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Think again, bro!

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  1. Oh lord lets not get into the “What is Resident Evil” Argument, we’ll be here all day with everyones preference between the Original Trilogy, The Action Trilogy, The Revelation titles and beyond.

    Also the Family Dinner Scene I say was hilarious for how over the top silly it was. I mean, they are a family having a “Civilized” family meal over a huge amount of intestines and organs. The contrasts between them alone is the hilarious part.

  2. RE1’s dialogue is famously what cool Hollywood characters sound like to Japanese people after being dubbed back and forth. So it’s a legitimate attempt at horror that struck unintentional, cheesy gold. I’m pretty sure when Matrix fans were groaning at the sequels, RE went “Reloaded Neo is what’s super cool with the kids now, right? We’ll make Wesker that! That’ll give us horror.” In sci-fi plots by people who’ve never heard of science.

    RE’s tone comes mainly from cluelessness played straight. (“You know how stupid this building is? It was built entirely out of TRAGEDY and CONSPIRACY.”) It just follows every trope wrong while the gameplay and music make it work anyway. Chasing another trend in what looks like a terrible idea is internally consistent with the core of the series, and has just as much likelihood of happy accidents.

  3. I have my doubts about this new game, and this vid inspires about as much confidence in me as when I found out even John Oliver couldn’t put a good spin on Trump becoming president. However, I’m willing to give RE7 a chance and reserve my judgement until I’ve played it all the way through, even though the demo feels like the start of a good or even potentially great horror game but nothing like a Resident Evil game, not that 5 and 6 are legitimately Resident Evil games mind you. It seems the actual Resident Evil series now is called Revelations.

    But for me it’s less to do with the comedy and more to do with the ongoing soap that I have come to love with the first game. I hate that Jill is now the new Claire as Jill fans have to deal with Chris continuing on without her and not even acknowledging her whereabouts, and I’m not super thrilled that this new game isn’t even starring the Resident Evil cast, though again I’m going to give it a chance and try to keep an open mind.

    Oh, and the gameplay hasn’t been right since CVX, or maybe 4 since I actually wouldn’t have minded if 4 was the direction the series headed instead of the stupid co-op system of 5 and 6. The Revelations series is indeed the perfect compromise between the old and the new though, especially the first game. That’s the gold standard the Resident Evil series should be based around going forward. If Capcom wants to experiment they really ought to just create new series and leave the Resident Evil series for games that are actually Resident Evil titles or it just feels like a middle finger to the fans.

    I suppose I prefer the concept of 7 to the abomination that is 6 though, and I’ll gladly rank 7 according to how it stacks up against other titles in the series in terms of how good a Resident Evil title it is once I finally play it.

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