Anime Abandon: Gall Force

Grief can strike anytime. Even on the crapper.

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Believe it or not Gundam wasn’t always the King of Anime, from 1983 to the late 90’s the undisputed King of Anime was Macross, and it even shows in several Gundam series where they borrowed from Macross, Gundam Wing for example is laden with things borrowed from Macross. Macross is still the close second strongest anime, how close you may ask? It’s the only other anime to get a 1:1 scale model of it built. The difference, Gundam was built in a park where it had plenty of room and people could ignore it, the Macross model was built in… Read more »

Great review, Sage! You always review the shlock we saw with our friends in the 90s. Cheesy as all get out.


I just remembered this anime. I was a young boy in a video club, looking for the next Voltron VHS tape, and the clerk gave me this. I was SO pissed when I watched it! Oh, happy times.