Are We The Baddies – WTFIWWY Live

This week: when is a chiropractor like a gynecologist? Not today. Also the etiquette of making love to doors, and Caddyshack: the Home Game.

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  1. So you’re comparing Donald Trump to an Elvis-looking chicken?

    I’m a dude, so I’m no expert, but somehow, I don’t think “gluing it shut” is a viable solution here.

  2. @6:50 yeah this is going to cause an E.R. visit. If it “works” at all

  3. A monogamous relationship with a door? Don’t you mean “mahoganous”? 😛

    As for your leg-hole and the guy who edits together all your clips… You realise that this conversation will now be part of that video 😀

  4. “Gluing it shut” is certainly something that some girls might wish they can do every so often…but I get the feeling that would be more painful. I’ll just stick to the mooncup, it’s a really comfortable silicon forcefield and works rather well.

  5. @37:25 I think I may actually know that guy

  6. Oh god, why would you stick your dick that close to the sharp metal edges of a letter box flap?

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