Anime Abandon – Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth

Inevitability: thy name is Evangelion.

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  1. Actually most of the existentialism comes from the last two episodes, Evangleion was always meant to become what it was around episode 22-23. The series was supposed to run another season but was cancelled when the studio highjacked the show from it’s creators and told them to end it at 26, as such the last two episodes were deliberately made to be crap designed to piss people off, the creators themselves admitted this and apologized to the fans saying that they did it on purpose specifically because they were being ass raped by the studio. However Evangelion is still one of the 12 anime all other anime try to be like alongside Gundam, Macross, Tenchi, Urusei Yatsura, Sailor Moon, Galaxy Express 999, Samurai X, Slayers, Dragon Ball, and two others. I shit you not you can tie nearly EVERY anime to themes, formulas, characters, and even plots established in just these 12 anime and you can tell when a show or series borrows heavily from it or even lightly from it. That said, I hated death and Rebirth, it was just a rehashed clip show that was obvious money grubbing at it’s lowest. However keep in mind, the Rebuild movies are entirely done by the original team and are so superior to the original series it’s unbelievable! Yes the first movie is just a retelling of the first five episodes 2.0 establishes itself and cements itself as just superb. Also Shinji in the movies actually has a pair of balls and would punch the series version of himself mostly because the movie Shinji actually has real problems and reacts like a normal person and he does things that the series version would rather just curl up in a corner and cry over, for example he actually threatens his father while in an EVA and when they finally get him out he just calmly tells them to all go fuck off, his sole reason to return to piloting is watching one of the last people he cares for being eaten alive and even then his motive for piloting is purely selfish in that he isn’t so much out to kill the angel as he is out to get her back and he’s not ashamed of this fact either. In other words the Rebuild Shinji while still a bit of a push over and an overly nice person still has balls and isn’t afraid to slap them around when he needs to, likewise Asuka isn’t such an unlikeable self absorbed cunt who has a mental breakdown because someone they don’t like is better than they are but rather just tries to move past it putting her focus on the end goal, only to get raped worse by an angel in the movies than she did in the show. Rei also goes through allot of changes starting out just as she did in the show but she changes evolves and develops some character and emotions again this doesn’t really happen in the show until towards the very end. Still doesn’t change that death and rebirth is a shameless selling out of a low budget clip show for fourty times the cost of what it took to make it simply to squeeze profit from the fanbase.

  2. These two Eva movies were pointless. This one was as you say, Sage, a retread of the whole series. WHOPPIE. And the second mind-raped me and everyone else who saw it. My sister remembered I didn’t say much for about two days after seeing The End of Evangelion.

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