AngryJoe’s Star Wars: Force Awakens Teaser Impressions

Fanboying out at the trailer. Here are my impressions of the tiny bits we’ve seen!

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  1. I pretty much had the same reactions as you did. Although, you did clear up the whole clone controversy. I liked your idea for the main character realizing that his side might not be right. I think that’s a great idea for a narrative. I love the lightsaber idea. Ok, I’m not as nervous for this movie anymore.

  2. From what I’ve heard, the Stormtrooper is force sensitive, and the Sith is going to find Palpaltine’s master (the one talking) who would be Darth Plagueis except for the fact that Sidious killed him right before episode 1. The girl is supposedly Han and Lea’s daughter.

  3. Yea, I already plan on missing work that day for this one!!

  4. maybe we’;; have the Grey Force Jedi, or something like the books , now i know they will not take after the many books but inspiration comes from many places including non cannon stories. And in one of them the empire becomes a 3rd faction with emperor guards which are Jedi that mingle a bit in both the light abd dark side of the force. (it’s based on the Idea that people are not just good or bad there are those which walk the middle line :> this Grey Force Jedi )

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