ARG’s or What kind of game is Pokémon GO? – Mud2MMO

This week we’re talking about ARG’s of all kinds, a basic introduction. Pokemon GO is a great practical example of one!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    well if its on the app store or is a real game i’m totally getting novus magic seems like an interesting game and i’ll be sure to watch out for strangers and most importantly my surroundings.

    On that note,i’m gonna try to get into pokemon go this week and for those paintball videos do you still have them cause if so i’d be interested in watching them?

    • Novus Magic isn’t “real” yet, I’m afraid. As much as I’d like it to be, cuz they had some REALLY fun ideas that I’m not going to spoil. But it’s not abandoned either from all I can tell. I’ll keep an ear to the ground if it happens, it’ll be interesting.

  2. Damn. Even if it’ll dwindle and or turn off after some months. What surprises me the most is having a happy episode out of this.

  3. I’d rather play Ingress but the game is even more about farming than Pokémon Go!! It’s horrible. 🙁

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