Anime Abandon: Macross II

One of the most storied and important series in anime and it gets a movie like this?!

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  1. Actually warfare is carried out via culture, the original enemy the Zentradi and Metrandi were a strict culture with no wiggle room for many social activities and as such they are not only confused but can be overly repulsed by well just about any culture in general. The reason this didn’t work in the Macross 2 movie is because they encountered another race that likewise had culture. In Frontier for example the opposing culture is a hive mind alien culture that could communicate and think and share it all in the blink of an eye across the entire galaxy, they couldn’t understand our culture because they didn’t understand that we do not share a hive mind and most of the war was them either defending themselves from these chaotic creatures invading thier territory or by trying to pull the ONE PERSON who was linked to their hive mind out of that culture and protect them from it. Also, Clash of the bionoids is a nearly unwatchable hack job done by Harmony Gold, but there is another unedited dub title for Do you Remember Love that uses British voice actors and is simply titled Macross. I’ve only seen it on VHS and am the proud owner of one such copy, it is in fact of all my VHS tapes my most prized and my most watched, watched to the point I’ve had to burn it to a DVD to keep it from getting any more worn out, but a copy of it is on You tube.
    Now keep in mind they didn’t think the Lunar festival was a military movement but was basically what it was, likewise it’s not Klingon but rather Zentradi which is an actual fake language used ever since Do you Remember Love, and it’s much better scripted and easier to speak than Klingon.
    And Yes Macross 2 isn’t the strongest of the franchise, but it certainly isn’t the weakest, oh no not by a LONG shot, the worst Macross series is Macross 7, And yes while Macross Plus is incredible it’s also not the strongest in the series either, for the strongest entry as of this posting you are looking at either Macross Zero, or Do you Remember Love. However the whole franchise is one of the strongest and most influential anime ever made, for well over a decade Macross was what many consider Gundam to be today, and because of Harmony Gold pulling Bullshit move after Bullshit move it’s mostly unknown in the states to the point that most people think that Gundam stands out alone ahead of everything else without realizing that Macross is literally nipping at it’s shoulder and to date Gundam and Macross are the ONLY anime to get full scale displays built of their respective shows, Gundam in a park, and a Macross Valkyrie in a subway station complete with tools, spare parts, and the area around it made to look like a maintenance bay. Macross in Japan is synonymous with ANYTHING with a plane including the U.S. Air force that is stationed there.

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