Anime Abandon: Violence Jack

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  1. This review sucked! It was funny at first with the gay letter but then became the greatest tease EVER!! You made me go out and just plain watch Violence Jack and….YOU OVEREXAGGERATED EVERYTHING!!! Yes, it does get a little hard to crack a joke at some of the more sensitive moments -and they’re in there- but if nothing else, review the trimmed down edited version and just describe in a serious manner what was being trimmed. All your fellow reviewers have done so when subject matter of a touchy nature cropped up. And Censor-Kaiser could help with the titty shots! The chainsaw sequence…Oh wah wah. Hellraiser and Texas Chainsaw have been just as bad and Saw even worse. But even still, just say you choose not to show the full details out of tate. The brutality toward women was about the only thing to really be delicate about in all 3 videos but still be discussed at least from a point of view of how mean spirited it is just to set up the people Jack is slaughtering had it coming particularly the need for its graphic nature. Juxtapose head slicing and blood spurts to going for more that 1 full shot of rape! There’s your angle right there!!

  2. i love this review… it was not what i as expecting, and after i realized he wansnt actually gonna show or talk about the anime i accepted it and kept an open mind, and im glad i did… well shot, well acted, well written, well directed…. gold star Bennett, gold star.

  3. Pretty hypocritical stance on this film’s content considering that Sage works with that Zone-Sama nut.

  4. There is a line between brilliant and self-indulgent bullshit. I’m not sure exactly when this massive c***-tease of a “review” crossed it, maybe a third of the way in, but it definitely did.

    Congrats, Sage. You failed, but like Blue Gender, it was by virtue of trying to reach further than your grasp.

  5. On the plus side, now you have the PERFECT excuse for a crossover with Diamanda Hagan (someone who can watch a scene of a woman being anally raped with a crucifix and shout “The power of Christ compels you!”) should you both ever find yourselves on the same side of the Atlantic.

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