AngryJoe Plays Heroes of Might & Magic Online

Angry Joe and Other Joe play and give their impressions of the strategic turn-based MMO, Heroes of Might and Magic Online. Out Now!

Please note that this preview is a part of a promotion awareness campaign. I was compensated for my time and effort. However, my views and impressions are my own and per my specific stipulation. I’m free to say whatever I’d like about my experience and the game in question. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Oh yay! Another Joe video. And it has Other Joe. Double yay. Am I first?

  2. Oh … oh … why? This is what has become of my beloved TBS Heroes? My god, as if I didn’t have enough reasons to hate Ubisoft, now they go and do this … travesty … to one of the last remaining good franchises they have? A fuckin browser based pay2win crap? Oh and it’s ubisoft, it will become pay2win because the guys who put microtransactions in an AAA tittle like AC will make a pay2win eventually.

    Also … only necro and haven? Come on … what, the other factions will be bought with money? Oh yeah … yeah …

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