Anime Abandon: Jungle De Ikou

If this is the kind of fun and games we can expect, then I’m not playing.

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  1. ok,i’m barely 5 minutes in,and i have to say,i love the reference
    but i need to say this
    i think you’re mad max’ing too hard 😛


    • yeah
      just stopping the review is probably the most effective condemning of a movie of any internet review. It sent the message that this is seriously not ok

  3. I was smiling and laughing through the entire review. Some bits from you, some from the anime. Fun stuff, I might check the anime out myself.

    Sage I love you, but you are a wuss. 🙂

    • He’s a wuss for finding it squicky that 12 year old girls are being shown having orgasms for awful comedic purposes?

      • Oh please, if you have been watching enough anime, you have seen far worse transformation sequences. Not sure why you’d refer to them as for comedic purposes, but hey whatever. He is still a wuss 🙂

        • Cotterpin Doozer

          Nope. I can honestly say that despite having watched a ton of anime, Rongo’s transformation is the worst one I’ve ever seen in a show. Not the most graphic, perhaps, but still the worst. I’m curious as to what you would point to as being “far worse,” but I suspect it would be a hentai which really just proves my point.

        • It’s not that the transformation sequence is risque. It’s that it’s clearly underage girls doing them (not even girls drawn to look young, like the late 2000’s loves to do – these girls are actually supposed to be that young), and you’re supposed to be getting off to it. There’s bad taste, and then there’s this.

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            What makes you think anyone is getting off to it? Please don’t project your own neurosis about sex onto other people.

        • YukoValis: Whether Sage is dead on or blowing it out of proportion, say that there’s worse out there isn’t something to use as a letter of recommendation.

          It’s like recommending someone to eat a banana peel on the basis that it’s presumably better than dog crap.

        • A wuss? A wuss?!?! WE’RE DEALING WITH TWELVE YEAR OLDS!!!!!!!!

          • A wuss, but not just for this. Also Violence jack. Though I’m sure his reaction is just playing it up. *shrugs*

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            A wuss for going into hysterics about this silly thing when there is so much anime out there that is so much worse.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Newsflash. 12-year-old girls have orgasms all the time. Your problem (and Bennett’s) is that you think this is a Bad Thing. It’s not. It’s perfectly normal, natural, and healthy. You can either get all uptight and neurotic about it, or accept it and laugh about it. I don’t see anything that makes the former better than the latter, American squeamishness notwithstanding.

        • Yes, reduce it to “lol Americanz are stoopid prudes” instead of reflecting that this is not a biographical story, but animated fiction derived from the brains of middle-aged men from a culture where fetishizing underage girls is a common and disturbing thing. It doesn’t sound so “normal, natural and healthy” when I put it that way, does it?

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            First, there are so many animes out there that are so much more explicit (not to mention mean-spirited) in their fetishization of underaged girls that to single out something as tame as this as some kind of abomination is pretty ridiculous. I watched this with a group of friends, some of whom were politically and socially very conservative, and nobody had a problem with it. We found it silly and mildly amusing, and that was it.
            Second, if the intentions of the filmmakers are the issue, then Jungle de Ikou seems sufficiently self-aware that it could be considered a parody of the tendency of anime to fetishize underaged girls. Mai says flat out when Ahem demonstrates the dance she must do to summon the spirit of the flower goddess that the dance is pervy, so it seems the filmmakers are quite aware of what they’re doing. And the panty shots are so frequent and Mai’s boobs are so ridiculously large and bouncy (as Sage himself points out) that it’s hard not to view this as a parody poking fun at some very common anime tropes.
            Of course, to appreciate parody, you first have to have a sense of humor…

          • To: Snorgatch Pandalume
            You know what, You’re probably right.
            The creators are deliberately over sexualizing barely legal girls in order to make a joke at the expense of the sexualisation of teenage girls in magical girl anime. You’re probably also right that this was aimed at a culture that is less hung up about these things then most so it wouldn’t seem quite as shocking.
            As a result I apologize if I may have said or implied anything about you, or the creators of this show, that had offended you.
            You were right, I’m sorry.

            PS Isn’t a bit weird though that the American company decided to dub this? I know Sage explained that Japanese companies sometimes bundled less successful anime with more acalimed ones to get the Americans to buy the skeletons out of their closet but wouldn’t the Japanese realise that the Americans probably wouldn’t understand this humour? Does that hint that perhaps the shows wasn’t very popular in Japan either?

        • “First, there are so many animes out there that are so much more explicit-”

          Ok stop right there.

          “There are worse things” is not a valid excuse and it is not a pass to give something like that a free pass. That’s like saying that because Freddy Got Fingered is a worse comedy than Old Dogs, Old dogs is worth praising.

          Yes, there are worse things, but that does not mean that something is not bad in of itself. That sequence was squicky and rather disturbing in the sense that not only is it showing a 12-year-old having an orgasm in public to transform, but it’s being done for comedic purposes and it suggests something rather messed up about the writer. I don’t give Where the Dead go to Die a pass as a comedy because the creator has a fucked up sense of humour and neither would I give this one. Cultural differences and willingness to tolerate only go so far. I love Japanese culture but I have limits, and this crossed it.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      I wouldn’t recommend checking it out it’s perverted and creepy as you could imagine.

      • Actually cause sage did’t finish, I had to check it out. It wasn’t that bad, but it certainly wasn’t good. I can tolorate far worse then that when it comes to voice acting, and dialog. What’s more I’d like to point out that the anime, as exual as it seems, does not call itself out on that. It just shows you something and moves along.

        • Cotterpin Doozer

          So in addition to being unfunny and creepy, you’re saying that it’s also pointless? It sounds like a complete waste of time to watch this mess. Seeing as the review was actually pretty funny despite the anime being so clearly awful, it seems like being a “wuss” and cutting out early was the wiser course of action here.

          • No I’m saying it doesn’t labor the point or drag itself. It hits ya and moves on. As I said before, not that good, but by far not the worst I’ve seen.

    • i thought this anime was interesting.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’ll say I think this is my favorite review that I’ve watched so far but this anime is terrible I agree. You should have cut out the racist man characatures wiener in the dance thats the most disturbing thing and it’ll be in my nightmares until the day I die. But liked the review and the jokes were good. Until Tokyo Babylon untill next time.

  5. Jungle De Ikou can be summed up thusly:


  6. I think this was literally made for 12 year olds. It would explain the fantasies about 12 year old girls.
    I can imagine that if i would have seen this when i was 12 i wouldn’t have minded the ages at all! 😉
    But yeah, it wasn’t made by a 12 year old, so adults have made it… And that’s kind of nasty.

    Awesome review sage!

  7. Huh…so Neptune, from “Hyperdimension Neptunia”, wasn’t Melissa Fahn’s first role as a silly character who grows up from a transformation. It’s Natsumi from this.

    Gotta admit, those certainly are some parallels.

  8. Oh god, that last moment was…eeeew! And I thought Eiken was shameless in its exploitation of underage girls.

  9. Hey, Sage…

    it’s cool. This didn’t deserve a minute more of your time. Back when my local comic book store did VHS rentals and had this, I always wondered what this was supposed to be like, but the combination of blatant racism and underageness just made me say “Nah, I couldn’t watch that.” And yeah, there are some combinations of things which just make me say “Nope, not going to do it.” This is the right reaction.

  10. It might horrify some to know that the JAPANESE DUB was just as annoying. I just downloaded it for the tits and ass. And even that was sub par by Gainax standards.

  11. Jungle is one of my guilt pleasures. I once heard that cults get there followers to use made up words and unusual turns of phrase. They get people so use to this language that if they go outside the compound ordinary folks will ostracize them for talking funny. That’s somewhat like how anime works. Something funny happens on a show, you want to tell people what happened, you inevitably end up explaining the premise of the show. If it’s a show like Ranma, or DNA^2, or this one then it has a similar effect.




  13. Ladies and gentlemen. We have just been exposed to one of the anime equivalents of “Child Bride.”
    Actually, this might be creepier than “Child Bride”, as the really disturbing shit is stopped in that film.

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • WAY creepier then ‘Child Bride’!!!

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Jungle de Ikou is a movie in which 12-year-old girls have orgasms in order to save the world. Child Bride was a movie about FORCED MARRIAGE and SEXUAL SLAVERY. The only thing that makes me afraid is that you apparently think the former is worse. Get some fucking perspective, you twit!

      • If we saw the sexual slavery portrayed as bluntly as the sexual content in this movie then I’d agree with you. The fact Child Bride doesn’t show anything makes it a little bit better. It’s still a despicable movie.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          This movie HAS no sexual content, you idiot. Nobody has sex in it. Orgasms are not sex, they are a neuro-muscular reaction, and 12-year-old girls have them all the time, to no noticeably negative effect. In Child Bride, OTOH, children are forced to marry older men and have sex with them, which is CHILD SEXUAL SLAVERY. You really need to get your priorities straight.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          Oh, in addition, Child Bride has an extended sequence in which an ACTUAL NAKED 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL SKINNY DIPS, which technically makes it child pornography. Even if Jungle de Ikou had a similar scene (which it doesn’t), it couldn’t possibly be as bad because the characters are cartoons, not real people.

          • I do not appreciate being called an idiot.
            As bad as ‘Child Bride’ is (and I agree that it is bad) at the end of the day it’s a PSA that’s trying to educate people adittedly in a clumsy way. ‘Jungle de Ikou’ has twelve year old girls having orgasms, twelve year old girls making noising like they’re having sex, twelve year old girls getting aroused and shots of twelve year old girls panties all for the sake of getting creepy members of the audience aroused.
            Even though ‘Child Bride’ has actual child nudity ‘Jungle de Ikou’ is child pornography.

          • Meganerd, don’t bother. Snorgatch is determined to see this as a harmless little story that just happens to have underage orgasms in it. He/she is determined not to see context, because that would mean admitting that the story written by middle-aged men where an underage girl is sexualized from a culture where sexualizing young children is a grotesque undercurrent… might be problematic.

          • no meganerd it’s not child pornography. If it was it would released in any kind of for or fashion.

  14. Silly question. I’m sure you didn’t spray yourself with actual toxic chrome paint ( I hope not, anyway) what did you use? Call me curious.

  15. I usually don’t watch your show because I’m not that big into anime but man, this is special to me. Before you think I’m a perv, let me explain. This is one of the animes that I watched when I was in middle school. My whole group of friends watched it and we had some of the best inside jokes in class. If you wanted to get into our clique, you had to try and watch this show. If you at least TRIED, then you were worthy… I’m serious. Aw, middle school. Good times. 😀 Although… I haven’t seen it since then so… it’s probably not… DEFINITELY not as good as I remember… nostalgic goggles. It’s creepy now that I am almost 19. Ew.

  16. I feel…..dirty….just from the review alone. It’s the same feeling I had when I accidentally watched the first episode of Strike Witches. It was hard to see the title pic on that older format netflix used, and I only read the description thinking it was gonna be a military action drama anime! I didn’t know it was gonna be pedo-fuel! But this show? Pedo-fuel a plenty it looks like. Glad you ended the review early, Sage! It only means you’re the better man.

    As only a casual watcher of anime, I don’t have much patience for fan service. It usually takes away from the story and characters to focus on the t&a. If I wanted to watch that, I’d just watch porn instead. I need a shower after this review.

  17. I do not know when was the last time I actually left with my mouth hanging open so wide in shock like that for a long time. My god, this anime, I feel so dirty just seeing this anime period. The fact this is pretty much the Movie 43 of anime makes me cringe so much.

    • Right down to talented actors having to do things that no human being should have to watch much less do. I suppose this is better because these are voice actors so they don’t have to actually DO this stuff but Melissa Fahn still had to record herself making hot n’bothered noises.
      I have a whole new respect for that woman.

  18. Support you all the way to Valhalla and back Sage! This was without a doubt the absolute worst…thing you’ve ever had on this show. I know you go on about Violence Jack but it would have to work pretty hard to beat this, especially that last scene (shudder).
    Of course the fact I know Melissa Fahn mainly from Hello Kitty gave this review a whole other layer of wrong.

  19. Well, that was, um. I’m not really sure what to say to that.

    I gotta be honest though, the moment you said Tokyo Babylon was next, my entire mood did a complete 180 and now I’m on Cloud 9. I’ve always hoped you’d review it one day ever since I started watching your show (Clamp’s one of my favorite manga writers and I’ve never watched very many old school OVA’s, so it’s always really special to see a review of something I’ve seen and are familiar with, whether the reviewer likes it or not).

  20. Sage, if you read this, I want you to know that I have been a fan of this show for a long time. I have laughed and cringed along with it for quite a bit of time, I look forward to it every week, and as someone who at one point also sat through this awful, awful excuse for an animated work, this is the review I have been waiting for since I started watching. You handled it as beautifully and masterfully as any decent man could expect to, and I salute you good sir. Now I must go test the limits of the hot water in my shower in an effort to cleanse myself.

  21. Snorgatch Pandalume

    So, here is why Sage’s “insightful” review of this anime sucks. He’s hung up about the wrong things. Namely, sex.
    The simple fact is, human beings hit puberty around age 12. At that point, they are no longer biologically children. They are now capable of reproducing. Nature doesn’t give a shit if we find the idea of a 12-year-old as a sexual creature creepy or squicky. It is what it is. Natural selection designed us to start pumping out replacements as early as possible, because for most of our species’ existence our life expectancy has been about 30 years. So at age 12, boys start getting hardons, girls start having periods, and both are capable of having orgasms. We all go through this at that age. I remember it very clearly. And I was confused and scared as hell, because I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I thought I was going crazy because I wanted to rub my genitals until I came. I thought it made me a bad person. How the fuck was I supposed to know? I was 12.
    Some cultures can face this biological reality without difficulty. Some can’t. The U.S. is in the latter category. We basically treat it as if it’s not there, even though we know better. We don’t talk about it, because it makes us uncomfortable. I don’t know that much about Japan or how they deal with it, but I suspect this anime reflects the Japanese attitude rather than the American one, as it should, since that is where it was made.
    Sage’s histrionics about this anime are hilarious, considering the number of animes out there with graphic sexual content involving children (something Jungle de Ikou does not contain) and graphic bloody violence (which it also does not contain). His screaming about “jailbait” is laughable. Does he even watch anime? I’m not a big anime fan, and yet I’m well aware of the pedophilia rampant in it, with countless under-aged schoolgirls being tentacle-raped, or even in more mainstream productions like Naruto, where a 12-year-old boy’s sensei is constantly perving on his young student. I write it off to cultural differences between the U.S. and Japan and leave it at that, and I do the same with this.
    Is Jungle de Ikou good? No, not really. It’s not especially funny, and it panders to many tropes and cliches that anime is notorious for, though I’m not sure if it’s doing it deliberately or not. If it is, then it’s at least self-aware, and could be viewed as a parody poking fun at those tropes (Look, underpants! Look, boobies!). I’m inclined to think that it is self-aware, just because it IS so over the top and in-your-face, and because some of the lines in it seem to reflect that (Ongo’s comment about Mai’s big boobs being a symbol of the fertility of nature, for example. He’s not wrong; that belief is found in many primitive cultures). But I don’t really know for sure.
    In the final analysis, Jungle de Ikou is pretty harmless stuff. It contains no graphic violence or graphic sexual content (something Sage fails to mention, because it would undermine his self-righteous rage). If it did, if Mai and Ongo had fucked, or Mai was raped by a tentacle demon, or something like that, then he’d have a point, but no such thing happens in it. It simply accepts the biological reality that human beings become sexual creatures at age 12 and moves on. If that squicks you out, so be it, but it doesn’t make it any less a fact. I’m actually surprised he didn’t compare Mai’s sexual awakening with that of Carrie White, who has her first period in the girl’s school shower in front of her classmates, who of course give her hell about it. Did that squick him out too? If not, why not? Because Carrie’s experience was traumatic while Mai’s was played for laughs? Does he believe that a girl’s sexual awakening is something shameful, something that can’t be joked about, or even treated with the casual “that’s a thing that happened” approach that Jungle de Ikou does? Or would he just rather not deal with it at all, stick his fingers in his ears and pretend it’s not happening (which is ironically why Carrie freaked out, and why I was so scared at that point in my life; neither of us knew what was happening to us because we hadn’t been told what to expect. Because it’s something nobody wants to talk about).

    • That is a very long post just to hide this line in the middle of it “I’m not a big anime fan”. I get what you’re saying about sexual culture being different in various countries, but all I can think of about half way through reading it is “If he’s not an anime fan then why is he watching an anime review?” On top of that Sage’s general reviewing style has always been very rage-y just like 90 percent of all internet reviewers across the entirety of the internet, so if your clicking on a review you should just come in expecting that to be the style that anyone is going to go with. Aside from that you state that there are no graphic sexual scenes, but you get to see a “coming of age” girl dance until she literally orgasms and in one case you see the vaginal “cum” leak out onto the floor. That IS sexually graphic, that’s the equivalent of a video of a guy reaching into his hands and thrusting his hips into his hand until the front of his pants grows a wet spot and then pulls out his sticky and soggy hand to show off to the audience. That’s not just implied tongue in cheek, it’s graphic sexuality. And the age of the character is only a secondary note for why it’s off, but in America (regardless of age of the character) we typically don’t want to pop in a comedy of any style and have sexual scenes jammed down our throats. It doesn’t matter if the woman on screen is the most beautiful and age appropriate person out there, if we’re trying to watch a video claiming to be a comedy then we don’t want to have to feel ashamed because the character on screen is performing what basically amounts to masturbation. Carrie’s experience with her first period was traumatic for a number of reasons many of which had to do with her mother and far less to do with the fact that it just happened. Carrie’s period played an important part in the movie because it further expressed the environment that she was living in with school, at home, and the educational standard that she was brought up to believe keeping her ignorant and in the dark because of an overly judgemental parent and what kind of mental breaks that can result from those levels of harrassment. In this anime she had her period and that was it, it didn’t serve the plot, it didn’t effect the character, it didn’t do anything in the anime outside of that one scene and quite frankly didn’t need to be mentioned. Honestly, we generally have the knowledge that girls start having their periods at around 12 years of age and could have been just fine assuming that she was already at the point of having them. There was no plot driven reason to have her start her first one right then, or mention that she was having them at all. None. Even in full on Hentai there’s only a very small percentage of any of them mentioning female menstruation let alone trying to involve it in the story in anyway at all. If I were reviewing this anime I would have probably criticized the same exact things. Some stuff just doesn’t belong in a comedy anime regardless of cultural differences.

      • I’m staying out of this debate, but I just wanted to reply to

        “”if he’s not an anime fan then why is he watching an anime review?”

        That’s a bit closed minded. I don’t listen to rap, but I still enjoy watching rap critics reviews. Knowing the medium, it’s tropes, it’s inside jokes and whatnot, really helps to appreciate reviews, but it’s not essential to enjoying them.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        I will dress your points sequentially:
        1) I DON’T normally watch anime reviews. I only watched this review because Jungle de Ikou is one of the few animes I have actually seen.
        2) I am aware of Sage’s reviewing style. I’ve watched 2 other reviews by him and he acted like a self-righteous douchebag in those too, so right now he’s 0-3 for me. I’m in no hurry to ever watch a fourth.
        3) No, there is nothing graphically sexual in Jungle de Ikou. Nobody has sex in it, nobody even touches themselves. Orgasms are not sex, they are neuro-muscular reactions, and like it or not, 12-year-old girls have them all the time, to no noticeably negative effect. Your problem (and Sage’s) is that you think this is a Bad Thing, instead of something that is perfectly normal, natural, and healthy. And quite frankly, if you don’t want to see a comedy that sexualizes underaged girls, you probably shouldn’t be watching anime, because it’s rather notorious for doing that.
        4) Why SHOULDN’T they have included the scene were we find out Mai had her first period? Because it squicks you out? Tough. Not everyone has hang-ups about these things. Some of us are even able to joke about it. And it actually does serve a plot purpose, in showing that Mai is now a sexual being. It’s unclear if this is due to the influence of Ahem’s magical necklace, or if it’s just something that would have happened anyway. Her mother isn’t surprised about it (in fact she’s happy for her daughter, and why shouldn’t she be?), so she’s clearly the right age for it to happen.
        5) Who are YOU to say what belongs in a comedy anime and what doesn’t? Are you Japanese? No? Then don’t tell them what they should find funny. Would you want THEM telling YOU what YOU should find funny? I know this may be hard for you to wrap your head around, bucko, but ANIME IS NOT MADE FOR YOU! IT’S MADE FOR JAPANESE PEOPLE!
        I could go on and on about other problems with Sage’s review, how he projects his discomfort about the scene with Mai and her father onto Mai’s mother, suggesting she’s made as uncomfortable by it as he is, when the reality is Mai’s mother is simply an oblivious ditz, as shown by her being totally unfazed when she looks out her window and sees the city flooded. Or how he complains about the logistical problems of deploying air and naval strike forces in an anime that is clearly meant to be unrealistic and not taken seriously (Ongo floods the entire city and summons a whale the size of a freaking aircraft carrier, and afterwards everything is perfectly fine). But honestly, what’s the point? Sage is being Douchey McNitpick because he wants to find everything with this anime he possibly can. That’s his right, of course, but it’s also my right to call him a douche for it.

        • 3. What you’re saying is subjective and breaking an orgasm down to it’s scientific principals is not taking away from it being sexually graphic. Sex in itself is an instinctual desire to procreate with a being that you find suitable to your taste in order to create the next strand of humans with. It’s also completely natural, so does that make it not sexually graphic? NO. Anything sexual done in a way that elaborates on the details of it (the definition of “graphic”) is sexually graphic. And you’re not going to tell me that an orgasm isn’t sexual, it’s part of sex. Intercourse is sexual, masturbation is sexual, orgasms are sexual too. It’s not a bad thing to be sexually active, it is a bad thing to make a video about it where it’s the main focus point of the show. And I don’t think that a non-anime fan needs to be preaching about what’s normally found in anime because most anime that I’ve seen and own don’t have anything remotely similar to a sexualized twelve year old. Most sexualized characters in most anime are between the ages of 14-17 with the majority of them being 16 usually at the youngest.

          4. No, her having her period doesn’t “squick me out” (I feel like an adolescent just using that term). It doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all. The reason that I’m against it is because of the fact that it doesn’t add anything to the narrative of the show. She has her period of that scene and that’s it. If she’s of age to have kids then she’s of age to have kids, we don’t need an additional pointless scene on top of that further drawing attention to that fact. This is a show, it’s a story to be told by a visual media, and on a story telling perspective if a scene does not add to the plot, or the character, then it doesn’t need to exist. If she’s 12 then we’re already accepting that she’s minimal child bearing age. If the scene acted as a bit educational and she asked “What’s a period” that would be fine too. Instead it’s “Oh you’re having your first period” “shut up mom!” and she’s out the door and never mentioned again. It adds nothing.

          5. Comedy is a subjective art directed to create a chemical response in the brain using key and unexpected outcomes. In this way a comedy IS supposed to tell you what’s funny. No matter how direct or subtle the humor is the joke has to be identified as a joke. Humor isn’t a nationalized thing, it’s a science. What you’re basically saying is that if I took an episode of Big Bang Theory (given that it’s a funny episode) and translate it to Japanese, then the Japanese audience that views it won’t find it funny because it wasn’t written with them in mind. That’s not only NOT how that works, but incredibly ignorant. Anime in general is made for a japanese audience and I’ve seen plenty that have made me laugh because they were written well.

          The JOB of an internet reviewer is to take their selected subject and break it down to pick out the flaws and make fun of them. That means that the JOB of an internet reviewer is to be Douchey McNitpick. That’s the reviewing style of nearly every single internet reviewer that exists. If you don’t like that reviewing style then I’d suggest simply not watching internet reviews at all. When I saw this review I laughed at the joke about Ongo calling the whale a foreigner. I thought it was funny, poorly built up, but funny. Sage didn’t, and I can respectfully disagree with him. The difference between you and me is that I’m not going to go on a self righteous rant about it and try to be insulting because I disagree with an opinion.

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            3. Clearly you and I have different definitions of what constitutes “graphic sex.” I find no graphic sex in Jungle de Ikou. No one has sex, or even tries to. There isn’t even any nudity in it. There’s a lot of panty and boob shots, but those are so common in anime it’s become a cliche, which may in fact be the reason they’re there. It’s extremely tame compared to some other animes I’ve seen, and considering that I don’t watch much anime, I can only imagine how much more bad they can get. It’s also kind of odd that you object to the sexualization of a 12-year-old, but apparently not a 14, 15, 16, or 17-year old. What’s the difference? They’re all underaged.
            4. The scene actually serves several purposes in the story. It establishes firmly that Mai is post-pubescent. Just saying she’s 12 doesn’t do that, because puberty happens at different times for different people. But since she had her first period, we now know without a doubt that she is not pre-pubescent. Second, it reaffirms that her mother is a ditz. Finally, for all I know the writers simply thought the interaction between mother and daughter was funny and included it for that reason alone, because it’s supposed to get a laugh.
            5. I know plenty of AMERICANS who don’t find Big Bang Theory funny, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Japanese didn’t either. No doubt some would find it funny, but that’s incidental, since they are not the intended audience, just as Americans are not the intended audience for anime. For you to say what should and should not be in a comedy anime is extremely presumptuous. You’re basically saying: “Hey, Japan, you shouldn’t put that in your comedy animes!” To which Japan could very sensibly reply: “Fuck off, yank, we’ll put whatever we want in them! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!” Well, Japan wouldn’t say that because they’re a polite people, but they’d have every right to.
            It’s one thing to pick out the flaws of something. It’s quite another to make up spurious and specious objections about something you’ve already decided sucks. That’s what makes the difference between a good reviewer and a bad reviewer. A good reviewer takes things in the spirit they were intended. A bad one imposes his own values on things and finds every excuse he can to criticize them, all the while adopting a smug, self-congratulatory air. That’s the kind of reviewer that Brad Jones parodies with his Cinema Snob character. And for what it’s worth, I thought the joke about Ongo calling the whale a foreigner was funny too.

    • I knew some random dudebro would use evolutionary psychology – a dubious branch in social sciences for a variety of reasons, and pretty much not taken seriously anymore – as justification for pedophilia. Nevermind the fact that human beings are incredibly mentally complex life forms or even the simple fact that the mental trauma caused by forced exposure to sexuality is well accounted for. No, we must rely on outdated notions on how evolution operates.

      Culture also doesn’t justify anything. Honour killing is part of many cultures, yet it is undeniably abhorrent.

      • Agreed. Same approach that they use to defend male sexual promiscuity, now applied to “lol, sexualizing preteen girls is NORMAL and NATURAL.” Ugh.

        Also agreed, trying to use culture to justify it makes it even worse.

        • Part of the problem I see coming up is the term he’s been using “12-year-old girls have them all the time,” meaning that, according to my literal mind, all 12 year old girls will experience an orgasm more than once on a day to day basis, plus he seems to know girls at that age doing these sort of things. Even with my shotty memory, I don’t remember hearing my sister when she was that age ever having an orgasm, even if the argument of I wasn’t around to hear or see it is taken into account. Heck, I would imagine that any female watchers can attest to that as well on the matter.

          I do get that it’s around that time we do begin puberty, but even then I don’t think everyone is going to be turned on sexually and start touching themselves to pleasure themselves at that point in their life. Plus, isn’t a part of having an orgasm from having some sort of stimulation to create it? I get there are different ways to achieve it and some of those don’t involve intercourse or any stimulation to the genitals, but when the end results is what appears to be an orgasm with some sort of fluid dripping out of the crotch area, that can be taken as some form of sexual stimulation.

          If this was trying to be “NORMAL and NATURAL,” then a comedy wouldn’t be the best route. If it wanted to, then that’s kinda a very fine and thin line to walk since not everyone is going to like or enjoy the material. Not everyone is going to laugh at a 12 year old girl dancing to what appears to be masturbation and having liquid dropping down to add more to the point. Had this been an older protagonist, then it would have been just any other magical girl anime with fanservice that comes with… well… whoever Atum is supposed to be. Instead we got what we got and we’re talking about it in the comments…

          Now I wonder if we got farther if Sage would touch on another feature that came with this anime… something that was brought up in the dialogue…

      • Absolutely agreed. If we’re talking science then it’s worth mentioning that sociological and psychological studies have indicated that people (on average) under the age of 18 are not mentally mature enough to understand the complexities of a sexual relationship, or sexual involvement, which is why we have a legal age restriction on sexual encounters. I think that too many people believe that someone woke up one day and said “ugh, sex with someone under 18 is gross and we’re going to make a law about it”. No, there was an actual study done and the law was made based on the results of that study.

        and yes the Huffington Post IS a credible journal even if someone disagrees with some of the content provided, it even opens up by listing a link to the study done at the University of Texas. Apparently a disclaimer like this is needed because people on the internet can never agree on which sources are permitted to be considered credible or not.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Umm, I wasn’t invoking evolutionary psychology to justify anything, least of all pedophilia. I was simply pointing out that this is how human beings are designed and why, and that nature doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we think about it.

  22. “If you wanted to make porn, just make porn” The whole overly sexual tone and thinly veiled comedy just makes me feel like the creators were forced t make to make it “for all ages” cause they’re really pushing it.

  23. While Japan does have aircraft carriers (either three or four of them), they only have helicopters on them.

  24. Uhh Sage? I really hope there wasn’t lead in that spraypaint, either way, that didn’t seem healthy.

  25. So it’s an anime about a girl growing into her position in society as a beautiful woman and the struggle… no… um.. the magic represents the changes brought about by the self discovery of sexual interest that a girl of her age would start to… no wait… Even symbolically this crap makes no sense. Why would they make something so horrifyingly awful? If you want to make a titty anime then make a titty anime, don’t involve a child to be part of it. Darn it.. I have an easier time explaining the symbolism in sailor moon than this.

  26. Eh. That doesn’t seem so bad. I’m personally more upset at violence than at sexual themes. This just looks stupid.

  27. Oh, and he left out some of the worst of it, or so he led us to believe at the panel at Fanime.

  28. I actually saw all three episodes of this tripe back to back. Its not good, but its not terrible. This is the worst kind of panty shot and titty anime. After watching it I was hoping that sage would do a panty shot counter.

  29. I remember seeing this one around in the anime section of my local dvd shop, the giant boob lady is kinda hard to miss. I was completely unaware of the sheer depths of it’s depravity. Thank you for enlightening me sage…I think. In any case, hilarious episode, your reactions are priceless.

  30. So… while I understand being uncomfortable because in the US we deem anything under the age of 18 bad… this anime is from Japan, and the consent age is 13 there. There are laws that can override that in some situations, but that is why they used the really young girls in this manner.

    It is as Sage keeps mentioning a cultural thing, that doesn’t translate….

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      And yet he feels compelled to wag his finger at it disapprovingly, even knowing that he’s NOT the target audience, in order to act all smug and morally superior.

      • How dare he have a problem with middle-aged men writing a story about preteen girls wanking! The nerve!

        Seriously, just admit you’re a pedo and stop pretending that the problem is Sage.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          So if I disagree with you and don’t think this anime is The Worst Thing Ever that makes me a pedo? Seriously, just admit you’re a smug, self-righteous prig and stop pretending that Sage is a talented, insightful reviewer instead of an egotistical windbag.

          • Yes, because when Sage is this talented, insightful reviewer, then Japan’s going to notice what he is saying (after translating) and maybe, just maybe, look into cleaning their act and start producing anime that were “like the good days.”

            … Really, I don’t think anyone here is going to believe that. I’m also pretty sure that a good portion of the reviewers like to play as the egotistical windbags since they’re playing characters in front of the camera and will stretch their own opinions on the matter. Sure it’s not going to appeal to everyone, but there is an audience for it.

            I’m just here for the show. I come, watch, and move on to the next. Simple as that. Can I agree with the material? Can I disagree? To both, yes. Now, if you excuse me, I’ll be waiting for the next review.

            Have a nice day.

          • Snorgatch…pedophile. Got it.

    • I love when idiotic weaboos use culture as a sincere justification for atrocity.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        I love when idiots throw around words like “atrocity” to describe anything they don’t like, no matter how trivial.

        • Just admit you’re not going to win anybody over on this. There’s no coming out of this with “Gosh, Snorgatch, you’re right! Gasp! How have we been living?”

          The panty shot with legs splayed on hands and knees in front of her father was all I needed to see. Justify that, and you’re a pedophile.

    • Ok, but the age of consent in Japan is only 13 if the person that they’re consenting to is within a few years of age of the person giving consent. On top of that this character is not 13, this character is 12, so even by Japanese cultural standards she’s still underage for the activity she was written to be doing in order for us, the viewer, to be subject to. This means that someone in Japan, understanding Japanese law of consent, made sure to write the character under the approved age of a culture that is incredibly lenient towards it’s sexual age limit. Do you see where that problem is? Let me put it in this dramatization for you for the sake of perspective.

      “I want to make a boobs and ass “magic girl” styled anime. It’s going to be kind of sexual, but just not quite hentai quality.”
      “Alright, just make sure to keep in mind the age of consent is 13 at the lowest. Laws and all.”
      “Oh yeah? Well this character is going to be 12.”
      “Wait.. you mean that her boobs and ass transformation form is going to be the sexualized part, right?”

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