Angry Joe Show: Pillars of Eternity – Angry Review

Druid Joe and Barbarian Joe enter the depths of Caed Nua to determine whether or not this old school cRPG has a chance in this generation! Find out how it fairs!

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  1. Lack of companion AI and pathing issues is enough to tell me I wouldn’t enjoy this game. I tried playing through the old D&D games this is effectively a copy of and, as good as people say those games are, I just couldn’t get through them. In fact, I barely progressed at all before the whole system of trying to issue constant orders to 5 different characters and trying to get them to move where I want just killed all desire to play it.
    Plus… could they have gotten any more cliche with races? I am so over non-humans being elf, dwarf, hobbit and tiefling. And their only really “original” creation is rather uninspired. Just another kind of flat big guy race that every single fantasy setting does hoping theirs will be the one to catch on.


  3. It’s nice to see this kind of games again. Kickstarter is nice thing for game developers that want to make games that are not mainstream.

  4. I had to pause at 0:39 just to check out Other Joe’s sweet tattoos. 😀

  5. It really is a pretty good game, and you hit most of the highs and lows in your review, Joe. I tend to compare it to Baldur’s Gate, also a pretty good CRPG that got the basics out of the way and allowed for the superior Baldur’s Gate II to come forth and add far more variety and depth. So I guess I’m hoping the same will happen here down the road.

  6. It’s like finally getting Baldur’s Gate 3.

  7. I want Other Joe’s Sword!!!

  8. Moviemantweeter1999

    Thank god this video was short and good review. I’ll probably play this game if I can download it and I don’t mind all the reading cause I’m a total book worm so guess this is the game for me.

  9. Haha, your Joe and Joe skits crack me up. It’s nice to see another video from you.

  10. I was a backer on the PoE Kickstarter campaign. Had it since day one and I have to say that not since Baldur’s Gate 2 have I enjoyed a game of this genre so much.

    Definitely agree on the AI and pathing issues. I cannot count the number of times I’ve had my party fighting a group of enemies, one enemy dies and anyone who was fighting said foe, and isn’t directly next to another foe, just stands there doing nothing.

    I accidentally pissed off the ogre… I had no idea you could recruit him as a guard for your keep.
    Btw, while you don’t have massive waves of enemies, you DO get times when you get told your keep will be attacked by *insert group here*. If you get back to the keep within the time-frame, you can fight the enemies like a normal battle. Alternately you can leave it to your guards (though given how quickly my guards die when I take on such battles, I think my keep would have been looooong gone if I left it up to them lol). It would have been nice if any companions you have at your keep could have joined those battles.

    I do hope some people at Obsidian watch reviews like this and take note of the few minor details that could have been better. Keep in mind that they DO have an expansion coming out soon too, so that may fix some of the bugs.
    If this does become a franchise and they get a bigger budget, hopefully the sequel will keep all the greatness, while also tapping out some of the problems this one has.

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