Anime Abandon: Gall Force

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  1. Believe it or not Gundam wasn’t always the King of Anime, from 1983 to the late 90’s the undisputed King of Anime was Macross, and it even shows in several Gundam series where they borrowed from Macross, Gundam Wing for example is laden with things borrowed from Macross. Macross is still the close second strongest anime, how close you may ask? It’s the only other anime to get a 1:1 scale model of it built. The difference, Gundam was built in a park where it had plenty of room and people could ignore it, the Macross model was built in a subway where space is limited and it could not be ignored, add to the fact the Macross model had spare parts and tools as well as was blocked off from the public, yeah it won’t take much to make Macross Anime King once again, but it will take a LONG ways for the next closest contender, dragon ball, to come even close. That said, Gall Force and Macross share allot of similarities to the point Gall Force is almost a direct rip-off of Macross. Take this into context a race of males fighting a race of females whose population consists of primarily clones, yes clones as it is expressly told in the second movie that the females have an organ in their body that is essentially unused and in the third movie by expressly stating that they are all clones of another species. The only thing missing is outright calling them Zentradi and Meltrandi and having their creators outright named as Protoculture, the ship designs even strike a startling resemblance to the Zentradi and Maetrandi ships from the movie Do You Remember Love. The paranoid are an amorphous life form, and the planet they are on it was stated in the movie tohave been terraformed using those towers and that Earth is a very rare planet held sacred by both sides as it is the most lush and life filled world they have even encountered all without the need for it to be terraformed and yes in fiction everything boils down to incest, hell even in realist in some way or another we are all related to each other even if it’s by several generations so in the end, incest with cousins that are about 5 or more times removed and even in some weird relations far less than that. To be fair the first movie IS the weakest of the entire series, that is until you get to the end of earth force which is a complete and total BS ending where she kills a super powerful computer that has all but devastated the world with the power of friendship, I’m not even making that up she is completely at the mercy and all alone and just because she won’t abandon her trust in her friends she causes the computer to go insane and self destruct.

  2. Great review, Sage! You always review the shlock we saw with our friends in the 90s. Cheesy as all get out.

  3. I just remembered this anime. I was a young boy in a video club, looking for the next Voltron VHS tape, and the clerk gave me this. I was SO pissed when I watched it! Oh, happy times.

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