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AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the Second Suicide Squad Trailer! Here are our Impressions and Trailer Review!

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  1. I think the music is being used to set the tone rather than the actual film. Mute the trailer and pay attention to how the characters act. Grimderp. Everyone is taking themselves so damn seriously and everything is so damn muted, like the generic urban environment leaked into everything else.

    More importantly, look at the characters and ask “Is anyone enjoying themselves (outside of Quinn) right now?”

    • I don’t really mind this one being dark so much, even the really dark teaser trailer still looked better than anything we’ve seen from Batman v Superman so far.

  2. Yeah. I donno. The first trailer was good but it showed the whole grim dark thing that DC has a hard on for. This seems to be a “oh lets Marvel this shit up” with a classic Queen song and some fun editing. I am keen to go see the movie though. If only because it looks more fun than Batman v Superman. I have mixed feelings!

    All I know is this year I really want to see Civil War. Really really really want to see that.

  3. Okay, the next person to say “grimdark” is getting kidney punched.

    Anyway…for some reason, my first thought for the villain was Black Hand, but I know that’s way off.

  4. About those T-Shirts at the end: will you be making any that say “By Grabthar’s Hammer, By the Sons of Warvan”?

  5. Blue skyin’ here, but could the villain be the Metal Men nemesis Chemo?

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Haven’t seen the full trailer yet and was really hoping to see it with you guys but scenes were cut(thanks alot Warner Bros. For giving a positive reaction to the trailer of your movie but nope they have to make it safe up to your standards ugh'(

    I’ll probably watch the full trailer later but I’m truly sure if the news ofherjoe spoiled is true I don’t think he’ll make it so sorry buddy but until August I’ll enjoy you living;)

  7. Other Joe wanted Monique. 😀 I thought it looked good. I might see it. I have no idea who the villain was. I think that Slipknot may survive… for the first hour. 😀

  8. Use of Bohemian Rhapsody does make this trailer more interesting than it would be without it.

  9. For some reason I get the impression Chemo is involved in this movie somehow

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