Anime Abandon: Sailor Victory

School girls and ninja robots. How could this POSSIBLY suck?!

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  1. My drill is the drill that will ignore this anime!!!!!

  2. If you want female empowering anime about girl piloting giant robot, try Patlabor.

    • Ah yes, Patlabor, the favorite Anime of my childhood. I still don’t know how a slice of life about the police disguised as mecha can be so good. I mean, so many episodes where they’re only goofing around, not even piloting the robots, and those are some of the best ones. Remember the alligator in the sewer episode? I cry of laughter every time I see the chasing scene.

  3. (painful groan) Vore . . . sadly, it’s a thing. Everybody has their respective fetishes and eating people, and various stuff, is one of them.

    Patlabor is definately a better mech anime if you want to mix giant robots with female empowerment.

  4. i really don’t get why it’s so hard to write an Empowered Female Character.

    to me it seems so simple.

    A. Put said character in an outfit that isn’t a fetish.
    B. Write a story where her gender makes little to no difference.

    Look at Korra from Legend of Korra, that could have easily been a male character (before you mention the romance subplots, easy, reverse the genders of those characters. It works in that show’s case.).

    Is a Gender Neutral Script that foreign a concept in Japan?

    • Gender is intrinsic to a character. The issue many times is the example you just put, gender bending a character’s role is lazy. Since women solve their problems in a different way than men.

      Also the kinght’s tale seems like it’s not easy to lend itself to women, since there are less situation in which you’re going to buy a woman saving a guy, and actually caring.

      • That’s a generalization though, there are all kinds of women and all kinds of men out there. Gender differences exist, but individual differences trump them. Plus a lot of it depends on upbringing.

    • My moto has always been don’t write a character as male or female. Just write a character.

      Gender really doesn’t need to be brought up unless your are actively calling out gender privileges, calling out gender stereotypes, or it’s something to do with gender specific biological differences.

    • Why would you think this was trying to be empowering to women? It’s a terrible comedy parody spin-off of a cartoon adaptation of a dating sim older than most SNES games.

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      It’s not a foreign concept to Japan at all There are many anime that feature empowered female characters. Slayers is a good example.

  5. Jungle De Ikou next time huh…well far from the most embarrassing thing featured on the show…I simply pray that Bennett can handle the sheer amount of stupidity that anime has to offer…

    Well aside form all that Great job as always Bennett!

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I just knew there was going to be a sailor moon reference in here hence the title of this anime and next time when there’s a crazy hi jinks happening use a shenanigans joke. But more pain there is the more comments you’ll get and don’t you deserve it you cute little black haired man you TYRANT!!!!!!

  7. Man, what sailor schlock heap indeed. This is definitely a poorer man’s version of Getter Robo, but with ninja bots and whatnot.

    But oh god, Jungle de Ikou….I think I saw a clip of this anime on AMV Hell 0. I’m so not looking forward to this…

  8. I heard a reference to Viewtiful Joe so now I want a review of the Viewtiful Joe anime (good enough for an anime, but not a third game IN A TRILOGY).
    Even though it doesn’t really fit Anime Abandon other than being YET ANOTHER video game anime.
    And probably fails the cut off date.
    And it wasn’t that bad.

  9. -This is not a good anime even pretty girls naked
    -Why didn’t they train with the robots
    -Why are the robots look male it only makes it wired females voices
    -Why did the city not made better robots and students that don’t haw scientists made better robots
    -Her swallowing that girls head is idiotic just like peoples fetish with giant girls or normal size girls swallowing people hole what is so great about it

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