AngryJoe: Top 10 Worst Games of 2014

These are the Top 10 WORST Games of 2014!

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  1. I don’t even play many modern games, but 2014 was a shit year for video games.

    Also, First.

  2. ya know, Joe is funny, he”s always so animated and the the way he is slightly unscripted let’s his actual interest shine through. Kudos

  3. It’s very simple Joe!

    Escape Dead Island is cel-shaded because The Walking Dead was cel shaded

    it’s got a mindfuck storyline because other survival horror games have mindfuck storylines

    and it’s got terrible gameplay, poor writing, and backtracking because they couldn’t be fucked to do it right when they could just slap the name of their franchise on any pile of crap and sell units.

  4. I’d also like to mention Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, which is apparently a great game…at least according to those lucky enough for it to FUCKING WORK FOR THEM!

  5. I have no issue with Duck Dynasty itself, but a game, WHY? Shows like this just never make good games at all, same with Pimp My Ride years ago on previous gen consoles.

    Although I would add Destiny to this list to, as it was released with an incomplete story, game play is dated, and the game has no character to it at all. After Destiny, I am through with everything Activision.

    For the rest of list, those are really bad games overall and not unexpected either.

  6. I could already kind of guess what this list was going to contain. Although, some of these games I didn’t know existed. This video made me laugh really hard though. Oh, a most disappointing list?… Interesting.

  7. Destiny. I got so caught up in the hype. And it didn’t meet my expectations. At all

    • Wait for the next list then.

    • I got a bit into they Destiny hype, but more so causes of friends joining it and promise of good loot. After playing it, it was nothing more than a never ending grinding chore with no real reward in the end.

      Destiny was so bad in my experience, I went and traded it in for Battlefield 4. At least Battlefield 4 is better balanced and more interesting game play even with having still some glitches.

  8. Although Joe, gotta say, not ALL movie license games are terrible. Spider-Man 2 (It really changed the mechanics of a Spider-Man game at that point) and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (I would say Return of the King too, but it’s really just a re-hash of Two Towers, but I like it because you can play as Gandalf) come to mind specifically as being good.

  9. Watching this video, I am SO GLAD I never head of ANY of these games. Except Duck Dynasty, I did hear about that.

    And it’s a shame that it sucks. I’m a fan of the show (not a big fan mind you, I just like it). I think the appeal of Duck Dynasty is that it’s good-hearted. Literally watch EVERY OTHER REALITY SHOW OUT THERE! The “cast” are rude, stuck-up people who insult and fight each other, and just badmouth and stab each other in the back. It’s not like that in Duck Dynasty. These are good-hearted, if not somewhat odd, people.

    That aside, the game is ABSOLUTE SHIT! I was lucky enough (and I use the phrase loosely) to rent it at a redbox. Why is that lucky? Because I did not buy it!

  10. Ah, this is the Angry Joe we know and love.

  11. Why would anyone think makeing a video game off a “realty” tv show would be a good idea anyway? That would be like if honey boo boo got her own game or the real house wives of nj got their own game. Very entertaining video

    • They didn’t think it would be a good idea period. They just said “Fuck it. We’ll do it if we can. We make enough money off the rest of our shit anyway.”

    • Think so? If someone was to make it, I would love to indulge my evil side in a survivor game, or their like, and just stab everyone in the back, sabotage their work, etc. Could possibly also do a Bad Grandpa version of Honey Boo Boo. a Revenge version of Housewives. There’s possibility, but likely only on the satire front.

  12. My surname is Robertson, and whenever I see anything related to Duck Dynasty I’m thankful that my great-great grandmother was easy, and that I’m not related to my great-great grandfather.

  13. I love the first Risen game.

    I still haven’t played 2 or 3 though.

    From what I’ve seen of 2, don’t think I’d hate it.

    The Risen series is the spiritual successor to the Gothic PC games, where I also loved.

    I doubt Joe would like the Gothic games either, since they are really similar to Risen.

    • He’s said that he likes the early Gothic games, but I wonder if he really does, because a lot of the things he complains about the Risen games apply to those. I know this is subjective and all, but the fact that a Risen game has made it on all of his worst lists makes me wonder if he has some beef with the fans who complained about his negative review of the first game (seeing that he reviewed the inferior 360 port). The first Risen was excellent and a worthy successor to the Gothic games. The sequels have issues, but they’re average at worst, and not as awful as it they’re portrayed on the show.

      Still kudos to Joe for including Divinity on his top ten best games.

  14. Great video! Now waiting for the Top 10 gaming controversies of 2014. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a looong video… and I have no problem with that.

  15. Out of curiosity, I had to look up what Duck Dynasty is, after the video.

    … I really shouldn’t have.

  16. The Sims 4 better make one of these lists.

  17. I had a disturbing thought about #2 (The Slaughtering Grounds): What if this was all planned?

    Earlier instances of this sort of thing are almost understandable – I mean, the Streisand Effect isn’t a new thing, but it hadn’t really been applied like this before. Youtube let’s-plays and reviews are relatively new, so it would be hard to judge exactly how much reach the backlash would have if you attempt to silence the negativity.

    But surely by now after several instances of this sort of thing happening, developers – particularly indie developers – can’t possibly be unaware of the consequences of trying to silence criticism like this, right? So what if this was planned?

    I’m not suggesting that Jim was in on it, but what if this was an attempt to bank on the fact that some people will pay to watch a train wreck in action? Release a buggy little game for as little cost as possible, wait for a popular enough youtuber to rip into it, and then fake a developer meltdown. How much more exposure did this game get by failing to silence criticism than if it had been left to sit on the store page on it’s own (lack of) merits?

    Bonus round: Reduced price, as well as a week long 30% discount. “Wow, I heard this game was bad, but for under $4? heck I spend more than that on a bag of chips, I might as well see for myself…”

  18. The problem with making any “shitty games” list from this past year, and to an extent the year before it, is because Steam was flooded with crap from small indie devs who didn’t have the time, money or effort necessary to make anything good. Any list that you DON’T want to be full of just crappy Steam titles needs to necessarily be limited to “samplings” of the shit, just so you can put in mainstream AAA titles (like Assassin’s Creed: Unity) that also deserve a certain amount of punishment.

    For this reason, I will always put something like Dungeon Keeper Mobile beneath stuff like The Slaughtering Grounds or, god forbid, Air Control, simply because EA has the resources to put out something good, and merely chooses not to.

  19. Are you sure you shouldn’t switch the first and second game in your top? Because the second seems a lot shittier than the first.

  20. I’ve heard someone say go suck a bag of dicks before…but a jar of Vietnamese dongs? Fuck…I lost it on that one! 😀 haha

  21. To be honest I think we needed The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Duck Dynasty to remind us of how awesome Alien: Isolation, Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor and South Park: The Stick of Truth look by comparison.

    Those three games manage to be interesting on their own too, with South Park being such a good adaptation (it does feel like playing the show), Isolation bringing AAA Survival Horror back with style seeing that nobody bothered buying ZombiU and Shadows of Mordor not just being a movie tie-in to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

  22. People still care about Angry Joe in 2015?! His ‘angry’ schtick was old years ago.

  23. Ooh, more buggy games. Hope these end up on “Birgirpall’s I Broke ______” series. Their Risen 3 & Spider-Man 2 videos were funny.

    Any chance of a full Angry Joe/MMOGrinder crossover?

    I won’t deny any of these deserve to be in this year’s worst, but as someone who still plays N64 & PS1, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that any of them have bad graphics.

    “You load, you sunuvabitch!” XD

    So which would you rather play? The Duck Dynasty game, or Star Trek Trexels?

  24. Why is it that most of thos cheap cashgrabs and aboniations are FPS games? Are they easiest to “program”?

  25. Buy Crypt of the Necrodancer. Play and enjoy, Joe.

    Also, give Lichdom: Battlemage a try. It’s not perfect, but it is fun if you experiment with your spells.

  26. Seriously? You bothered with the Duck Dynasty game?


    Put it on honorable mentions and KNOW that it’s a cash grab! Make a category for bad licensed games! You know they’re 90% shit minimum!

  27. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen any gaming company acting as reprehensibly as The Slaughtering Grounds assholes. WTF.

  28. am i the only one who thinks the reason the duck dynasty game is number 1 is because Joe doesn’t agree with the show politically?

    think about it, he put DD game at number 1 worst game, but it was A – playable, B – standard for the hunting game genre, C – easy to learn, and D – had decent graphics.

    while other games on his list where unplayable, sucked in their respective genre, was difficult to figure out and glitchie graphics…yet DD still was placed as number 1. it’s one thing to just not like the game but another to hate it just for the heck of hating it. he also hated shooting a bunch of ducks and beavers saying it wasn’t sport…but he’s okay with war games were you kill a bunch of people? so shooting animals is bad but people is a-ok?

    the rest of the list i agreed with but number one seemed a bit political in my opinion. but hey that’s just a theory…A Game Theory, thanks for watching.

  29. I wasn’t sure what was going to be your top picks for the worst this year. Didn’t even know about some of them, but that problem Jim Sterling had with the developers of the Slaughtering Grounds was downright dirty on their part. The game looks like it was designed in Garry’s Mod anyway, though I do wonder why it was number 2 and not number 1. It looks worse than Duck Dynasty.

    I guess with these, all you can do is tell yourself that they’re still not Ride to Hell: Retribution.

  30. Deus Ex: The Fall is not too bad… for a mobile game. But once you put it in a platform with far better games exist, its flaws become glaring.

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