Animerica S2E5: S-CRY-ed, Part Two

Phoenix starts to roll through S-CRY-ed, but the Masked Man has other plans.

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Animerica is the biggest, baddest, best Anime review show on the internets. After the unexplainable disappearance of Foxcatcher, Phoenix starts to unravel, finally coming to rest in a new home, where a sinister force beckons him to continue the review show. But as he embarks on this quest alone, he only sinks further and further into his own private madness...

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The weirdness of this show is that things are never explained(like American movies). But good review though and the masked wearing man reminds me of something I would see off of an art house movie. Last episode though I didn’t like the autistic reference cause I’m autistic and I can follow an anime just fine. Also in the show since there was no idiocy counter how many counts are there of idiocy in the series?


Manga of this is a bit better


I miss JesuOtaku.

Baby Hitler

So. Much. Anger. Then again this anime DOES have one of the worst “protagonists” ever, and I felt the whole rivalry thing was one of the dumbest themes I’ve ever seen in any media ever, and it was POUNDED INTO YOUR HEAD. But the characters weren’t likeable, not even Steve Blum could save Kazuma from being utterly annoying. Hell, Kazuma makes even GOKU seem unpredictable and deep by comparison!

Okay first thing first. I registered to Ca just to leave a comment here. Which I guess shows ho big of a fan I am; so yeah this is mainly to tell. Specifically you guys what I think about this episode. 1.) Okay because I’m aspiring to be an Animator in the future I’m going to tackle this bit first. Awesome opening credits, though I have problems with the pacing of the animation. Concerning the walk and run cycle mostly. Both are really stiff and look funny, at certain times the animation doesn’t even look believable and I can’t help… Read more »

Wow, it took me 4 sittings to actually finish watching this review… And Gods was is hard!
Why must there be another part? Why? Can’t we pretend this anime seized to exist and move on? Please?