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So, are gamers holding back video games? Tyger’s got some ideas…

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Some gamers are holding back gaming by being dismissive of new ideas and views, keeping the industry stale and repetitive. Similarly, self-righteous PC bores who think they’re being ‘progressive’ by pandering to liberal guilt and feminist bigotry are also holding gaming back by not addressing the real issue and trying to force their single-minded agenda which is no less childish than those of the neckbeards. In amongst all this is the more measured majority who, depending on which set of idiots you’re asking, are tacitly approving of one side by virtue of not explicitly agreeing with the other. Until this… Read more »
While I don’t think our ‘sense of tradition’ isn’t part of the problem, I really think the price tag is a bigger part of it than you are suggesting. The one time I got to try the first round of VR tech everything looked like shit, the game itself sucked and the whole thing was just $20 and 10 min of my time wasted. It was a standing type and I DID look around, but there was fuck all to look at. If the price issue was truly off the table I would buy the SHIT out of current VR… Read more »
Regarding the old ways, C.S. Lewis wrote: “But she never finds any servant or any friend who can do these simple things ‘properly’ – because her ‘properly’ conceals an insatiable demand for the exact, and almost impossible, palatal pleasures which she imagines she remembers from the past; a past described by her as ‘the days when they could get good servants’ but known to us as the days when her senses were more easily pleased and she had pleasures of other kinds which made her less dependent on those of the table. For us the past is the days when… Read more »
Man you look different without your glasses and in this video like you wanted to get serious which I can appreciate. That was a pretty interesting video and yeah video game players know one way and that’s the only way and I’d truly hate to know that things will stay the same but lets just hope they don’t and things will change and the oculus rift will be a success so stuff can change. Now with that out of the way with you taking two weeks off I hope that this will mean that we will get two videos in… Read more »
I think the elephant in the room here is simple human biology. There’s a very good reason the controller, the mouse, and even the keyboard remain the status quo of gaming and only slowly evolve. Your hands– specifically your thumb, your pointer finger, and your index finger– are extremely energy efficient and intuitive by design. It doesn’t take a lot of energy to use these tools effectively and if there is anything any living being strives for, it is the conservation of energy. Contrast that to moving your head back and forth in a VR setup and you’ll see why… Read more »
Yeah, I can see this. The other half would be Human Nature. Gamers are far from alone in being averse to change. Individuals and small groups may cry out for change, and even on the large scale people may ask for change, but if it ever affects your way of life, I’d bet you’d change your tune faster than a broken karaoke machine. The fact of the matter is, not wanting to change control schemes is a simple logistics problem. We are used to a small range of setups, and changing over would not cost just money, but time and… Read more »
That’s why I’ve come to love sequence-breaking, which has made me replay old games in fun new ways. I wish developers would just leave glitches in sometimes, so long as it’s not game-breaking. Such as in Metroid Prime; there are some interesting glitch exploits due to the game’s mechanics, which then allows you to access later areas and upgrades much earlier. I’ve explored multiple ways to run with these glitches, trying to find the fastest and most efficient path to complete the game, as NOT intended by the game developers. Occasionally dead ends do occur because the game does have… Read more »

Yeah, there’s that tendency to hate change. Change isn’t inherently good, but I think only by making mistakes one grows. But I do think also changes have to be convenient, alternative controls should improve in some way your interaction with the game, like that tank controller.

Still I think Reggie said at one point something along the lines of; people want what’s familiar to them but also they want the excitement of the new.

Fran Ohmsford
For the last 6 years I’ve played one game non-stop – Dungeons & Dragons Online! I’m pretty much considered by the forum base as one of the worst players to ever play said game because the forum base is overwhelmingly made up of the top-tier who don’t see that the vast majority of players are closer to my level than theirs. What I’ve noticed as a regular poster on those forums is that there’s a massive push from the forum base for harder and harder content {even harder difficulty settings because DDO long ago made the hardest setting – Elite… Read more »