Anime Abandon: Landlock

With a name like Landlock, it’s gotta be terrible!

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  1. Oh the amount of The Last Airbender clips if he ever does Stigma of the Wind.

  2. Tatsunoko Month? Can I get a HELL YEAH?!

    Only wish it was this month, I turned 30 on the 2nd.

  3. Easy jokes to pull out with the red eye:

    “So that’s where Obito Uchiha’s other Sharingan eye went!”
    “It’s like a reverse Yuna eye deformity. Except with sucky powers”
    “I wonder just how much RED EYE was sold to him from Cowboy Bebop”
    “That’s some nasty red eye you got there buddy. Ever try some eye medication?”

    I’ll be here all week.

    • “It’s going to infect us all!” “That’s pinkeye :\”
      “Whoops, forgot I had the flash on”
      “It’s a Witch! Don’t disturb it, and we’ll be okay”

      • “I didn’t realise this was Shinrei Tantei Yakumo!”
        “Ooh, did you get you contact lense stuck?”
        “You do realise you’re not meant to share mascara, right?”

        • Moviemantweeter1999

          Oh now he has his own pare of 3D glasses so that hey won’t have to buy the expensive fake ones at the movie theater
          Guess Santa Claus ran him over instead of grandma
          Now he’s got a good shiner
          Guess he’s got arrows for valentines day
          And that’s it I got nothin else I’ll be here next time somebody decides they can make a better joke in the producer in the comments.

  4. Ah, anime labels used to love grabbing anything Shirow had done design or concept work for and shoving it out as ‘A NEW SHIROW MASTERPIECE!’

    just glad I had Anime UK/FX and Manga Mania/Max to keep me informed

  5. Holy shit, a Virtua Fighter reference? Bravo Sage, Vanessa’s my favorite. Too bad not many will know who she is. Thank you for that one, I love VF.

  6. Moviemantweeter1999

    Teknoman sounds really interesting like it would be in a daft punk album but can’t wait(espically since ninja month was short I’m looking forward to a long month of you reviewing that mans anime). Did you also know there was a movie called ex machina that just came out it was goodly reviewed so I highly think you’ll enjoy it! Also why did you use the zole reference but the critic didn’t guess that’s just bad timing on critics part and good on yours?

  7. MummifiedAccountant

    …but everything changed when the Longinus Nation attacked.

  8. I fucking love Teknoman!

  9. If you wanna do an episode of a good “earlier” anime, then how about Armored Trooper Votoms. If I remember Correctly, it was… decent at least.

  10. I think her point of “an eye like mine” is that both her eyes are different colors, and so are his. She apparently has an eye colored by or for her powers, and so does he. At least that is my take away.

  11. Ok, yeah, Vanessa doesn’t look anything like her ‘father’, but she doesn’t look anything like her supposed twin or brother either.

  12. God the Dubbing in this Anime is just Plain Horrible.

  13. I don’t understand what the problem is with Last Airbender references.

  14. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    What is with the line reads for Izzy? Put some god damned emotions into your line reads!

  15. Oh boy, Teknoman. I grew up with that series and loved it as a kid, but hated it when it came out on DVD decades later. The original Tekkaman Blade is much better, but still not that great.

  16. GAH!! FUCK!! Dammit Sage, why the hell did you have to show that damned clip from Dead Space 2!!!

    Only fucking scene in the entire Dead Space series, anime and games alike, that REALLY gets to me! Anything to do with needles or eyes… or needles going into eyes, in this case…


    *carries on watching your show anyway*

  17. This isn’t that good of an anime kinda boring i like the lost twin
    This seems like a rushed and not finished anime

  18. no Dr. Insano reference?

  19. SchrodingersCat


    ….That was…the WORST voice-acting which I have EVER seen.
    I am seriously wracking my brains at the moment, trying to think of an anime with worse acting.

  20. The expression on Sage’s face after he showed the clip of Izzy despairing over beetle fossils pretty much mirrored mine. I’m fairly certain I could shove a mic in a random person’s face on the street and they could read that line better than this guy did. Not that the rest of the voice acting is much better…

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