Anime Abandon: Golgo 13

Take it from Leon, Golgo aint no Professional.

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  1. I suspect that what the Japanese consider a strong man to look like is different from what Americans consider a strong man to look like because there are far fewer very muscular Asians in Japan. For example the champions of the heavyweight classes in boxing are mostly dominated by Americans and Europeans. It’s not until you get to the Welterweight category that there’s East Asian champions (Philippine champions). So when most Asian strong men don’t look much more muscular than the average person then there’s no reason for a strong character to have muscles.

    Also if the character is meant to be an average teenager it would be odd if they were very muscular.

  2. I thought you kept saying, “Gogo”. It is hard to hear the difference. Kirbopher worked on this?! Awesome! I personally liked the movie. While the CGI doesn’t hold up, the rest of the animation was actually quite good.

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