Anime Abandon – Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

Linkara joins Bennett to take on the ridiculous, and laughably awful Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

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Bennett "The Sage" White has opinions, and you have ears. Let him put those opinions in your ears.

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  1. Harmony Gold is the devil, as significant as they are they are by far a cancer on anime. Many of the titles they “own” they do so illegally and the rest they also do so illegally. They purchased a bunch through distributors who had no claim to the series outside of being able to distribute them, they then laid complete legal claim on these series and immediately threatened anyone in a legal lawsuit who used anything even remotely resembling the material in an attempt to lay claim to that material as well. Add that to the fact that one of these titles Macross, they have been expressly told by Japanese courts and eve International courts they have no claim on and that there is actually a legal injunction against them that says they are not allowed to come close to it in any way other than distribution of the first part of Robotech and they are STILL being assholes who are trying to sue anyone who even remotely looks at it says volumes of the sheer amount of red raw rotten super stretched over fisted shit spewing assholery Harmony Gold is proudly guilty of to the point that they literally want to outdo themselves in it from time to time.

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