Anime Abandon: Hyper Speed Grandoll

Can one camp performance save an anime? Not really, no..,

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  1. I have heard better lesbian jokes : (

  2. I’m trying to watch this review but…Damn it Sage! Your luscious locks are incredibly distracting!

  3. I should’ve figured Suave was anti-lesbian. He doesn’t strike me as the type to appreciate competition.

  4. Whole “failing to fit in”-part was done much better in Full Metal Panic with Sagara.

  5. So Sage when are you going to review the original Guyver series?

  6. I could not help but laugh every time the character Nathan said anything. Kind of reminds me of the narrator in the English dub of Samurai Pizza Cats. It may be an annoying voice, but its so bad that it was the most enjoyable part of Hyper Speed Grandoll.

    As for that rest, it could have been a better mystical girl anime, but that potential was squandered every way possible. Not to mention how creepy her adopted father was, is both surprising and unneeded.

  7. 19:17 – I think so, but I could have sworn for a second there that I saw Spoony’s face instead.

    Also, just for point, “IN AMERICAAA!”

  8. was the guy sage said no to littlekuriboh?

  9. If I´pm not wrong the OVA are based in a PSX platform game, that I once had.
    Hard to say because I dont know wen the game and the OVA were released in Japan,

  10. ah yes, the “I Enrolled in this school to follow the protagonist undercover despite having no identification, social security, or anything that would let me enroll into said school.”

    Seriously, i’d love to see an anime invoke the trope only for them to fail at enrolling due to lack of ID and Social Security.

  11. A piece of star/ cracks in two/ they are two/ but really one/
    That had me laughing.

  12. Either IMDB is overrated or Ted Lewis was so embarrassed he was in this train-wreck that he isn’t including it on his resume.

    Or maybe just…nobody bothered to add the entire dubbing cast to the Grandoll page.

  13. 11:26 your rant here is why the Love Hina English dub was so god awful, the wordplay jokes don’t translate at all, the cultural jokes and parodies don’t translate very well, the actions of the characters only translate if you know the original material, and the voice actors they picked were so off the mark for the characters it was like they decided to play darts by aiming at the balls on the pool table rather than the board on the wall. It is rare you find a dub fuck up an anime as bad as the dub for Love Hina did, and in a sense I guess that most Japanese comedy dubs suffer these problems which ultimately provides fuel for the sub purists who wouldn’t know a good dub if it rose like an over fiend to repeatedly cock slap them in the face with multiple massive dick tentacles that are eating people alive, and there are plenty of good English dubs out there willing to do just that.

  14. Central Park Media also dubbed Slayers, and Slayers is a goddamn national treasure. >:{

    • Yeah. CPM did do a FEW good ones. As they say: even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      • SLAYERS WAS a classic dub from CPM. I can name several others from them which I enjoyed unreservedly in English. RECORD OF LODOSS WAR OVA, I thought, was pretty good overall, despite a few rough moments here and there. NIGHT ON A GALACTIC RAILROAD, NOW AND THEN HERE AND THERE, ANIMATION RUNNER KUROMI, THE WORLD OF NARUE… all of those I thought were quite good in English. The only other ones I’ve heard from them which I didn’t particularly like were RG VEDA and SHADOWSTAR NARUTARU, as well as M.D. GEIST. All three were quite bad.

    • Slayers is my bible. Lina is my lord & savior.

  15. Ninja month? Hope you rip on one of the Naruto movies.

  16. 8:55 – ……. Tracey >:(
    (To those who don’t get it, it’s a joke that used by Chris Sanders in his 50 Pokemon Problems videos)

  17. I saw this at a get-together, right before Moldiver, which I could not resist making fun of, but Grandoll was worse by far, but had a lot of awkward unintentional comic value.

    Hard to choose a favorite punching bag…. Nelvana’s latter years, ViZ’s early years, DiC, 4kids, CPM, Manga Corps…..

    Sorry Sage, I’ve actually watched Wind of Amnesia & Galaxy Express 999 a dozen times over the past 20 years, & you’ll never convince me they’re not good.

    Can we just agree that trilbys look much better on women?

    Speaking of the dub….What’s up with all the minor female characters being voiced by men?

    Oh lord, the voice acting….. ::faceplant laugh:: It is RIGHT up there with Photon: The Idiot Adventures.

    19:36 “I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with LIGHT! (light!) (light!) (light!) (light!)”

    Ninja Resurrection you can have, but Wrath of the Ninja is awesome.

  18. I don’t get the Brock Lesnar joke

  19. Wrestling jokes? Saaaage, is AA slipping into WMR territory

    (because that would be awesome and I totally approve)

  20. Frankly… There’s a kernel of a good story here. Lesbian or not, the relationship between the two de-facto protagonists is – at least potentially – pretty touching. I have a soft spot for characters who rebel against their conditioning to pick a path of their own, and that seems to be handled well here.

    If anything, I honestly wish I could find a story with that plot where the villain who turns IS the primary antagonist, rather than a lackey. Yes, it would rob the show of the requisite final Kamehameha fight, but that’s kind of the point. Be nice if we ended an anime on a personal note, rather than a fistfight for a change. Well, not counting navel-gazing animes where boring the audience to sleep is the point.

  21. I welcome any hentain with limitations as long as there is no gay scenes

    This is a shit
    Naithen is funny
    Why dos they haw this questionable lesbian scene if there never were going to go lesbian if people are not actually gay in shows then just put gay scenes as joke that show that they are not actually gay

  22. No, not Ninja Resurrection. I love that anime. You do realize it was never intended to be a sequel to Ninja Scroll right? This anime gets such a bad rap because people were expecting Ninja Scroll 2. At least compliment the music, because it is phenomenal.

  23. I’ll be expecting some Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl soon then, Sage
    If not a review, then a mention or reference.
    Do not disappoint.

  24. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Nathan made that entire sequence watchable. The rest of the voice acting was a joke.

  25. I’m an oldtaku (I visited a fansubbing ring burning a LD to VHS recording with subs of Castle of Cagliostrio once), and the company that deserves the most mocking in my humble opinion is Streamline. Oh god, they were so horrible, but on the other hand their dub is on the new Castle of Cagliostrio release, so maybe I should pick it up and remind myself of how bad it was, just for the nostalgia. The liberties with the translations…

    • That’s my problem with DiC & 4kids…Change the names, Americanize things, erase references to foreign culture, replace the soundtrack, cut scenes, remove entire episodes, skip whole seasons, abridge the translations, change characters sexes because they’re gay or look to girly, & sometimes skipping the lip count so the mouths keep flapping when no one’s talking.

  26. …Talks about Tokusatsu in the review…
    …Mentions a Ninja Month…
    I could be grasping at straws here, but…

    Sage, are you a Super Sentai fan? Are you looking forward to Ninninger?!

  27. Ninja month, huh?
    I’ll be interested to see if you can show off any good ninja anime as there really aren’t that many, surprisingly.

  28. can someone explain the gag with the voice-actor credits? I’ll admit I’m not the kind of fan that keeps track of who voiced what character

  29. ARe you really not kidding and they really call the green-haired girl “Jockstrap” in the anime? That’s idiotic….

  30. poor kuriboh
    he became the punchline of his own joke 🙁

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