Animerican Horror Story: Another, Part Two – Animerica & TCR

TCR comes to Animerica’s turf for one final round of anime review with the terrifying mixed bag that is Another.

Part One


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Animerica is the biggest, baddest, best Anime review show on the internets. After the unexplainable disappearance of Foxcatcher, Phoenix starts to unravel, finally coming to rest in a new home, where a sinister force beckons him to continue the review show. But as he embarks on this quest alone, he only sinks further and further into his own private madness...

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How many animes have to have Shinji Ikari as their main protagonist?

25:09 – Isn’t that the same room Shibuya Psychic Research were farting around in in that one episode? Should I keep an eye out for an Aussie priest and a rock star Buddhist monk?