Angry Joe Show: Rocket League – Angry Review

AngryJoe and OtherJoe Review Rocket League and find out that the game is definitely better and safer than playing in real life!

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  1. Lol, I spotted this game on Steam, it’s got me pretty intrigued. It sounds like I’m gonna have a blast with this once I talk some friends into picking it up.

  2. I am only a casual gamer so I’ve never heard of this game. This game looks so fun though!

  3. You can do it with real cars, but you need a larger ball. Top gear has done car football on several occasions. Also you need cars you are not afraid to damage, and only Angry Joe’s car looked truly crash worthy 😉

    • I was thinking that same thing with Top Gear, as its very possible. Something else I was thinking to as to how this game works, it could easily be a game mode in Mario Kart as well.

      This game does look rather fun and kind of takes me back to some old stunt car type games on the N64.

    • the most sensible thing for a normal person would probably be to get like a large beach ball and play with something like bumper cars.

      Not sure why that hasn’t been done though I feel like a lot of people would like bumper soccer

  4. Gotta say, both Joes have really nice cars!

  5. This game is gonna require a really, REALLY low ping

  6. To be fair Joe Puerto Rico is a Territory of the U.S. not an independent country.

  7. My only real gripe with Rocket League probably stems from the hours upon hours I played the predessesor (SuperSonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars) and seeing how they didn’t bring the map variety into the new game. Although I do like the bigger stages in Rocket League, they do feel a little “same-y” despite their visual differences, while as in SSARPBC they each had their own little style of play. One map was curved along the main field, another had physical football/soccer-goals you could use as ramps to launch into the air.

    Outside of that, agreed with everything you said, Joe. This game is beyond hillarious to play with friends, and even fun in 1v1 ranked matches to test your skills.

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