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The most surprisingly good show yet on Anime Abandon.

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  1. A deep analysis.
    Good work, we need more animes like that.

  2. Thank you Sage, Thank you.

  3. VGAi was the first manga I have ever read. I used to read Dylan Dog or nathan never until then.. It was a real change for the person I was.. not just entrerataing but filled with real emotions (even if i have to pick a manga that changed me the most it was Alita.. but without reading Ai i would never went on reading manga). thanks for this review Sage, it reminded me of 20+ years ago

  4. This series really takes me back. I hope that is gets a proper anime treatment one day. Cause with 15 volumes worth, it could use one.
    And Sage way to go with that speech at the end. I hope that ends up helping alot of people.

    • you mean a remake? why i mean this worked for its time but with the expectations of anime watchers of slice of life and so forth now i wouldn’t think that it would work like it would be nostalgic for some but that would be far and though, and others would scratch their heads and throw their hands up and say why! but then others because they probably wouldn’t know any better and probably say, this is a okay remake! but as video girls stand now they are mostly in pornos and likely so when was the last time you saw a anime taking the concept of video girl ai and have people remember it but yeah sage great work at end

  5. that felt kinda depressing. I wish I could go out and buy a copy but sadly there aint none around.

    • Well, you can stream it, and lots of other anime at : 3 That’s what I use at least xD So far it’s the site I’ve found with the biggest catalogue, they have pretty much anything that isn’t hentai xD

  6. Hello_Mr_Anderson

    Wow, that was… wow. I’ve been a big fan of your show for a while now, and I’ve been enjoying catching up on some of your older reviews on Youtube, but this was a fantastic, wonderful video. Thank you for keeping this show going and sharing with the fanboys and fangirls out there.

  7. I really enjoyed your review. I actually owned this anime a number of years ago but have since lost it. It was a series that I enjoyed watching. I appreciate your review of this series and especially your words of comfort to those who may be struggling right now. A serious review every now and then is actually a good thing. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see your next review.

  8. That big inspirational speech felt just like one from Jewario I saw. And, you’re right.

  9. TragicGuineaPig

    Did anyone else hear the main character’s last name, and immediately think he must talk in weird grammatical order? Or should I say, “Talk in weird grammatical order must he, Hmm?”

  10. It irks me when people assume that otaku have no friends and are socially inept. I’m an otaku and I’m engaged to an otaku. Two couples at my job are otaku and are happily married. It just kind of bothers me that even in this day and age people still assume otaku fit certain sterotypes. Otaku date, fall in love, get married, and have children just like anyone else.

  11. Wow I got to say, that was what I really needed to hear right now. Thanks 🙂

  12. Zombie Krishna

    Sage, This has to be your best Review yet. What I took from the show when I first saw it, was that love is a temporary thing.

    Woohoo! I love Casshan: Robort Hunter

  13. I’m sorry, I’ve got something in my eye…

  14. Damn Sage, that was moving. The review veered off to another tangent, but I don’t mind at all. As an otaku as well, my social ineptitude stems from bullies during my tenure in junior high and high school. I applaud you my good sir for that wonderful speech. JewWario would be proud of you.

  15. Thank you….

  16. Good on you Sage. I remember the stigma of being a Trekkie. “You’re a nerd, you live in your parents basement…” and so on and so on. Thanks for saying the words that needed to be said to a generation that needs to hear it. Hopefully your words will save a life or if nothing else let someone know that it’s OK. I couldn’t help but notice the JW hat, while I realize it’s been there for some time, I seemed to notice it more tonight. I’m sure Justin is smiling.


  17. I remember seeing art nouveau styled images of Video Girl Ai in the internet, back in the mid-’90s. I always been fascinated by them. I always assumed that they were apart of some generic girl’s romance anime/manga, like His and Her Circumstances, so I never looked deeper into them — information on anime and manga back then were not as complete or plentiful as they are today.

    I’m definitely going to check it out; a lot easier these days, with all the “watch anime/cartoons for free” sites floating around. (OMG, I’m finding old stuff that I had not seen since the early ’90s, as granny-ass VHS bootlegs or the generous pandering of a desperate PBS station, as well as stuff I never knew about! Thank you, internet! Thank you!)

  18. Sage, that was very inspiring. It took a long time for me to find someone who cared, so I know that pain intimately. I appreciate your words very much, and I’m others do as well. To echo those who posted above, thank you.

  19. This was one of the kindest things I’ve ever heard anyone say. Thank you, Sage, for understanding and bringing understanding of loneliness.

  20. I love what you say about this anime, my fiance brought me to it about 7 years ago, and i feel it still hold a place in my heart. I went into it now wanting to like it and thinking it could be stale simply due to the few episodes and the older animation. It was amazing made me cry in places and made me appreciate the woman i have with me today. This is an anime i need to revisit as i havnt seen it in about 6 years or so, but i think illl find it the same. As i did with tenchi muyo seeing as i was an awkward teen and didnt have tons of friends i felt the want to experience everything tenchi had. It was a dream of mine, but as an adult, it was just an awkward phase that led me to something special. I came to know the kind of person i am, listening and loving, caring, and cheerful. It makes me want to tell anyone socially awkward that you are more than you think.

  21. Thank you Sage. I can tell how sincere your speech was at the end. It had me in tears.

  22. ;_;
    Good speech Sage…
    And, just to add.
    Not only are you Okay.
    You’re not alone.
    Even at your darkest, even when you’re at the bottom…even when you’re standing in a crowd and feeling as alone as you ever have…
    You’re not alone. Someone cares.
    It could be someone close, or someone you’ve never met. But someone cares.
    And they understand. Because they were standing in that crowd feeling the same as you.

  23. That speech towards the end… Well, there’s a reason you’re known as The Sage…

  24. Harrowing.

    Though the background music did get a tad loud towards the end there, audio needed just a tad of rebalancing.

    • Agreed – out of all the work you put into this review [ and it was a DAMN fine review, you should be proud of yourself Bennett] the audio near the end was at times overpowering – it would have been better if you’d kept the music lower, and and in the background, and THEN bring it up to full during the end credits-But in all that was my only compliant.

      When i heard your speech and saw JW’S hat next to you, i knew Justin would have been proud of you – good work.

  25. So basically what you’re saying is that people are strange when you’re a stranger because faces look ugly when you’re alone. True, women seem wicked when you’re unwanted and streets are uneven when you’re down. Do I have that about right?

    I’m being cynical, obviously, but I can’t help it in this case. The motivational speech at the end, while comforting and heartfelt, is also very much on-the-nose and frankly bothersome. It’s very likely useful for people who are depressed and unhappy with themselves – a friend of mine trawled YouTube for motivational speeches when he was depressed.

    It’s the whole highschool setting and dealing with absolute love I can’t do anything about it. This is THE single overriding theme which ruined Naruto for me, and just not how people work. Yes, it IS how kids work up to a point and we’ve all gone through that in one form or another… Which just means I’m not the target audience.

    In general, I’d call this a pretty good (if not necessarily funny) review of something I sadly have no interest in. Sorry.

    • That’s a great song…

      I don’t think you have to be a teenager to empathize with their feelings, it’s all very real to them after all.

  26. Capitan_Spoiler

    Thanks Sage, i…i appreciated that speech. hearing those words really helps sometimes

  27. I’m surprised you didn’t make a Ringu reference to the girl crawling out of the TV.

  28. God damn it, does everyone on Channel Awesome/used to be have a conspiracy going to make me cry through heartfelt speeches? You, Linkara, Spoony, Nash, NC, Oancitizen and I’m pretty sure Diamanda (though in her case it was much more of a manly tears case) have all managed it.

    I must say, most of the time anime of this genre tends to make me fairly dispassionately, but your review has definitely encouraged me to check it out.

  29. Thanks for the speech Sage. It kind of reminds me of JewWario’s speech right before he died last year.

  30. Thank you so much for that Sage…

    That was really something I needed to hear… I’ve always been a bit socially awkward (Not as awkward as others mind you) But being socially awkward and a total geek hasn’t exactly helped in making friends…

    I’ve made some great friends, and I got to know some really great geeky people mostly in college, a place where I felt I belonged but I still have trouble socializing even though I’m 24 years old…

    In fact I’ve been studying abroad in Russia for the past 3 months… and I had a really hard time halfway through it because most of the people in my program found me annoying and even completely ignored me… however it did get better as I made friends with other people who did like me and I’m glad I was able to make it through it.

    But again thank you so much, that really really helped.

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