Anime Abandon: Genocyber Part II

What, you guys wanted more of this crap? Whats wrong with you?!

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  1. Actually Stealth wouldn’t be too hard to watch if you realize it’s just a very cheap and rip-off of Macross plus, without the Macross, and the three protagonists all being fighter pilots, and sharon apple having taken over the ghost rather than the giant space fortress, or any definable personalities, or real emotion outside of hatred for the human characters, but instead added in terrorists, a military that is so well equipped it can track a single person with three platoons through a large span of landscape but incompetent enough to loose her in one of the stupidest places possible, and made it so that Sharon Apple can be redeemed at the end. In other words It’s Macross Plus if Macross Plus was made to be stupid and unlikable with literally everything that made it good sucked out to the point you just have a bare bones one paragraph Wikipedia dissection of the plot and foamed in the rest, also known as pissing in the pot shitting the bed and insulting a far superior show that it literally lifted nearly all of it’s material from.

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