over variations, I’m kinda hoping that the next MK game will follow suit of the original 3rd game and bring out an Ultimate MK/Trilogy after the third game, whereby they have a much large roster of ALL the most popular characters, new and old. I’d like to see more of the lesser used characters brought back, like Reiko and Jarek from MK4, even re-creating and/or putting new and less used characters like Chameleon/Khameleon and Drahmin giving them an updated look and playability like they’ve done (or in this case, doing) with Tremor… though maybe not ALL characters from the past games… *coughMokapcough*

    I release it’ll take longer to make, what with giving everyone their own move list and abilities, but even though I’m like you and much prefer that fighting games DO include a story mode, I’d take it as a simple fighting game without the main story mode and just the personal endings.

  3. Killsteal_Wolf

    Wait for Komplete Edition? Wait for complete edition. Maybe they’ll complete the story and give all the other characters roles then as well. Won’t take long, Injustice: Complete Edition was 8 months after the first game came out? Faster than Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 that one. Probably save a lot as well, considering the cost of the current season pass, and how they might have characters beyond it like Injustice, or even a second pass quite likely.

    I still feel the story is poorly handled by Netherealm, just tie those big cinematic cutscenes into Arcade Mode, 20-30 minutes burst that you can take as you wish, get one for every character as well.


  5. Who wants to see a Channel Awesome fighting game?

  6. Great review Joe. I picked up this game and was also pissed that I have to buy more crap like easy fatalities and other bullshit microtransactions.


  7. MK is a series of games I suck at because I have the reflex skills of a sloth, but I love anyway. Usually the story mode makes it worth getting my ass handed to me over & over.

    The on disc DLC for a game like this is what got Capcom in a shitstorm of hate a few years back. & having a Pay To Win item like purchasable easy fatalities in a game you already paid for is the worst, especially if you can use them in multiplayer. I’m thinking it won’t be as much of an issue if it gets a GOTY edition, as all the DLC should be unlocked on it. & hopefully by the time it comes out (if it does) it will get the faction imbalanced fixed.

    All that Variation stuff is making me think of Pokemon.

    ::Cassie kills Goro with swords, takes out her gun, & blows on it for no reason:: Well, that was silly. There’s a lot of amusing fatalities here.

  8. Mortal Kombat isn’t my thing but I love your reviews. I’m more of a Soul Caliber type of gal. Go ahead and judge me.

  9. Perturbed Pedro, whining about a game that only has a 4 hour long story.

    Most movie are around 2 hours, ya whiner. Jesus….

  10. So Mr Angry Joe, how does it feel to be the #1 YouTube Video Game reviewer according to WatchMojo?

  11. Moviemantweeter1999

    Glad to see your as big as a fan with mortal kombat as phelous is(probably less but that’s fine). Good review too AngryJoe wins angrytality!!!

  12. The argument over story in fighting games in a nutshell: The Story is NOT and NEVER will be what keeps gamers coming back for more. Don’t get me wrong, having a story mode is cool to have but, once you’ve experienced it? Its done. Like watching a good movie. You’ll see it 3-4 times and then, thats it. Over.

    In the end, its the gameplay and quality fighting engine that is what will ALWAYS fuel replay value for years to come. By the very nature of the genre, gameplay will always carry more impact than the story.

    Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is a great example of a fighting game with a non-exisitant story but fantastic gameplay. Which kept gamers coming back to it consistantly, even a decade after its release.

  13. yeah they’re not going to remove the paid crap if people keep giving the game high scores regardless and people keep buying it. i feel this score was unjustified because of that.

  14. Have to say your sketches were top notch this time Joes.

  15. Considering how good MKX is it’s shame how they put in some of that BS that lot of modern games have and they should not get away from it. I expected much better from Netherrealms Studios but even they are not above that it seems.

  16. When are Siro and Taja going to become playable characters?

  17. Whether you want that crap or not you are clearly still paying for it.(We can see that you bought Goro. The gaming corporations are businesses and making money is the bottom line. The only way to get rid of it is to vote with your dollar.

    On the other hand I would have bought Goro as well if I owned the game. Making popular characters as DLC is a bit of a trap and one I don’t escape from well myself.

  18. So, how many times did you try to Shout in the Krypt only to realize it’s not Skyrim no matter how much it looks like it?

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