AngryJoe: Supergirl (CBS) First Look – Reaction & Impresions

AngryJoe & Other Joe Give their First Reactions & Impressions of CBS’s New Supergirl TV Show. Hey at least it looks better than the god awful Supergirl (1984) Movie! As a huge Superman Fan I’m willing to give it a shot. Hopeless less ditsy and more action in the actual episodes!

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  1. With all the good superhero (and now heroine) shows out there, I’m pretty excited. Although…. CBS? That makes me worried. I haven’t seen the trailer before either so I was giving a first reaction as well. So all the stuff that they are trying to reference (Devil Wears Prada, Gossip Girl, etc.), I really like BUT will that really fit into a Supergirl show? I don’t know… I like the suit but the yellow should be shiny or something. If they have like 60% action and 40% drama, I think it will be good. Also, that music did help.

  2. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Okay, am I the only one who thinks that they’re trying to rip off Sammuel Jackson’s Nick Fury with military guy? Or does he have a comic equivalent?

  3. Well.. at least they aren’t going to dick the audience around for ten years before showing her in the actual suit…

    I hope it turns out well, though.. and I cannot believe I am saying this.. I almost wish it was a CW show so we could get Flash and Arrow crossovers. This season of Arrow was definitely pretty weak but Flash is probably my favorite basic cable show running (coughs) right now.

    Admittedly I have higher hopes for Supergirl than I do for CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which seems much to ambitious for a basic tv budget.

    • iamnotincompliance

      Well, Supergirl has a good chunk of the same creative team as Flash and Arrow, and CBS is half owner of CW (the other half being Warner Bros, which is why all these DC shows are popping up), so crossover potential exists.

      And since I’m too lazy to make another post, I’ll just respond to Joe here. From what I’ve read, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are intentionally being kept for movies. Notice how this trailer never refers directly to Superman, only “her cousin”. Gotham doesn’t have Batman, it has Bruce Wayne, which is entirely different. And Wonder Woman, well, her movies spent 20 years in development hell, but it’s totally going to happen, maybe, eventually.

      I guess television is for getting people interested in characters outside of the big three. In my case, it’s working.

  4. Your error catch isn’t an error. Superman/girl actually have a millimeter or two aura of invulnerability, at least they did in pre-52 comics. Any skin tight material will not be damaged, but they go through a lot of capes. The skirt should have the same problem though. I think the preview looks great.

  5. Aside from Glee, I haven’t seen Melissa Benoist in much other stuff, but she does pull off a cute, but ditzy Supergirl in this show.

    My girlfriend is a huge fan of her on Glee, so I think this a good show we can watch together. I wasn’t super impressed by the trailer but I’ll give it a shot.

  6. Not a good impression.
    First feel like they following a manual.
    Second, too much elements from the Wonder woman Pilot, included the uniform that the porn version did better.
    What really pisses me off is that every time something look bad, somebody come with the terrible excuse that is for girls, the same they use with kids, like children and female human had less mental capacity.
    I hope they fix it in the series.

    • I originally was worried that they would be able to do her powers properly on the screen. They did. But the longer the trailer went, the more annoyed I got. It is so girly that it borders on insulting. And I say that as a female.

  7. If they’re going for the girl audience, they should bring in Comet and Streaky. (jk)

  8. The trailer looks awful. Just awful. Awful humour, awful effects, awful acting and an awful attempt to connect it to superman

  9. From a scene you left untouched in your comments, can I get away from t.v. that talks down to me as a comic book reader and as a feminist? “if you have a problem with girl, it’s a problem with you” – then let’s call her cousin Superboy and be done with it.

    • Red Priest Rezo

      The point is “Women have the right to decide if they want to be called girls or women”. And if you have problem with it – it is a problem with you being a feminist in a very particular sense: sense that you want to force women to act the way you want and judge them otherwise.

      Also: you do know that Supergirl were created as a teenager version of Superman, and that’s why she was called a GIRL? Actually, this trailer would suck a bit less if she was 15-16 here as well – she pretty much acts that way anyway.

      • The whole speech is bs. Do you know any guy who would insist on being called a “boy”. There is nothing empowering about infantilizing yourself. And in this case, it is not Kara who chooses the name for herself, she is annoyed by it. So she obviously doesn’t want to get called a girl.

        And she was most likely called “girl” because “girl” has one syllable less that “woman” thus making it sound better in combination with “super” and closer to “Superman”. If they had used that explanation, I would have shrugged and be okay with it. But telling the female audience basically “stop complaining” with some nonsensical excuse which tries to tell me “you have to feel empowered by it”. And I really, really don’t.

        • Red Priest Rezo

          I also think that reasoning was stupid, actually. But not nearly as much as all the other bullshit in this trailer.

          I’m not sure if I ever heard a “girl” being used by older women as a positive way to address themselves in English language. But in my native Russian there is a somewhat close analogue (although it’s closer to “maiden”), “девушка”, and most women strongly prefer to be called that way despite of their age or virginity. So I can somewhat understand where the writers were coming from… maybe?..

          And another thing: Kara’s opinion doesn’t matter. That is actually one of the few things I liked in the trailer: she lets the world create her super-image for her – and it obviously ends up being something she doesn’t really like. That is what happens when you let people you don’t know decide things for you.

          • That would only be a good thing if it actually gets addressed at one point.

            I just don’t know. The whole thing gives me a really, really bad feeling.

          • Oh, and the English language do have sometime similar, by preferring to called Ms instead of Mrs no matter if married or not (while in German it’s the other way around, there it has become common to use the “married” variant, because “Fräulein” sounds condescending compared to “Frau”) But “girl”? Nope, I don’t think that this it true.

  10. The flight scenes didn’t really look that good. You either have her CGI-ed from very far away or from very near, with a pretty obvious greenscreen/prop-combination, with no transition between those shots (making it seem jarring and fake). Smallville did it better in the finale (not to mention Nathan Petrelli in Heroes).

    My gripe with the DEO isn’t that they brush her off at first, despite her powers, but that they allow her to just walk into their top-secret military base, just like that. I think DEO would have worked better as the series antagonist, trying to get a handle on Supergirl (maybe trying to uncover her secret identity, so they can blackmail her into working for them). But obviously this kind of spy-stuff isn’t what the target audience wants.

    P.S.: Supergirl (in her current comic incarnation and the one before the DC reboot) was always older than Kal-El, when she left Krypton (she was supposed to care for baby Kal, but her rocket got sidetracked, so he was already grown up, when she finally came to earth). Obviously they are going for a kind of middle ground with regard to her age (instead of being 14-16 when she leaves (like her comic counterpart), she is more like 10-12). The short transition scene seems to indicate she spent at least a few years with a human family after coming to earth, which is interesting, and the banter between her and the other woman who knows her identity strongly points to her being Karas foster sister (which is even *more* interesting).

  11. One of the things that I liked about the trailer is that Kara not only has good friend, she has a ‘foster’ sibling, a sister which is something that ‘only child’ Clark never had. I’m interested where the stories will go (especially as there is no secret identity with family).

  12. I’ll just copy/paste what I wrote on Doug’s link to the trailer:

    I went to a test screening in Vegas; it was pretty weak. The main actress wasn’t forceful enough to be a convincing heroine (even for an origin story), she wasn’t a good enough voice actress to carry the monologues, the characters didn’t have any motivation, the villain wasn’t threatening, and the tone was inconsistent. A major part of the problem was that they made the relationship between Kara and her sister a major element of the show, without really establishing them very well, Their childhood sounds much more interesting than what’s shown of their adulthood, but all the backstory is given either in the intro or a few bits of dialogue.

  13. that was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

    Honestly it at least looks better than Arrow to me. The characterization looks like they maybe have gone off of the superman animated series from the 90’s.

  14. TooMuchFreeTime

    I REFUSE to believe that someone who has real reason to believe they can fly wouldn’t at least TRY it. Even if she wanted to live a normal life.

    I kind of like the fact that the boss is bitchy…but not a total monster. Like when she wants the person that used her elevator reprimanded or bathed, but not fired.

    Yeah that music at the end really killed it for me.

  15. i dont like it..

    dont know much about the character but the first minute of the show made me feel it was just superman with boobs .. not original enough to catch my attention

    but again .. i’m not the target audience so maybe is that

  16. VulpesHilarianus

    I’ve got a couple of problems with this. First off is the fact that CBS is handling this. CBS’s current management doesn’t have the experience to promote or develop a show like this. Most of their lineup involves shows pretty well established to have a static budget and that use the same props, effects, and sets over and over again. This show will be bouncing all over the place as new locations are needed, inflating the budget as more and more effects are added in (assuming they do a progression on her powers and scale her foes as well, which I doubt), and needing writing staff who can adapt the villains, sidekicks, and civilians aids as needed to fit the show. My second thing is that it seems like the lead actress… Can’t act for what’s needed. Kara is a headstrong idiot. Plain and simple. She refuses to allow herself to live under her cousin Kal-El’s shadow and works off her bravado more than anything else. She has waivering self-esteem and a massive but fragile ego, and yet the lead actress is making it seem like being Supergirl is a breeze. A few stumbling steps at first, but then you’re off and running, right? Wrong. In every iteration of Supergirl that is notable, she’s had to overcome first herself and then the world. She has the power to destroy entire cities if she’s not careful, and many times she’s not. That seems like it would be a better hook for women than “Yeah. I’m happy go-lucky and I also have superpowers.” It’s appealing to women because women have so many issues they have to deal with, from preferential treatment due to their appearance (AKA Supergirl isn’t sure of her powers and if people will see her on the same level as Superman), to the double standards women are held to over men when it comes to normal habits and routines (Supergirl has to balance between fighting for Earth and working against the more detestable parts of society). I really don’t think they get it. You can’t turn this into a prime-time drama all out. It’s still freakin’ Supergirl. Finally, I think they could’ve made the transitions for the teaser itself a little smoother. You’re slapped from one chair into the other, all the time trying not to flip off your computer monitor for how wrong they framed the events. Seriously, the video editor should be fired and sent away in a Toyota Echo with a broken automatic transmission through the Ozarks.

    • CBS just wants their own Superhero show because nearly everyone (meaning ABC, Fox and CW) has one.

      • VulpesHilarianus

        I’m sure they do. But do you remember when every kids network tried to ape Disney’s live-action programming? It all went down in flames and we lost a lot of good talent because the producers and executives didn’t understand the original appeal and the very limited niche, thus smearing the names of those involved by forcing them to spit out a hollow shell of a slice-of-life teenager show in an already overcrowded space. And then there was Level Up… But I’m getting off track. Joe stated very — eh — “confusingly” shall we say, that Supergirl is not your every ditz. She’s a girly bruiser, the kind of woman who indulges in showing off she’s on equal if not better footing than anyone else and can kick their ass if they tell her she’s not. I’m quite honestly expecting viewership turnout for the first three episodes before everything hits the mulcher. This show seems too scatterbrained and tries to appeal to too many types of people for it to work for a full season.

        • Honestly, as long as I get more Agent Carter and the MCU is pushing forward, I don’t care. And I don’t say that because I am a Marvel fan. I say that because the MCU is an interesting construct to unfold and I really, really adore Peggy Carter.

          But I’ll say this: I have to give CW credit for churning out shows which work for them. CBS is another level, though. It is a different audience. They have viewers which are used to nice little procedurals and the few times they tried to do a show with an arc, the rating suffered immediately. This in mind, I am not too optimistic for the show, even if it turns out to be good.

  17. Whoopla, it’s a chick flick disguised as superhero TV show. And I didn’t expected THAT kind of tone for this. It technically would be more fitting with the concept of Superman and the related characters but in combination with the chick flick elements it comes of as pretty odd. On one hand it’s good that it’s more humorous and on the other it feels like they’re pandering alot. And the fact that it’s appearently for a female only audience makes it seem like the developers think that this is the only thing women would be interested in seeing. I’m also getting Wonder Woman pilot flashbacks. Will she murder a guy with a pipe?

    The race change of Jimmy also bothers me since it feels like pandering as well. If they really wanted this actor to play that role, why didn’t they simply wrote a completly new character that acts as Kara’s “Jimmy”? Doesn’t sit right with me especially after what happened to Wally West. Also, using him as a kind of mentor is a weird choice. They could’ve gone with the Kents.

    I do however like that they’re seemingly going for something more like the Richard Donner Superman movies and the Adventures of Superman TV show from the 50s as opposed to Smallville or that disaster Man of Steel.

    • Professor Persona

      I agree. It always bothers me when ‘aimed at women’ automatically means ‘chick flick style’. I’m not against some movies being like that, because there is an audience for them, and that’s fine, but not all movies, shows, books, et cetera aimed towards women should have to adopt this small-change social overly dramatic drama “because that’s what the audience wants”. No, that’s what some women may want. Others do not. It goes back to my overall problem with anything “aimed at men” or “aimed at women”. That automatically sets you up to box your audience into small demographics, then you’ll always go with what seems to be the main demographic (though the other demographics don’t have a chance to grow because they don’t have much media that gives anything to these demographics in the “for x” category you’re basing the demographic list on), because you want to make money, of course. It’s a major issue with entertainment and marketing. I don’t really know of any women that would watch a show like Supergirl to begin with that would hate the show for being Supergirl. Why can’t we just make a story and let the marketing division worry about how to advertize it? That is their job. Also, if something is good, then work will get out anyway and attract an audience for it.

      As for how I feel about it…meh. Seems like the same garbage we always get for tv because tv doesn’t get that there’s enough dialogue and drama in superhero business that doesn’t require big flashy graphics to fill whole seasons without needing to design a plot around a Journey song. (Also, since when are car chases, guys with guns, colored water in test tubes, and exterior shots of tall buildings NOT acceptable cheap ways to establish scenes and danger? The dialogue can pose the same threat that a fancy shiny graphic can in most cases.)

      • Exactly my feelings too. I mean, Agent Carter was definitely aimed at woman, too, but it was not chick flick like at all but a basically “normal” show which got a female perspective (which might be why the male demographic watched the show, too). I enjoy the hell out of it. Agent of Shield is basically a show aimed at both demographic. But this….this is so girly that it is nearly insulting. That is even worse than CW’s “look, the have aaaaaabs!” approach.

      • VulpesHilarianus

        There’s a lot of things wrong with this. The complete personality changes for most of the characters irks me, especially since I used to read the old Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Justice League comics from the 80s and 90s. Those… Were dark times… But the fact that it seems like they can’t write a plausible female lead without devolving into My Big Fat Greek Wedding cliches makes me question why they even hire writers in the first place if they can just pull out LEGO bricks marked with tropes and cliches and put ’em together to make an episode. I’ve been thinking about it since I saw this trailer, and I’ve already thought of a better way to do this. Paragraph to follow:

        Kara has a nightmare about Krypton exploding, reliving a terrible moment she was never able to witness through her imagination. Kara startles awake at her desk, hair all frizzed, coffee spilled all over her papers from her jerking upright. She immediately gets pissed and slaps the coffee mug away, sending it through the office window and giving us a glimpse at her superstrength. Her boss comes out from the elevator with a young man following her, stares at the mess on Kara’s desk, and immediately berates her for being a slob and a terrible secretary. Kara begrudgingly follows her boss into her office as she introduces Jimmy Olsen, senior editor of the Daily Planet and workshop teacher for the day. Cue Jimmy giving a wink and subtly dropping the hint as he says “I’ve heard quite a lot about you from Clark.”

        Boom, first five minutes and we’ve already established everything we needed to without having to berate the audience or insult their intelligence.

      • SchrodingersCat

        I’d rather watch the
        ’80s Supergirl movie again (which was really not that bad) than go to see this POS.

        Hollywood really has no idea how to make a “female” movie, without making it vapid, melodramatic, and annoying to anyone with an I.Q. higher than a Chihuahua.

        One in awhile, you get a very good “girl power” movie like Tomb-Raider, or Resident Evil, or The Brave One, but usually the BEST that you might get, is something like Ultraviolet.

        Even Catwoman at least TRIED to be a superhero movie.
        But this movie…
        This is Gossip Girl dressed up as a superhero for Halloween.

        • Oh, it was bad. The only reason why it isn’t the worst female lead superhero movie is because Catwoman pulled all the stops to be not only awful but also downright offensive.

  18. TV is not ready for Wonder Woman. Angry Joe, plz.

  19. The ‘friend’ in the trailer who was in the plane is her adopted sister. The military fellow apparently is Hank Henshaw who in the comics became the Cyborg Superman from the pre-52 reboot.

    The white guy who knows her is also a Superman based character. He is Winslow Schott, who is the alter ego of Toyman. There is a reference to him building stuff for Kara in the video first look. Rumour has it he is like Caitlin Snow (KIller Frost) from the Flash TV show. The possibility of becoming a villain character later in the series.

  20. on bullet holes: When Kara gets shot, the bullets bounce off her skin without penetrating, so they don’t go deep enough to tear holes in the fabric, but her cape, which doesn’t have her body behind it, DOES get full of holes, seems logical enough to me without being a TV error. If she was in an explosion or got hit with fire or something and that ruined her cape but not her shirt then THAT would be an error. Then again don’t Kryptonians often have something like a force-field or contact telekinesis that hugs their body allowing them to make their clothes as tough as they are? It also does things like allow Superman to grab a falling plane or lift a car without it collapsing under its own weight.

  21. Superman nerd out moment. The reason Clark wears skintight suits is because anything close to his skin is made invulnerable by his personal force field. This is probably the same for Kara. The cape gets ripped up all the time but his costume is unaffected because it’s skin tight, ergo its as invulnerable as he is.

  22. My familiarity with Supergirl is admittedly mostly from her appearances in the pre-New 52 Batgirl series when Stephanie Brown was Batgirl, but the portrayal of Kara in this seems to fit how she’s portrayed there, which I’m ok with.

  23. SchrodingersCat

    That movie looks insulting to the I.Q. of the average female viewer.
    Just because a movie is about a female hero, does NOT mean that you have to dumb it down to the level of the average high-school cheerleader (which aren’t the demographic who go to see these movies, anyway).
    People don’t go to superhero movies to see a romantic comedy.

    The key to creating a good super-heroine movie is simply this:
    When writing the story, first ask yourself, “Would I have this scene happen/choose this background music, if I was writing a movie about her male counterpart instead? (ex: Superman).

    If the answer is “no” then YOU’RE FUCKING DOING IT WRONG!

  24. The sad thing is there is some great decidedly dark setup going on in that trailer. Stuff on par with the wonderful dark twists of The Flash season 1. But they hid them in this trailer. Only the nerdiest DC fans would know that this show has the potential to be good and complex. All the regular people saw when watching this trailer is ‘Ali McBeal in a cape. Yay! Go perky!”

    [Spoilers] That “nerdy” Friend. Yeah he is from the comics. But not as a cutesy dorky wanna be boyfriend. Here’s a hint he shows up a few times in the Superman Animated series. Think Toys. Oh and the General? If he turns out to be his comic namesake, Wow! That will be awesome.

    This could be a great complex series based on the characters revealed in the trailer. But damn they are trying so hard to make it look stupid. I think CBS would try and sell the Superman vs Batman movie by giving us clips of Clark Kent trying to make the office printer work while listening to kicky pop music.

  25. Oh, and not to be one of those “nerds” but actually the bit with her costune not shredding except the cape is not an error. About 30 years ago Comic Legend John Byrne set out to explain how Supermans powers work. What the physics of them are. Short answer his invulnerbility is not super tough skin. It is an inherent force field he projects along his skin. It also protects clothing that is snug against his skin. So the cape and kicky skirt would be damaged. The body suit would be as bullet proof as she is. Yeah it’s pure comic bullshit, but it was a rational explanation for why Superman and similar did not end up naked after every fight.

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