Animerican Horror Story Crossover: Another, Part One – Animerica & TCR

That Creepy Reading joins Animerica to review a simultaneously great and terrible anime from Cover By Cover’s past: Another.

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I found most of the anime intriguing, but the ending made no sense and violated most of the rules of the curse as presented consistently throughout the whole story, and pretty much completely killed my view of the series.

Neo Ultra Mike
So…. this is the first 5 episodes of the anime pretty much right?;460 Yeah that’s what sucks me out of mystery series when they pull this “one character wants to find out what’s going on and others know but for some reason they aren’t telling him even though when you find out why that makes no sense” horse shit. It’s just so damn obnoxious and takes me out of anything when it does that. Even shows where there may at least have been other things going on like say Lost which at least also had character drama and backstories… Read more »
I always felt the series ended just like Elfen Lied. Except where both are a bloodbath of kills and stabs, Another had at least real tension and actually sustains quality pacing making you involved in the mystery. Both series end unfinished, the final episode is the highest tension build, the drama, extremely desperate situation down well with a sudden out-of-nowhere desperate attempt the writers had to just, end it. A lot of good and bad movies just don’t know HOW to end. Name one show that had a good ending THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND. Aside from Will’s explanation in 25… Read more »

By the way Will, (and/or JT) when IS the best time for a crossover on my channel? Or y’know, some small collaboration. Maybe send me messages. I’m doing a Key review, and you LOVE CLANNAD and Angel Beats! so ya gotta have some good material and opinions. Like how I think Air starts good but ends bad and Kanon starts bad (for anti-moe) and ends really good.