Anime Abandon: Baoh

Ladies and gentlemen, the first anime written for the blind.

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  1. completely generic, predictable, and completely forgettable, that would be Taken, I would have put The Winter Soldier but that movie upset me because not only is it just so cookie cutter bland and boring, but the movie it was a sequel to was just so much better that the Winter Soldier was an outright insult to it, if you had told me after Captain America came out that I would be bored with it’s sequel I wouldn’t have believed you, and if you told me back in 2004 that Marvel movies would be the way they are today I would have been greatly upset. But outside of the two latest additions to X-men movies based on Marvel Comics have just been terrible, DC haven’t been much better but Marvel is just terrible, what’s worse is that the market is getting so saturated with Marvel movies that you honestly can’t tell them apart unless you mesmerize the the movie frame by frame and scene by scene.

  2. The Assassin here is worse than the Assassin in Wings of Honnemise! At least he had the forethought to use a pistol.

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