Animenia: Pokemon – The First Movie

Suedes first big crossover is a little different! What could he possibly bring to the table that the nostalgia critic couldnt?

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  1. ThatGuyInTheHeadband

    Felt like watching and man I wasn’t disappointed. Being both a lifelong fan of Pokemon as well as a fan of all three of these reviewers, this was quite the nostalgic treat for myself. Makes me feel bad I didn’t watch it when it came out, but hey, college was pretty rough at the time. Plus I’m the only comment in the comments section now. How does that feel, people who’s comments got deleted during the changeover from to

  2. Everything else aside, I have to ask. Am I really the only one that sees a difference between the fight at the end of this movie and a normal Pokemon battle? When I was younger, I both loved play fighting and occasionally went to judo tournaments. People occasionally got hurt in those, but it was mainly in good fun. I enjoyed it, the people I fought with enjoyed it. That’s what a normal Pokemon battle is like to me. Yes, the Pokemon do get hurt, but actually seriously getting injured only happens during outliner battles like the one against Surge and almost always get a remark about how overly brutal it was. Other than that Pokemon almost always are alright and obviously enjoy themselves in these battles. You can’t say Pikachu doesn’t enjoy himself during a good fight and Charizard is eager to fight when there is a “worthy opponent”, like with Blaine’s Magmar. How do they not get hurt in these kinds of intense fights? They are magical creatures that spit on all laws of physics. But being far more epic or not, to me they were never blood sport or cockfights, but always (more or less) friendly competitions in which the Pokemon generally enjoyed themselves as much as the trainers did. The fight at the end of this movie wasn’t that. They weren’t fighting to compete, they were fighting to hurt one another, fighting so that their adversary wouldn’t get up again (with a little race war thrown in for the Japanese version). Coming back to my comparison from the beginning, these aren’t play fights or martial arts tournaments, they are brawls when one side keeps beating the other down till bleed and don’t get up again. Am I really the only one seeing a difference?

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