Anime Abandon: Harlock Saga

Not even Captain Harlock can save this from being unwatchable.

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  1. I get the feeling that if this was re-dubbed, re-edited and carefully re-written, this could be a great story.

  2. The patch on Gabe’s eye? Is that covering the damage done to him in the “Jungle De Ikou” review?
    Is there actual continuity here?

  3. They kind of did re-do this in cg. its shorter at least.
    Space Pirate Captain, Harlock

  4. The video stutter is driving me insane. I think the player downloads data at about 1/3 of the playback speed. I’m having to pause the video every 20 seconds in order to let it catch up.

    Can you please link to an alternate video site, like Linkara does?

  5. Actually, Tolkien was probably more influenced by the original myths themselves upon which the Wagner operas are based. After all, in addition to linguistics, he was also a professor of ancient mythology.

    • Indeed. A dragon guarding treasure is also something that goes back to Germanic and Norse legends, so it was just a case of similar sources of inspiration.

      • The stories of Fafnir, Sigmund, Sigurd (sometimes Sigfreid), Volsung, Brynhild, et al, are all from the Eddas, Icelandic epic poems. Tolkien used to translate stuff like that for fun.

        Get this: after slaying Fafnir, Sigurd accidentally ingested some of Fafnir’s blood. He then could hear the animals around him telling him that he should eat Fafnir’s heart to gain the dragon’s wisdom and power. Now, where have I recently heard of a warrior who consumes dragons to gain their knowledge and abilities? I’m not sure. (Dovahkiin! Dovahkiin! Not a single sardine!)

  6. Again, Iria wasn’t that bad, just because Bennett didn’t try to understand that the plot doesn’t repeat itself and doesn’t explain many things more than once meaning you have to pick them up in passing and connect the dots later or just resign yourself to watching a bad ass nearly unstoppable rampaging monster ala terminator and alien doesn’t make it a bad show. I’ll give him that Odin is a bit boring but I’m going to defend it because honestly it was my first pure exposure to anime. On the other hand, who here is ready for him to finally review Tenchi Forever? Keep in mind, THAT was more boring than Iria, but at the same time it’s one of the best anime movies ever made.

  7. Have a good rest till October (hope you’ll cover The Wallflower 😀 )

  8. Wait, October?

  9. Too bad the adaptation sucked, because I liked the manga.

  10. 3 minutes of unblockable ads?And the video stalls and I need to watch the same shit again?Sorry Sage,but your player has just put you back to the adblock list.

  11. Smoke a bong hit guys, the stuttering isn’t as bad if you’re high.

  12. *facepalms* Um, Sage? I grew up with late 70s and early 80s anime (Battle of the Planets *shudder*), but Captain Harlock had a WHOLE GODDAMNED SERIES, not just a few cameos on Galaxy Express. Google it.

  13. boooo on the positive. Keep reviewing crap thats where the entertainment comes from.

  14. Didn’t they edit his down into an hour and ten-or-so minutes movie? Maybe it was on sci-fi when they did anime month. I could have sworn I saw this in a shorter form. Also, Gabe is awesome.

  15. I never heard about or saw Harlock so i don’t know why he is so great that you are going gay for him
    I originally saw him as an art and the later once i tough that Harlock was an OC that someone made
    She said she is going to be there for her but that douse not mean literally by her side she meant that she will help if they ask and not that she is going to stay with them 24/7
    I did not know that LotR had something from an opera and Greek in it
    This douse sound like a boring anime
    But its not the worse

  16. Ah, Captain Harlock, bravely killing sexy green-skinned babes everywhere… Wait what? Oh yeah, he does the exact opposite of Captain Kirk.
    I still fail to see why people love this character. He is an unstoppable Gary Stu, with a dark brooding demeanour and a mysterious past, but seriously, Edward Cullen has more character development than him. He is just this… tall dark mysterious stranger, and that gets boring when he is supposed to be the main character of the anime.

    That, and noodle people. WHY does anime like to add them to an otherwise realistic style series? They look like… space halflings.

  17. @ 1:42 Another good example of German influence would be Full Metal Alchemist.

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