Angry Joe Show: The Order: 1886 – Angry Review

AngryJoe and LycanJoe do battle for the Glorious Order! How does this PS4 Exclusive measure up to its Hype? Will it be the PS4’s Killer App? Find Out!

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  1. I’m still just left thinking there’s no good reason yet to buy one of the new consoles.

    I lean toward PS4, but then I wonder, “Why?”

    • I’m excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Persona 5, but they’re not for everyone I guess.

      • But Persona 5 is coming to PS3 as well so I see no reason there either, even if Atlus actually goes and improves the graphics to that level, which I doubt, it still doesn’t warrant buying the console.

        I’ll just for Wii U most likely, just strange how just a year ago I was making fun of it…

        • Honestly a WiiU and a half decent gaming PC are the only things you really need. Maybe a 3DS if you are very into handheld gaming. There is no real reason to own an XB1 or a PS4 at this point.

          I grew up on console gaming but I really just don’t see any particular need for it anymore for myself.

      • CheeseoftheApocalypse

        And Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming to XBone as well…

    • If you buy a console, get a Wii U. There’s a ton of great new Nintendo games coming out and all the greedy companies try to avoid Nintendo. If you want to play Mortal Kombat X, however, it’s also on 7th gen consoles too.

      • I just wish they would hurry up with full support for the old Virtual Console stuff, so it would be playable with the gamepad and wireless Classic Controller. AFAIK they’re just emulated and beyond licensing concerns there’s no reason they’re so slow about releasing new games for it…

    • There really isn’t much of a reason to. The Wii U is the only one with a decent number of exclusives, and PC parts are now cheap enough to where it’s actually got a much higher performance/price than the XBO or PS4.

  2. I was really excited for this game after seeing all the previews of it last year and was disappointed I finished it even before I got to the weekend where I do my binge gaming.

    I’m not the only one sick of QTE’s dominating video games nowadays.

  3. My first thought when seeing this game was Gears of War clone. Seems like that was not far off. PS4 deserves better than this.

  4. I’m one of the few people who actually like QTE… if the scene itself is varied that is.

  5. 4?!

    Hell, you’re generous, please do tell me how much swag sony gave you?

  6. This just in: Chris Bores (the Irate Gamer) recently posted a eulogy for Leonard Nimoy with ads enabled and a plug for his channel at the very end of the video asking for subscribers and viewers. Let’s fuck him up.

    • What is your problem dude? Without ads these guys can’t do what they do! Would you rather have ads or reviewers?

      • Chris Bores is not good enough for Channel Awesome. He’s a widely hated “game reviewer” on YouTube who was also the asshole who publicly said on Facebook last year that Justin Carmical would be going to Hell for committing suicide. I am not against putting ads on websites and videos, I understand that people make a living making these videos and that they’d be broke without the ads. However, you can disable ads for videos on YouTube, and disabling ads is something that you should do, if it is possible to, for eulogies so that you don’t look like you’re trying to get attention, views or money. Chris Bores did not disable the ads for his Leonard Nimoy eulogy, and he had no reason not to. And on top of that, it is so disrespectful to directly ask the viewers to subscribe to his channel and watch more of his videos after he just got done talking about a great man who is now dead, killing any emotion or credibility he was trying to give. I’m not mad at this douche bag because he had ads enabled, I’m mad at him because he clearly has no respect for the dead.

        • I’m sorry…I could have sworn you said that he said Mr Carmichal was going to Hell for commiting suicide.
          He did huh?
          Well then Chris Bores is one of the lowest pieces of scum on this planet and he can go f*** himself. That goes double for using the death of Leonard Nimoy to essentially make money. Being eaten by dogs is too good for this guy.

        • In a word I take back my earlier comment, sorry.

    • Admins, can you delete this? We don’t need this on the site.

      • The admins know who Bores is. They’ll understand I don’t detest the use of ads.

        • If you don’t like Bores, fine. Just don’t clutter AngryJoe’s comments.

          • Okay, you’re right. I should probably let it go. My apologies to Joe, to the other producers on Channel Awesome, and to anyone who enjoys the videos and comments here on Channel Awesome.

        • One thing the admins hate more than Bores is trolls.

          • Brehmstorm has every right to alert people to monsters like Bores who have no respect for the dead. If you don’t like it then don’t get involved.

          • Especially as no one on Channel Awesome has posted a Leonard Nimoy tribute video where such a comment can be posted.

          • Bores is also going to be appearing on Hardore Pawn, as he himself has announced recently. Not trolling. Everything I’m saying about Bores is 100% true. A hack “video producer” on a hack show; it’s like a match made in Heaven. Bores is worried that they are going to make him look like an idiot. He shouldn’t worry, he does that all by himself.

    • Grow the fuck up.

  7. I think the problem with this game is that the creators wanted to tell their story more then they wanted to make a good game. They should have just cut the c*** and made a CGI animated TV series, lord knows we could use something like this on TV right now.

  8. TragicGuineaPig

    Oh, come on! Everyone knows that warwilfs don’t wear shirts. And have like 24-pack abs. And for some reason like to “impress” newborn babies.

  9. Got a good laugh out of that Quick Time Event spoof.

    The Order: 18weedy: “Oh my gawd, look at that lamp. It’s so beautiful, man.” ::cries::

    If character models become realistic enough, maybe QTE will start to feel like FMV someday.

    Speaking of FMV, this sounds like more of an interactive movie.

    On one side, we have 19th century Nicholas Cage, other the other, a Dickbutt.


      Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that looked like Nic Cage.

  10. Such a shame. I really wanted to get a PS4, but looks like I still have to wait for a better hot seller.

  11. Reasons to get a PS4 or Xbox One:

  12. Just a few corrections Joe: while the knights have lived for several centuries, only one or two of them (maybe) have lived since the time of Arthur. Also fun fact, it was intended to be a launch title originally, but when the PS4 was released, the game ran very poorly, hence the 19-month delay.

    Also, how is it that every reviewer of this game finished it in 6 or 7 hours? I needed about 10 hours and 4 sessions. I did pay full price for it, but bought it downloaded.

    Your score doesn’t really surprise me, as on an objective level, a game like this isn’t that great. But for a whole bunch of dumb reasons, I just love it to bits. Admittedly it’s difficult to recommend this to just anyone. I’m living with a PC gamer right now and when he asked me what kind of person I’d recommend this game to, I really had to sit and think,

  13. Don’t worry Joe, all will be answered… in 1887 o.o No Monty Python Holy Grail jokes?

  14. If you want to make movies, make movies. If you want to make games, don’t make fucking movies.

  15. “Graphics aren’t everything?” Retro gamers have been saying that for years.

  16. the notorious white moth

    All style and no substance, no gameplay, no content, you can breeze through it in one sitting, and the one thing it does have going for it is significantly worse than it should be because it’s trying to be something it’s not. Four out of ten? You are FAR more generous than I, Joe.

  17. Thus is the result of our obsession with graphics. This is what we said we wanted: pretty games.

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