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Rantasmo looks at the 2006 American Pie-inspired gay sex comedy Another Gay Movie, which leaves several things to be desired.

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Bouncing Boy

I actually went to High School with Jonah Blechman who played Nico in that movie, he was a freshman when I was a senior, and we were both in the Musical our school did that year, Guys and Dolls. He played Bennie Southstreet and I played Lt. Brannigan.


Dude, I’m a straight guy, and that overly long beard bugs me. It’s a fine beard, but you need to shape it.

And, yes, I’m commenting on the aesthetics instead of the content. Gender don’t matter to me.


It’s such a shame the director hasn’t done more serious work, because GYPSY 83 is a fine film which was very important to me when I was not just a closeted teen, but a closeted teen who felt pressure to pretend to be homophobic. It’s also one of only a few films which celebrate women of size. So why can’t the director make more of that and less of … this?


Unless I’m wrong, I think the “Voledmort” guy is Matthew Rush, who was/is a big name in gay porn.
There are worse things to look at.