Animenia: Pokemon 4ever

After an extended production period and the trgic death of one of the hosts, the next in Suedes review series is finally up! Who is the mysterious guest? Find out, today!

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So 4kids treats its target kid audience as if they were retarded, wastes thousands of dollars for pointless animation to further hammer in how dumb they think kids are, and the general movie makes dumbass decisions after dumbass decisions. If the Pokemon wanted to protect Celebi, then WHY didn’t they just gang up on “Jeffrey’s” spider tank? I saw Rhyhorns, Rhydon, Nidokings and Nidoqueens that are undoubtedly already stronger than a machine that no doubt has the worst balance possible due to its spindly legs. Heck, I saw bug Pokemon like Butterfree, Beedrill and Venomoth that could just as easily… Read more »

Are u going to do anymore of the pokemon movies RIP jewwariow


Hopefully he will


All signs point to no since it has been almost 2 year form ANY post.