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Perhaps 2016 was the biggest mistake of all.

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  1. 2016 was great for me…not sure where Linkara is coming from in regards to doomsday talk.

    Bad things happen in the world every single year so something needs to be pretty devastating to compare bad news related happenings from year to year. I could focus on bad things that happen in the news every day and I’d be endlessly depressed.

    If its in regards to entertainment then it’s only natural that celebrities we grew up with are passing away. That’s never been a thing that stopped its just these people were perhaps not as well known to the masses because their time was before the information age we live in now. Tons of famous people will die in 2017 as well…that’s just life.

    If you ask me its mainly a perspective thing unless of course something devastating happened to your personal friends/family. 2016 was only bad if you choose to have a negative outlook at things.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I admire your positivity, but 2016 *did* suck for me; it sucked for a lot of people. A lot of the so-called doomsday talk stems from the rather inordinate amount of celebrity deaths we’ve experienced this year, coupled with events like Brexit and the US election, which has cemented that there’s HUGE ideological split in our society. Yeah, bad things happen every year, but this year we seemed to get an overdose of bad. But the bright side of a crappy year is that there’s always hope for the future.

      • And it’s worse than just an ideological split: it’s that our own political system seems to be working against us. We really deserved better candidates than Hillary and Trump, and the fact that the whole election centered around which of these two were were going to have to settle for left me highly disturbed. Couple that with the behavior of the most rabid supporters of either of them, and it does very little to give me any hope for humanity. We deserve better than either of them.

        What it means is that the political polarization has become so intense that people are no longer thinking rationally but are reacting emotionally. To quote the Doom Marine, “That can’t be good.”

        • I was thinking rationally. I follow Trump, I voted for Trump, and I think all those people whose jobs he saved in Chicago are thanking him profusely already! I for one had a great 2016 with my family. We went to the Statue of Liberty (which is something I always wanted to do), we went to the Rennissance Fair, I had a great 4th of July and got a job I liked! This has been a good year all around for me and I KNOW 2017 will be a GREAT year!

          If you don’t like him…hey now you know how I felt when Obozo won twice in a row. Now it’s your turn!

          • The Real Silverstar

            The man you call ‘Obozo’ (mature, BTW) got us out of the country’s worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, he lowered gas prices and unemployment, he masterminded the elimination of one of our country’s worst enemies and he took the first steps toward ensuring that 20 million people in this country (including several people in the rust belt who voted your lord and savior the President-Elect into office) affordable healthcare. All of that, I might add, in spite of a Congress who refused to work with the man and tried to systematically block or overturn every single thing he did. Obama was a good President and has done many good things for this country, and I find it sad that the extreme right won’t try to give him even the tiniest modicum of credit for his accomplishments simply because he played for Team Blue and has brown skin.

            Trump meanwhile hasn’t actually done anything yet (aside from make a lot of noise and promises and rile up half the country) for the simple fact that he hasn’t officially been sworn in yet. For all of our sakes I hope he does well and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see if you and your fellow Trumpeters will still be singing his praises 2 to 4 years down the line. I could be wrong about the guy, but so far he hasn’t shown me anything to be optimistic about yet.

          • The Real Silverstar

            Oh, and BTW: by constantly name-calling, mud-slinging and proclaiming “My side’s better than your side, Nyah-nyah!”, your’re playing right into the hands of the 1% fat-cats on BOTH sides who *really* run this country. The Powers That Be WANT Repubs and Dems to fight each other like cats and dogs, so while we’re distracted they can line their pockets.

            Both Republican and Democratic parties collectively agree on one thing: divide the general population, keep them poor, misinformed and fighting one another over issues they can’t or won’t address, then offer up crumbs. As a centrist, I find the levels of gullability that you and your fellow sheeple on both sides never fail to display funny, or rather I would if it weren’t so sad.

          • I still pity you, SpikeGal, for supporting Supreme Leader Trump.

      • Well, remember 2004? Celebrities were dropping like flies that year too.

      • Plus it’s him so the Power Rangers movie probably had at least some involvement.

  2. I think you got the part about Artemis wrong again. Saying she is an alternate version of Tigress is a little far fetched. The characters have nothing in common but the name, and Artemis is just Tigress first name, not her villain name so they aren’t even used the same way.

    If she isn’t seen as a new character, it would be more logical to see her as an alternate version of Arrowette from the original comic book series Young Justice. The Characters have much more in common an despite of the color change look almoste the same. I would call her an alternative version of Arrowette

  3. I think another screw that would have been worth recognition is what Linkara said when the book told “Too many people died playing Harvest’s Game!” and Linkara stated only one person died during the Culling, while the Titans knocked everyone else out… Which could actually be referring to that BEFORE the Titans came.

  4. For me personally, 2016 was a mixed year leaning towards the positive. In fact, everything is good except for my job status now. I’m looking forward to 2017. ^.^ Lastly, I’m proud of myself for catching the error in Trouble. Haha.

  5. You forgot Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Those were awesome, too. You’re welcome.

    And no, I’m not clicking on “Notify of new replies to this comment”, so you can scream your ass off at me all you want for daring to like those things.

    Ah, good times…

  6. To point out another mistake, the Batman/Spawn crossover isn’t actually in-continuity with Spawn. Spawn described his scar as being caused by “some bozo in black” which is supposed to imply it was Batman, but in a story-line in issues that were published out of chronological order, it was revealed that the scar actually came from when he teamed up with Houdini (the real “bozo in black”). In other words, the Batman/Spawn crossover was implied to be canon to Spawn, but it was later revealed otherwise.

  7. If being able to be shot from a distance prevented one from being a gangster, there would be no gangsters. After all, there were and are a great many gangsters that are quite susceptible to being shot from 30ft away. They solve this problem the same way Jabba did.

    He’s rich, he hired an army.

    I’m just not sure why this of all things stood out as being implausible.

  8. event comics month, oooh does this mean we’re getting a review of idw’s shit-tacular “Revolution”?

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good video and hope 2017 is way better than 2016 and more importantly that 2018 is way better than 2014 and that you review more my little pony comics

  10. Yes, truly Superman books post Rebirth have been great and not just dumber rehashes of the recent year transitions of Marvel shit, especially Thor. Lois’ situation is nothing like Jane’s! Everything else so far has been fine though.

    • Since Thor isn’t married with a kid and Lois hasn’t gained Superman’s powers and taken his place, it’s literally NOT a rehash of what Marvel’s been doing with Thor.

  11. I know you caught this mistake and corrected your self in the next video release, but I’m gonna bring it back up anyway. Remember Jaime Reyes, The Blue Beetle from EL PASO, NEW MEXICO?! What were you thinking. Haha, just kidding. I’d never really freak out like that…

  12. “What the hell happened here?” It was a year, Linkara! It always happens with years. Some good things, some bad things. Some good to some some bad to others. No year is 100% perfect.

    • Outside of all the good movies, 2016 was really crappy. The celebrity deaths, Supreme Leader Trump and his rigged election, ISIS, etc. Get you head out of your ass and into the real world, SpikeGal.

  13. That batman returns reference was priceless.

  14. Silly Linkara. Everyone knows Africa is a COUNTRY.

  15. 15. At least you still make time for these great Top 15 lists at the end of every year.
    14. I also heard of the running water weakness of vampires, thanks to the Hammer Dracula films.
    13. The writer of this Youngblood comic is a qlp nach (“stupid head” in Klingon)
    12. At least newer copies of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns or Batman: Year One don’t say “From the writer of Holy Terror.”
    11. “The name’s Lovhaug. Lewis Lovhaug.”
    10. Did someone get you a globe of Earth for Christmas yet?
    9. Yeah, Star Wars fans like myself oh so love to correct you on this kind of stuff. For example, Qui-Gon Jinn is NOT the worst Jedi ever. He was actually one of the best of the Old Jedi Order. And if he didn’t run into Jar Jar Binks in the beginning of Episode I, the Gungans probably wouldn’t have helped the Naboo in the climax.
    8. Thanks for bringing back the “I’m a dumbass” clip which you used way back in your Godzilla vs. Barkley review. Also, I haven’t heard of Charles Barkley until I saw Space Jam. …Yeah, I said it.
    7. Why didn’t the old geezer make the suit for a soldier? Why a football player?
    6. I miss the days of old comics where the art and the dialogue don’t match.
    5. Who in their right mind would use something as thick as shoe laces as stitches?
    4. Yeah, those other comics were pretty forgettable, but I love your “ADVENTURE!” montage in that review.
    3. Yeah, after doing some research (aka Wikipedia-search), I found that Artemis made her first appearance in Infinity Inc. #34, which was released in January of 1987).
    2. I also remember seeing that cover in some places, but damn ASBAR #9 and its lemonade.
    1. I may not be a knife expert either, but I agree that Frank Miller should have used a more suitable knife someone would use in a fight.

  16. HAHAHA, The BUCK 184 BUCKMASTER!!!@#$ oh yea, my years of experience as a professional internet nitpicker in weaponry finally pays off. XD


  18. 15 – Your couch is shrinking!
    14 – Wow, defending Uwe Boll.
    13 – I’m Eric Stevenson!
    12 – Not related to Frank Miller.
    11 – Interesting fact.
    10 – Yeah, I’m a Sonic fan!
    9 – And I call myself a fan!
    8 – Charles Barkley is so prolific.
    7 – I know little about football.
    6 – Wow, is that stupid.
    5 – I forgot your “World Of Warcraft” review.
    4 – I didn’t notice that.
    3 – Or that.
    2 – Have you seen the animated Dark Knight Returns movie?
    1 – Ouch, your worst comic ever!

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