Anime Abandon: Tenchi Muyo In Love

Time travel and galaxy destroying cannons. What does this have to do with love again?

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  1. I’ve definitely seen worse anime movies. Good? No. Bad? No. Just, in the middle. The production values are quite good and the score is excellent.

    I remember when this was released, back in the waning days of Pioneer’s dominance over western anime importing. The laserdisc set was released entirely in CAV format and came with some very nice inserts. I suddenly have the urge to open mine and look through it again. 🙂

    As for the dimension cannon, why would anyone have such a thing, anyway? And I would have expected something like that to be bigger.

  2. the joke is also about how the master key(also named tenchi) is useless.

  3. I was waiting for the Back to the Future reference. THANK YOU.

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