Animerica S2E7: Jyu-Oh-Sei – Part One

For the first time this season, Phoenix takes on an anime of his own choosing.

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Animerica is the biggest, baddest, best Anime review show on the internets. After the unexplainable disappearance of Foxcatcher, Phoenix starts to unravel, finally coming to rest in a new home, where a sinister force beckons him to continue the review show. But as he embarks on this quest alone, he only sinks further and further into his own private madness...

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A.D. is short for ‘in the year of our lord’ (in latin), so it can’t be both “the year of our lord” AND “DC”.


Maybe it marks when Superman was created. Or Batman.


16:07 What!? Really?! Just like that he is dead? And his brother just stands there? Seriously WTF! So much for that I’ll protect my brother crap.

18:53 OK! 😀 Would have been my response.

20:04 – 20:16 This was pretty much my reaction.

35:13 – 35:20 Awesome!!!

I think they miss also other good occasion making those characters even more one dimensional. If smart brother would be this one who survive instead being dead whining turd, and “cool” brother would lost composure in case of true danger, it would make them far more interesting characters. But no! They play straight Nazi suggesting that he should abandon his brother “because he is weak”, even if they obviously also treat him as pussy which he in fact is (knife don’t make anyone badass). Consistency? If you are straight survivalist they should act as survivalist, because as for now they… Read more »

The character third is kind of like jet from avatar(if jet survived from a gunshot wound). Good review as always I get the feeling the voice actor from this who voiced the character in DBZ will have problems with thor down the road(let’s just hope this show has consistency next week).


Huh…you know, you’re right. I’ve watched a good majority of studio Bones’ shows that you mentioned before, but I have honestly never seen nor heard of this anime.

Even if I did, I don’t think I’d have watched the dubbed version. Thor’s English VA is just…urgh. The dubbed overall sounds ‘meh’. Please tell me his balls drop soon, and for the better.

So far, I’m not intrigued to go watch the anime itself, but I am curious about what happens. Good choice Phoenix!


Was the author male or female?

You might be calling it woman logic when it might just be a man writing poorly written women.


32:33 This fight right here. This is the moment I started to check out and abandoned the show shortly after. Never mind his constantly forgotten injuries, there is NO WAY an 11 year old child, even if he is some kind of fighting savant, can physically hold his own against the strongest female fighter on the whole freaking planet!

I did go back to watch more, but still never made it to the end when something else not yet covered made me check out a second time.


…am I the only one who’s disturbed by the fact, that the DVD shelves got more and more emptier – only to be completely refilled by the last shot? o.o


I wasn’t disturbed by it really. I was interested to see where that little event was going, and if anyone else was noticing it.

BTW, did you notice the posters behind Will changed when all the DVDs and figures came back?

Kinda makes me want to go back and see if things like that have been happening all this season and I jes hadn’t been noticing it.


I haven’t noticed the posters, no!
I usually watch videos on the second screen while doing someone else on the main screen, just glancing over once in a while. I noticed that some DVDs were twisted out and the next time I was looking they were gone, so I started noticing.
Might actually be interesting to check the other episodes out again, yes 😀


I checked the older episodes out. No strange happenings behind the DVD shelves.
The DVDs stay exactly the same at the end as they did the whole season long, and the only thing that stays different in the final shot, are the posters, which also had been the same throughout the season.
I’m really curious towards the next episode now 😀


Wow. And I thought I was literally the only person in the West who owns this anime. Yay!